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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello everyone!


It's such a hot day today.

I'm feeling very hot.

The sun; it’s shining down on me,

It's making me sweat.

You can see I've got my summer clothes on.

They're helping me feel light and cool.

And I've got my wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face.

It is such a lovely day.

There are so many things we can go and do.

I'm going to go and wake up Possum, so he can come and do fun things with me.


Even his tree house is hot,

but where's Possum?



Possum, what are you doing there?

Oh hello, Sally. Oh, I've got my shade,

my nice ice-cold water

and my fan.

I'm going to stay here all day.

You’re going to stay there all day, Possum?

No, you can't do that. There's so many things to do.

Can I sleep all day, Sally?

I know you love to sleep; Possum yes,

but you can't do that today.

We're going to go do plenty of fun things today.

Like what?

Well, why don't we watch some children, and see what they do to keep cool on a hot day?

Yeah, let's watch!

I love swimming when it is hot and going on the waterslide.

I love swimming underwater.

I love swimming, it's great.


Doesn't the beach look amazing?

We must go.

Yeah! …

But ...

Sally, what is the beach?

The beach …

The beach is where the sea meets the land

and the waves crash upon the shore.

There's plenty of sand and a lovely breeze.

People enjoy going to the beach.

People even fish at the beach

and they like to eat what they catch.

Ugh! Fish! Possums don't eat fish, ugh yuck!

Well that's okay, Possum.

We can still go to the beach and just enjoy looking around.

We don't need to eat any fish.

Oh great, well what do I need to bring?

I have a list of what we need to take.


Well, what does it say?

Well, first of all,

we need a bucket and a spade.

Wait wait! Hang on!

Good, good.

Right, now we need a towel.

Wait, wait! I'm not finished!

All right, we need a beach ball.

Possum, hold on … we need an umbrella too.

All right, Possum,

we need our beach umbrella.

Oh wow, Possum, you've got a lot of things there.

There's one more thing we need though.

We need some swimming togs.


Possum, what's the matter?

Well, Sally, possums don't like swimming at the beach.

What are we going to do?

What do Possums like to do?


we like to sleep,

He he he!


we like to clean ourselves

and we love to eat.

Oh Possum, I have an idea.

It's a very hot day,

I know something special we can make to eat,

that will make you feel cool inside.

Would you like to do that?

Yes! But what is it?

What do you think it could be?

Something to eat to make you feel cool inside.

What is it?

We're now ready to make some ice cream.

Sally, what's ice cream?

Ice cream is something that's very cold and sweet and delicious.

It will make you feel cool inside on a very hot day.

Oh Sally, I'm so excited. I can’t wait! Can we make it now?

Yes, Possum. We're going to make our ice cream from frozen bananas.

I've already chopped up a bunch of bananas and put them in the freezer.

Can you get them for me, please?

Oh me? Yes okay.

Can you put those in the bowl, please?

You see, these are frozen bananas

and I chopped them up while they were soft and put them in the freezer to become hard.

Now can you put them in the blender?

We've put them in the blender to blend it all together and chop it up

and make it smooth.

I'm thinking we can add some flavours.

Let’s have a look what's in the kitchen.

Yep, let’s look.

I found some dried apricots.

And I found sultanas.

Oh, that will taste great together. Let's put some in.

Can you put some sultanas in, please Possum?

Great. Now I think we're ready. Put the lid on.

Be careful! Now let's watch it get all mixed up.


It's all right, Possum.


Our ice cream is ready now.

It is ready!

Yes! I’ve got some ice cream cones.

Can you get two out for me please?

One, two!


Don't they look delicious?

Does it taste good?

Oh it's delicious, I feel nice and cool now.

Hey! Let's go outside!

Oh! Much better now.

It's not as hot anymore.


that's right.

It's a lot cooler now because the sun is setting.

When the sun is high up in the sky, that is the hottest part of the day.

Sally, do you remember what we did today?

Yes, yes I do Possum.

We watched people to see what they do to keep cool on a hot day.

And then we made plans to go to the beach.

Oh and Sally, do you remember we made delicious banana ice cream?


It was so yummy!

Yes, you do love your banana ice cream, don't you Possum?

Possum, what are they for?

Those…? Oh.

That’s a lot of bananas!

These are just in case tomorrow's a hot day too.

So we can make some more delicious banana ice cream.

Well I hope tomorrow will be another hot day then, Possum.

Yeah, me too!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

Too sticky

Sally is making glue for a papier-mâché ball. Thinking that Possum might like to help, she goes to get him but finds he is stuck after eating sticky honey all night. After Possum gets out, Sally and Possum pretend to have sticky feet. Inside they finish making Sally's papier-mâché ball and watch kids make their own balls. Sally and Possum go outside to play with the finished ball.