Episode 10

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone!

Good morning, Possum.

Hello, Sally!

Hello, everyone!

Could you help me please?


Oh, he, he, he, he, that's funny!

Hang on! Whoa!

Oh, right.

What’s up?

Oh, don't forget today. It's the day of my party!

Oh yeah!

I had an idea for a theme.

I thought I’d have a stretchy, bendy party.

Sally, what does stretchy mean?

Stretchy ….

It's when you get something and you pull it and make it bigger

and when you let go, it gets small again.

Have a look!

Oh yeah, like this!


Just like your exercise band.

Oh, it’s like when I get up in the morning

and I have a BIG stretch!

Yes, yes! That’s exactly right.

Would you like to come inside and help me get ready for the party?

Oh yeah, I'd love to help!

Why don't we watch some children and see what they do to get ready for a party?

We might get some ideas.

Yeah good idea, let’s watch!

As you can see,

I've got all these different coloured papers.

We've got some scissors ...

There …

I've got a stapler ...

There it is …

and we've got some glue.

There is it!

And surely we can make something out of all this.

Hmm, oh I know, Sally!

Can we make something that's stretchy?

Yes, we can make stretchy decorations

and in the wind they can go all bendy.

Hmm …

Sally, what's 'bendy'?

Do you remember this morning

when you were exercising and you did this?

You were bending over.

You were being bendy.

Oh yeah, that's right!

Hey Sally, is this bendy?

Yes Possum, that's right.

I have an idea.

I know what we can make.

We can make some paper chains.

Oh, cool! Yeah, but how?

First of all, we need to cut up some strips of paper.


See, it's all bendy.


Now, can you loop it together

and I'll staple the ends.


Sally, can we make more?

More? Yes we can make more Possum, but we'll do it in a different way.

What? I'll show you.

Put that through the middle,

and we'll place the ends together ...

Wow! And now we have a chain.

Sally, can I make more links?

Of course you can, Possum. I want a chain to go around the whole kitchen.

Okay, let's make some more.

Sally, doesn't this room look great?

It's lovely.

The paper chains look beautiful and the balloons look amazing.

I've chopped all the food and almost finished it all.

Sally is this food stretchy or bendy?

Well, Pauline will be here soon

and she's bringing a bowl of dip.

So I've chopped all of these veggies

to go with the dip. Have a look!

Wow! It is bendy.

Sally, it’s kind of like a spoon

that you eat too.

Yes, that's right, Possum.

They are like spoons you can eat.

Now Tracy, she's coming as well,

and she’s going to be bringing pasta sauce,

and that is to be used with the spaghetti.

Have a look, Possum.



Sally, it snapped!

It's not bendy is it, Possum?

And that's because it hasn't been cooked yet.

It's still hard.

I cooked some earlier. I'll bring it over and show you.

Okay …


Have a look, Possum.


Sally, that’s all bendy and wiggly!

Yes that's right, Possum, it is.

Well, I think we should start tidying up before our visitors get here.


Sally, room's ready, it looks great!

Yes, Possum, and look at all the lovely food!

We've got it all prepared, hopefully our guests will be here soon.

I wonder who's here now?

I’ll get the door.

Hello! Hello!

Well, I've brought you a dip, Sally.

Thank you so much, Pauline.

Thank you.

Is this stretchy?

No, the dip's not stretchy,

but I do have a present for you that's stretchy.

Oh! It's a stretchy headband!

Oh thank you … thank you, thank you!

Look it stretches! It stretches big and small.

Who's at the door now?

I’ll get it!

Hello! Hello!

It's hot. Be careful.

Thank you, thank you.

Hello, how are you? I'm good, thank you.

Hey, hey!

That's not stretchy or bendy!

Sorry, Tracy. Possum loves food.

He wants to know if you've brought stretchy or bendy food to the party today.

No, it's not stretchy or bendy,

but I do have this.

Oh! What is it?


That look great!

Sally, look!

It's stretchy and bendy! Oh ha ha!


Who's at the door now? I’ll get it!

Hello! Hello!


How about down there?

This looks great!

I've got a cheese pizza for you all. Oh!


Hey look! It’s bendy.

Try to pick it up, Possum.


Mm mmm …

See, it's very stretchy isn't it?

Uh, Possum, not yet! Put that back.

Wait, please.

Offer everyone some dip first.


Oh well, our time is up.

Oh, thanks for watching!

See you next time. Bye! Bye!

Sally has a party

Tonight, Sally is throwing a party. Possum is outside doing exercises with his stretchy resistance band. Sally helps Possum with his workout and explains what stretchy means. Possum and Sally go inside to get ready for the party but first watch how kids get ready for a party. Inside, Possum and Sally make decorations. Guests arrive and bring all sorts of stretchy and bendy things for the party.