Episode 11

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Brrr, it's cold in here this morning.

It's a very cold morning.

I wonder why?

Oh, the window's open.

It’s still very cold in here.

I know, I'll go and get my heater.

That can warm up the air.

The heater will take some time to heat the air in the kitchen

and make it nice and warm in here.

It’s already feeling a little bit warmer,

but I wonder about Possum in his tree.

I wonder if he's cold in there.

I think I should go and check on him, make sure he's okay.

Ohhh, oh.

Oh, I can't believe how cold it is out there.

I'd forgotten because it's so warm in here.

I better put my coat and scarf on.

Brrr …

Brrr ...

Hello, Possum!

Hello Sally, hello everybody. Good morning.

I just came outside to see if you're warm or cold.

You look very cold.

You're shivering.

Yeah, my feet are a bit cold. Oh Possum, you've got no footwear on.

You need to wear something on your feet to keep you warm.


Possum, thongs?

They're not going to keep you warm.

You need to wear some boots, that will cover your feet.

That won't do the job.

Go and find something else.

Okay … Brrr ...

That is better, Possum. Do you feel warm now?

Um, no. My body's a bit cold.

Yes, you do look cold. You need a jacket or something Possum,

go and get one.Yeah, I'll go get one.

Ah, that's better,

that's better, Possum.

Are you warm now?

Do you feel completely warm?

Yeah, uh ...

hold on.

My neck's a bit cold.

Have you got a scarf inside?

Ah yes, I do … wait a minute.

That's better,

you look a lot warmer now, Possum.

Do you feel completely warm?

Um ...

ah, my ears are a bit cold.

Have you got a hat or something you could wear, Possum? Something to cover your head?

Ah, yes, I do I'll be right back.

Ta da!

You look great. You look warm now.

Would you like to come inside to the kitchen and eat something warm?

Oh, yes please!

Hang on Possum, the way that you're dressed,

you look like you could go into the snow.

Why don't we pretend that the backyard is full of snow

and we can trudge through it to the kitchen.

Oh Sally, can we pretend it's deep soft snow?

Yes. Why don't you join us children, in trudging through the deep soft snow?

Are you ready? Yeah, come on copy us!

Oh, that was so much fun!

Yes, it was fun trudging through the snow. It made me feel really warm.

This room is very warm too.

It was so cold this morning

and then I put my heater on

and it's made the air nice and warm now.

Yeah.What about you Possum,

are you warm?

Hmm, Sally,

I am a bit warm.


I might take my beanie off, hold on.

Oh no, first he put his boots on,

then he put his jacket on, then he put his scarf on,

then he put his beanie on. No, I don't have time for that. Possum,

why don’t you take all of your warm clothes off at once?

Oh okay, good idea.

Are you ready for some special food on our cold day?

Oh, yes, possums love to eat.

But what can we eat on a cold day?

Huh?Ta da!

Oh, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha. I'm teasing.

Oh Sally, This is for a hot day not a cold day.

He he he !

I’m going show you how to make something special with chocolate.

Oh Sally, I love chocolate.

I know you do, Possum.

There's a recipe in the drawer for it.


This explains how to make hot chocolate.

You put the chocolate, milk and cream together and it makes a delicious drink.

Oh, it makes you feel warm inside. Great for a cold day.

Oh, drink chocolate? How?

Hmm, what happens to chocolate Possum when you leave it in the sun?

Hmm … the chocolate in the sun …

Oh, I know it melts!

That's right, it melts.

This chocolate here, when we put it in our pan and heat it,

it'll melt!

Then we add our milk and our cream

and make a delicious hot chocolate. Are you ready?

Mmm, mm, Yes I'm ready!

See our chocolate?

Can you please put that in the pan?

Great. Now we’re going to add the milk.

Just about half a cup.

That's great.


Now, we're going to heat it and melt the chocolate.

Then, once it's melted we'll add the rest of the milk and the cream

and mix it all together and make a yummy hot chocolate.

Oh, I’m ready!

Let's go.

While that’s melting …

let’s watch something that kids can do

in a cold place. Yeah, let's watch!

It's cold and we're going ice skating!

I'm wearing gloves because it's cold.

Ohh, didn't that look great?

All that ice-skating looked like so much fun!

Yeah, it looks like lots of fun.

Our hot chocolate looks ready.

We can drink it as it is now,

or we could add some salt

or some cinnamon.

Salt, what?

I know it sounds unusual, but it'll make the hot chocolate tastier.

Why don't you put some in, Possum? Oh, okay.

That's good. Now give it a good stir.

That’s it, all right.

Sally, is it ready now? Can we drink it?

Yes, let me pour it into a cup for you.

Careful, it's hot.

Mmm, mm, mm.

It is delicious!

Oh, I feel so warm and yummy inside.

Oh, Sally, today was such a great day.

This morning, I got up, I was cold,

then I put my boots on, my jacket, scarf and beanie

and then I felt all warm.

And you had your hot chocolate too. That’s right, I did too!

Oh well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

A very cold day

It’s a very cold day and Sally puts the heater on inside her house. She goes outside to see if Possum is staying warm in the cold weather. Possum is cold and puts on some extra clothes. Then he puts on more and even more warm clothes. Sally and Possum pretend to walk in the snow and watch as kids go ice-skating. Sally teaches Possum to make hot chocolate.