Episode 13

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone!

His door’s open?

Where’s Possum?

Let’s have a look.

There’s no one there.

He’s not inside?

Where’s Possum?





He’s all the way up there

sitting in the top of his tree!

Good morning, Possum.

Hi Sally!

What are you doing all the way up there?

What do you mean all the way up here?

You know I love to climb!

Yes, I know you love to climb,

but come down please.

No, why don’t you come up here?


You want me to climb all the way up there?

No, no, no, no, I have to stay down here on the ground.

I think I might fly down.

Yeah, I think I’d enjoy that.


You can’t fly down!

You’ve got no wings.

So please,

just climb down.

I’m going to go the vegetable garden, to get some vegetables.

Do you want to come and help me?

Oh, yes please! I’m coming down now.

Oh! Possum! You were very fast coming down your tree.


I’m a very fast climber.

But I’d be even faster

if I could fly down.

Oh, ha, ha, ha.

You’re a funny possum!

Anyway, I need to collect some vegetables.

That’s why we’re here; I need three tomatoes, and two carrots.

Oh Sally,

I just thought of something funny,

those tomatoes are just like me.

Those tomatoes are like you? No,

tomatoes are round;

you’re not round.

No, no Sally, before I was up in my tree,

and those tomatoes are up in their vine.

Oh yes, you’re right, Possum;

and the carrots are down in the ground,

and we need to pull them up.

Okay, let’s go do it.


One …

Two …



Now, we need to pull up two carrots please.


One …



Now, let’s go into the kitchen, I’ve got something to make.


we have three tomatoes

and two carrots.

Are we making something to eat?

Not yet Possum, we’ll make something later,

but first I want to make something else.

What is it?

It's something that we can play with

and watch it fly up into the sky!

Oh yes please! Can we make it?

All right, let’s go.

Hey Sally!

Why don’t you and I pretend that we’re both flying to the kitchen!

What a great idea!

Why don’t you copy us pretending to fly?

Yeah, come on, copy us! Ready?

That was great!

Oh Sally, that was so much fun!

You and I were flying through the air we went up and down and up and down.

Yes! It was great!

Hey Sally, what are we going to make?

Well, things that fly through the air need something special to make them stay up there!


Hey Sally, like a bird with it’s flapping wings!

Yes, that’s right!

Hmm, or Sally, like a balloon.

It doesn’t have any wings, but it still stays up in the air.

Yes, and planes, they have big long wings to help them fly through the air.


The planes wings don’t flap.

No they don’t,

but they have jet engines and that’s what makes them stay in the sky.

Oh, okay.

We’re going to make a kite today.

It’s going to go high up in the sky

and the wind will help it stay there!

Wow! Make a kite?

But how? Well,

why don’t we watch some children making some kites,

and then

we can make our own!

Yeah! Let’s watch!

I'm making a kite.

Now, we put the tail on.

Put it under, then tie it up.

Wow! That looked awesome! Those kids flying those kites were great.

Yes, so much fun!

Sally how do we make it?

We have our instructions on this piece of paper …

That says “how to make a kite.”

and it tells us what we need, and how to make our kite.

Alright, so what do we need now?

Well, we need a sheet of plastic.




we need two sticks.

Okay, there they are.

We make a cross with the sticks.

Oh, okay. We need some string,

some scissors and some tape …

I’ve already cut the tape.

So are you happy to help me?

Oh yes please, I’ll help you.

Can you hold the cross, Possum,

and I’ll tape it together.

Now we’ve made our cross …

so now we need to cut out a diamond shape from the plastic sheet.


Now that we’ve cut our diamond shape,

we need to tape the corners to the sticks …

Oh, okay. I’ll hold it.

Now I’ve got the string

and we have to poke a hole and push it through. Oh, okay.

Now, we need to make a tail for the kite.

We’re going to attach it to the end.

A really long tail.

Oh yeah!

Can you help me cut it? Okay.

We need 4 long strips.

Okay, I’ve got it.


Now, we tie them together. Red, white, red, white.


We’ve made out tail.

Now, let’s attach it to the bottom of the kite …

One more thing … We need to tie the string on.


Oh Sally, it looks great now! Can we go and fly it now?

Yes, we can!

Hopefully it'll be nice and windy

and the kite can go up and up and up into the sky,

and then we can bring it back down!

Oh yeah! Come on lets go!

Ha ha, oh yeah!

Why don’t we swap. I’ll take the kite, you take the string.


Great! Ready?

I’ll hold it, wait for the wind … and I’ll throw it up.

One ...

two ...


Oh! Oh no!

Never mind, Possum!

We can try again.Okay.

just make sure we get a good wind to blow it up into the sky.


One ...

two …

Woah! Ha, ha, ha. Wow! Look! Look!

It’s up, it’s up! Great! Wow!


Yeah! Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

What goes up, must go down

Sally finds Possum high up in his tree. He has climbed up to the top and wants to fly down. Sally thinks Possum should climb down and instead go for a pretend fly. After Possum comes down from his tree, Sally and Possum watch as school children make and fly kites. Sally teaches possum how to make a kite and they fly it together outside.