Episode 14

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone!

Oh, I love playing sports,

especially ones outside.


it’s a bit boring by myself.

I'd rather it if Sally could play with me.

Hello, Possum. Hello, Sally!

Hello, everyone!


Look at those big pumpkins!

What are they for?

I got them out of my vegetable garden.

Because I'm going to make some pumpkin soup.

Mmm, yum! Hey Sally,

Can you play soccer with me?

Oh, I just for a short time. Not too long, okay?

Oh good! So,

Where are your goals? Huh?

Don’t you have any goal posts?

No, I don’t.

Just over there somewhere.

I have an idea.


Good idea!

These can be your goal posts.


I'll stand in goal.

Are you watching?

Oh man!

Ha ha!

I’m going to get it in this time.

Yeah! Woo! Yeah!

You got it in the goal, Possum!

Well done!




Hmm ...



You got a goal; that was great!


that was good fun, Possum, but I can't play any longer.

I need to go inside and make the soup.

All right. Thank you for playing with me.


later I’ll come with you and join you in the kitchen, to help you make soup.

That’d be great, thanks Possum!

Thank you.

Bye! Bye!

Oh yeah!

Hmm ...

Sally's making soup!


but soccer’s so much fun!

Soup ... soccer ... soup ... soccer ...?


Huh …

Umm ...

Oh well …

Hello, Possum. Hi, Sally!

Is it ready yet?

I’ve been outside playing soccer

and now I’m starving.

Is it ready?

No, it's not ready yet.

It takes lots of time to make soup.

I've only just finished cutting up the onion.



I thought this was pumpkin soup.

Oh yes,

yes we’re still having pumpkin soup.


it’s a family recipe

and it tastes delicious.

There’s all sorts of different vegetables in it.

Oh. Can you get the recipe out of the drawer please?

Okay. Oh, there it is.

Now this recipe will explain to us how to make our pumpkin soup.

I’ve got all the vegetables ready.

They all need to be put into a big pot.

Can you please go and get the pot out of the cupboard?


Hey, Sally,

I’ve just thought of something.

This is like a game.

Is it?

Before the pot was in the cupboard and I took it out.

Before I was outside,

and now I am inside.

That's right, Possum. Before, you were in your tree house, and you came out.

and played soccer. Then, you came

in here.

That’s funny!

I've got everything ready …

Now, we can start to cook.


We put the onion in the pot …

with a little bit of olive oil.


we go to the stove and heat it up.

Let's do that.

Oh, Sally,

I wish It was ready now.

Playing sport outside has made me so hungry.

Yes, I know. You're always hungry, Possum.

I know you love playing sports, too.

Why don't we watch some children

playing sports while we wait for the soup to cook?

Yeah, let's do that!

Sam and I like playing rugby league.

Wow! That looked great!


This smells delicious. It must be ready now.


it’s almost ready, just needs one more thing.

We need some herbs. Ooh!



this must be ready now, it looks ready!

It’ll be ready about lunchtime.

We just need to put it on the stove and let it simmer a bit longer.

But I thought it was lunchtime now!

I thought you were going to take it out of the pot

and into the bowl

and I was going to take it out of the bowl

and into my tummy!

I was teasing!

He, he, he! Oh, ha, ha, ha! You’re funny, Sally.

Teasing you.

Would you like some soup?

Oh, yes please!

Ooh … Tada!

Let’s see how it tastes.

Mmm ...

Mm, mm, mm. It’s delicious!


Great, that’s wonderful!

Watching those children play sports

has made me want to go outside and play soccer again.

I’m going to go and play soccer.

Do you want to come with me?

I can’t come right now;

I have to stay in here and clean all of this up.

You can go;

I’ll come and join you later.

Okay, bye. Bye.

Oh, hello Sally.

What’s the matter, Possum?


I’ve lost my ball.

When were you last playing with it?


here with you.

Did you put it away when you were done?



Where were you kicking it?


right here.

I ...

kicked it,

like this, it went up,

and up, and up ...

and up ...

Did you see it come down?


No? Well, it can't go up, and up,

and up. It must come down.

Let's see if we can see it.

Hmm …

Hmm ...

Oh, Possum, there it is! There it is!

I’ll get it.

Hang on!


Ah, good idea. Ready?

Whoa, got it! Good catch, Possum.

Thank you, Sally.

Hey Sally, do you want to play some more?

Yes, let's play!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

In it goes!

Possum is playing soccer and sally is in the vegetable garden. Sally joins Possum before going inside to make pumpkin soup. Hungry, Possum goes inside too. Possum learns about putting things in the pot and taking things out of the cupboard. While the soup cooks, Sally & Possum watch kids play sport before eating their soup. After, they go outside and look for Possum’s lost soccer ball.