Episode 15

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone.

Hi Sally! Hi Possum!

Hello everyone!

Are you having fun, Possum?

Oh, it's a big boring by myself.

Oh, why don't I bowl it to you then?

Oh! That would be great. Okay!

You go over there; I'll stay here …



Oh! Oh …



Whoops … Oh!

Did you see where that went, Possum?

It's over there near the bench.

Hmm, mm.

Where is it?

You don't look on the bench.

You need to look under the bench.

Under the bench. Okay.

He’ll find it in a minute.

Hmm …

Well done. Found it!

Ready? You're going to miss this one.

No way! I’m going to hit this really good.



It's gone way over the fence!

What a great shot!

I’ll get it, don’t worry!

Oh no, Possum!

Don't climb over the fence.

You use the gate.

Oh, okay.

Oh, no, no, no, no, Possum!

You don't go over the gate.

No, you go through the gate. Oh!

I'll show you …

through …

Funny Possum.

Got it!



this is interesting.

Before I hit the ball under the bench,

Yes ...

Then I hit the ball over the fence …

Yes, over.

Then I went through the gate. Yeah!

This is like a game!

Yes it is a bit.

It's a bit like an obstacle course.


What's that?

Well, why don't we watch some children and see what it is?

Let's watch!

Oh, didn't that look great?

They had a lot of fun didn't they,

climbing over and under and around and through things

they really enjoyed themselves.

Sally, I wish I could have one.

Well, why don't we make our own obstacle course here?


Sally, can we start with me running around my tree?

Yes, we can. Let's see.

I’ll show you!

That's great, Possum.

What next?

Hmm …

We need to design our own obstacle course. Good idea!


what are we going to draw? I’ll draw the tree.

Oh, put start there.

Oh, we’re going to go around my tree.

Okay, what’s next?

I know!

Hmm, okay …

Good, go around the tree ... Oh!


Good idea!

Hmm …

Go around ... and under!

Under! I'll show you!

Great! Ha, ha!

Ooh …

Under. Under, yeah!

What’s next?

I know, follow me!

In there?

Hmm ...

Oh, here we go.

Okay …

What? …

Hmm, oh, I know! …

Ha ha. There we go!

Okay, so around, under, over!

Yeah, like this! Great!

Yeah, that’s good!

Over. Over, oh okay!


Hmm, Oh! I know …


Hmm …Hmm ...

On? … No. No, no, no, no.

Under? Oh, yeah!

Under. Under!

… and finish. Finish.


Are we ready?

Ready! How about I time you,

and we can see how quickly you can go through the course.

Ready …



under …

Oh! Huh? …

Oh …

Put that down, come on!


and under.

Yeah! Yay! Yeah, Woo! Ha ha ha!

Hi Possum. Hi Sally.

For me? See …

I’ve got a surprise for you.



It’s a ball on a string, so you can hang it in your tree

and you can play by yourself.

Oh thank you, Sally!

How about we hang it in the tree?



Watch this!

It’s great!


Oh thank you so much, Sally!


Sally, what’s that?

That’s ...

a knot. It’s a special type of knot.

It’s called a reef knot.

Would you like me to teach you?

Oh yes please! Good.

Hmm, we need to find some string.

Hmm …Hmm … Oh! Here’s some!

Oh, great!

Now …

You go over …

Under …

Over ...

Under and pull it through …


Oh! That looks great. Would you like to try?

Oh yes please!




under and pull it through.



It’s the same. Wow!

That looked great!

Thank you so much, Sally.

For teaching me how to play cricket,


for teaching about over and under,

and for making the obstacle course. Yes!

And teaching me how to tie a reef knot!

Oh yes! We have had such a great day today.

Yeah. Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

The obstacle course

Sally and Possum play cricket in the backyard. Possum hits the ball under the bench and then over the fence. Sally shows Possum the difference between over and under and then they watch school kids doing an obstacle course. Possum and Sally make their own obstacle course in the backyard going over, under and even through things. Sally teaches Possum how to tie a reef knot.