Episode 3

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello everyone.

Oh look, Possum is painting.

Look at all the bright colours.

I wonder what that is.

There's another one.

What’s going on?


Stop! Why are you touching it?

Oh, it, it looks nice and shiny and I just wanted to touch it.

But that's the problem, you're smudging it,

the paint's not dry yet,

it's still wet.

Oh, I get it, it's still wet.

Yes, you have to wait for the paint to dry.

You can't be in such a hurry, you must be patient.

But I don't like waiting, I like to do things now.

I know you do, so … why don't we go and water the garden then.

Yeah, good idea, let's go!

Oh no, look at my garden.

Look at the plants, they're wilted.

Oh, so before they were healthy and strong and stood like this,

and now they're wilted … and look like these.

That's a very good way of explaining it, Possum.

Plants, when they're all watered, are big and strong and healthy.

Without water, they're all limp and wilted.

Water is so important.

I'd forgotten to water them yesterday.

Can you go and check the soil to see if it's wet or dry?

Have a look, Possum.

Sally, the soil is very dry.

Can you please water them for me, Possum?


Thank you, Possum.

Now they're not dry anymore.

It's a bit wet and the plants will use the water to help them stand up tall!

Because water is so important…

just like out on the farms.

If there's been no rain and it's very dry,

the farmers have a hard time.

Why don't we watch some children visiting a farm

and see how they learn how important water is.

Shall we watch?

Yeah, let's watch!

You must always be careful.

It's got big black eyes.


Farms look like so much fun.

Oh yes,

but farmers work very hard growing all these crops

to give us food to eat.

Hey Sally, I was thinking before when I was painting it was wet ...

But now it's dry!

and the garden was dry and I watered it and now it's wet.

You're right, Possum!

But now my mouth, it's dry.

Dry mouth, Possum?

Well, how do we fix that?

Hmm … I know, water!

That's right, water.

Why don't you go get a drink of water

and I'm going to go into the house and wash my hair;

I'll meet you in the kitchen later.

Okay, see you later.

At last my hair is dry.

Oh, here's Possum.

Have you had a drink of water yet?

Oh, I forgot!

I was so busy watering the garden,

that I forgot to get a drink of water.

Sally, are you all dry now?

Yes, I was all wet but now I'm dry.

My hair was wet but it's dry too.

Water is very important drink,

but I do have an idea… We can make a lemon drink!

Oh Sally, do we need a lemon?

Yes, we do need a lemon.

If you get the recipe, that will explain how to make a lemon drink.

Where? Oh, there it is!

Now we need to cut our lemon.

See? It's wet.

It is wet!That's the juice.

That's right Possum, that's what lemon juice is, try and squeeze it, see what happens.

Look at all the juice coming out.

That's a good job, Possum.

Now try and use the juicer.

Sally can I taste it now?

You can taste it now if you want to, but it will be very sour.


Ugh, yuck!

Yes, it's very strong tasting.

We need to mix it with water and something sweet to make it taste lovely.

Now we need to add something sweet, like honey.

It's thick so we need to mix it with a little bit of hot water to help it dissolve.

Good. Now I'll pour the hot water.

Can you stir it up?

See, there! It’s dissolving.

It's dissolving!

That’s great!

Now, we put in there.

Now, we just need to add some cold water.


That looks great!

That is our lemon drink.

Would you like to try some?

Yes please!

Mmm… This is delicious!

Sally! My mouth isn't dry anymore!

It feels much better now.

I think I'm ready to go outside and keep painting.

Bye Sally!


What's he painting, I wonder?

I hope if he does do some painting that he waits and lets it dry

and doesn’t smudge it again.

Such a beautiful day,

I'd like to sit

and just enjoy it.

Sally, Sally, Sally, Sally!

Oh, it's wet;

you need to wait until it's dry!

Oh no!

It doesn't matter. It doesn’t matter.

I'll be able to wash it off.

I made you a sign.

For me?

Sally, what does it say?

"Wet paint"

...and you can use that sign for when you're painting.

You can put it up so people will know to wait until it’s dry.

Oh, okay!

Hey Sally, why don't you and I stay here and watch the paint dry?

No, Possum, you can watch the paint dry!

I need to go inside and wash my pants and get this paint off.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time! Bye! Bye!

Let the paint dry!

Possum is busy painting but Sally notices he is not letting the paint dry properly. Sally teaches Possum how to let the wet paint dry first before touching it. Sally sees some of her plants have wilted and need water. Sally and Possum watch kids visit a farm to see how important water is for crops and animals. Thirsty work, Sally and Possum make lemonade.