Episode 4

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!



Mmm! Mmm, yum!

Oh, those chopped up bananas on the pancakes were delicious.

Oh, I am so happy.

Yes, I’m feeling happy too, Possum.


Sorry, we were so relaxed eating, we forgot to say hello!

Hello, everyone!

Sally you're so good to me.

You look after me so well;

you make sure I’ve got lots of good food to eat;

you make sure I’m comfortable;

I want to be just like you.

Sally, I think I need a pet.


you want a pet?

What kind of pet?

Would you like something soft?

Something soft?

Like what?

Like you, Possum.

You've got nice soft fur that’s lovely to stroke.

Maybe a pet like that,

like a koala perhaps.

Something that’s soft and cuddly that you can cuddle.


I don't think you’re allowed to have koalas as pets.

Oh, I don’t think I’d want a koala,

it might think it’s the boss of my tree

when it’s my tree!


what about an echidna?

Ha ha ha! An echidna!

You can’t cuddle an echidna, it’s too sharp!

Hmmm …

An elephant!

Ha ha ha!

Imagine all those pancakes you’d have to cook for an elephant!

That would be lots!

Hmm, what about

a fish in a fishbowl?

They’re lovely to watch swim around.


fish are nice to look at but ...

well … they’re a bit boring.

I can't play with a fish.

No, Possum they’re not boring,

they can be quite interesting to look at

especially the ones with the beautiful bright colours.

Out in the sea, under the water,

there are plenty of fish with all sorts of bright colours.

That sounds great, Sally. What kind of colours?

Well, it's best if we go and see for ourselves,

all the different fish and corals and what colours they are.

Hey, do we need a boat?

Yes, it's best to go out on a boat to the reef.

But, if we can't do that,

there's a place


an aquarium

and we can walk under the water and watch all the fish swim by.

Yeah, let’s have a look now!

Let’s watch!

Look! The shark eats fish.

That's hard.

Oh, Possum, didn’t that look wonderful?

Oh, it did Sally, did you see all the different colours

of the fish swimming around

and that big shark?

It looked awesome.

Yes Possum, and all the plants

and the coral

and all of those beautiful colours out there.

Yeah, and did you see all of the plants

waving around, just like this.

Yes! They were, weren't they?

Did you see that shell?

It wasn't soft,

it was hard.

Yeah, and did you see the fish

swimming up and around and under the coral,

it looked great!

Sally, I was just thinking,

I don't really want a pet anymore.


the colours of the coral

and the fish and all the different plants; they looked great!

I think they would look good in my tree.


Okay then.

Why don't we go and make something

with all the beautiful colours

that you can put in your tree house to remind you of the reef?

What could we make?

We'll go into the kitchen soon

but first

I need to collect some bits of cloth and material

and we'll make something called a collage;

it’s like a picture.

Yeah! That sounds great!

Hey! Why don't we imagine

that we're jumping and swimming in the water?

What a great idea, Possum!

Why don’t you join us and pretend that we’re all swimming

out on the Great Barrier Reef?

Swimming out there

with all the fish under the water.

Yeah, that’s a great idea!

Come on, let’s go!

Oh, wow!

Sally, look at all these things!

Look at all the beautiful colours!

Yes Possum, I've collected lots of things

some materials; soft and hard and all sorts of different colours

for things that we can use to make our collage.

Oh Sally, I’m so excited! Can we make it now?

You can see, Possum,

I’ve put some blue paper

and we can pretend that's our sea or our ocean.

Let’s put some things on it.

Oh yeah.


Feel that!

That's a bit rough isn't it, Possum?

We could use that as our sand.

Sally, this is soft.

Yes, that’s very soft, isn’t it?

That can be our soft coral.

Yeah! Good idea.

Watch it waving in the water.

Sally, this is soft as well!


It’s a sponge.

We could use it as a sea sponge.

Sally, look!

It’s hard!

Yes, it’s a hard bit of cardboard.

What could we do with that?

Why don't we cut a shape out of it?

I know, why don’t we make a starfish?

Yeah! Good idea.

This is soft but it’s also hard, so I might cut it

and use it to make some coral.

Isn’t that cute?

I could use that as soft coral.

Well done Possum, that looks great!

That’s a lovely red starfish.

Why don’t we paint some dots on it?

Do you want to do that, Possum?


While you are doing that, I’m going to make the fish.


Sally, look!

That’s lovely!

Look, I made a fish.

Oh, look it's a fish! That looks awesome!

It’s so cute.

Yes, it’s like all the fish we saw at the aquarium,

and now you’ve got your own collage!

What’s that, Sally?

That’s like the hard and soft coral;

it's a combination.

That’s great!

When we’ve finished with it all we can put it up in your tree house. It’ll look beautiful.

Hey! Is there anymore we can put on?

Isn’t that beautiful?

Look at all the soft coral we have here

and the hard coral,

and the fish swimming through the ocean.

Look at all the bright colours we’ve got; it looks lovely.

Hey Sally,

this is going to look great up in my tree house.

Yes it will, Possum.

Hey Sally, can we can make one more for you?

Yes please, that would be lovely!

You can all have fun making collage pictures too.

Yeah, good!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

Possum wants a pet

Possum decides he wants a pet. Sally suggests lots of pet ideas including a fish but Possum thinks fish are boring. To see how exciting fish really are, Sally and Possum watch a school excursion to Underwater World. The school kids touch and feel lots of hard and soft creatures before Sally and Possum go on their own pretend underwater adventure. Sally helps Possum make an underwater collage.