Episode 5

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone.

Oh, look at all this rain.

I don't want to get wet.

I need my wet weather things.

I've got my umbrella

and I have my gumboots.

I should put them on.

It's raining a lot.

I wonder how Possum's going?

I wonder if he's wet or dry?

Let’s go have a look.

Hello, Sally!

Possum, you're going to get wet!

Uh, nope.

I've got my leaves here,

they're going to keep me nice and dry.

Do you have a leaf, Sally?

I do, I have my umbrella.

I'm not going to get wet,

see I'm nice and dry,

but you will get wet, Possum.

No, no, no, no … I have my leaves.

They’re going to keep me nice and dry.

No Possum, you will get wet.

No, no, no, no … I’ll stay nice and dry. …

Watch out!

Oh no!

Ha ha ha!


Sally, I'm all wet!

Oh Possum, you poor thing,

but look this rain's getting heavier and heavier.

The whole garden's getting wet.

That's right Sally,

the plants in the garden are getting very wet,

they'll be so happy.

Yes they will, and hopefully if we get enough rain

we'll be able to get some puddles in the backyard,

because I love wearing my gumboots and splashing in puddles

and kicking the water around.


Oh Possum, you are wet through.

We need to go inside and dry you off.

I'll get a towel and dry you. Let's go.


Oh! Possum!

I have an idea.

What is it?

Why don't we pretend that there are puddles all over the place?


And we can jump and splash and kick around and have fun.

Would you like to do that?

Yeah! Copy us, kids! Come on!

That's better; I'm all dry now.

It was quite heavy outside with the rain,

we've come inside and now it's dry.

Are you wet or dry, Possum?

Sally, I am dry,

but the towel, it’s all wet.

Well, the towel is wet because before you were wet, Possum,

and I used the towel to dry you

and it soaked up all the water from your fur

and that's why the towel is now wet.

It's almost like a sponge.

Sally … what's a sponge?

I'll show you, Possum.

This is a sponge.

You see it's soft and there's lots of holes in it.

Can you see that?

Water can be soaked up into the sponge

and it's good for cleaning up spills.


Would you like to try it?

Oh yes please!

Well, just go get a jug of water and a bowl, Possum ...

I'll pour some water onto the plate ...

now use the sponge and see what happens to the water.


It's gone the plate is dry. The water's gone! It's disappeared!

Squeeze the sponge over the bowl, see what happens.




The water's gone …

and there it is.


Doesn't that look great all that water coming out?

Hey Possum, look outside the window.

It's still raining.

It is so wet outside.

I don't think we can go outside and play yet.

No, but Sally all the plants in the garden will be wet

and that means they're going to be happy

and if they're happy, I'm happy.

Yes me too.

If the garden's happy that makes me feel happy.

I wonder what other children do to make their gardens happy.

I don't know.

Why don't we watch?

Yeah, let's watch!

Let’s watch.

I love working in the garden, growing plants.

Yes, it's a lettuce.

Wow! That looked like so much fun!

It really did!

All those children were having a wonderful time and laughing and playing.

Why don't we grow some little plants in the kitchen?

Inside the house, Sally?

Yes, we can do that!

Just recently I grew some little plants and they've grown really well,

so now I'd like to grow some more.

Would you like to help?

Oh yes please!

Look in the drawer, Possum. ...

I've got some instructions

that explain how we can grow our mustard seeds ...

This just explains what we need to do.

The instructions say we need to get a few things first.

Can you please get an egg carton and some scissors, Possum?

From the second drawer.

Yep, okay.

I’ll go and get some cotton wool and the seeds,


All right.

Okay, now what we need to do

is cut the egg carton down the middle.

Can you do that please?

Like this, Sally?

Yes. …


great job, Possum.

Now, now we need to get this cotton wool …

and if you can put it inside each of the little holes ...


See it's all dry but we need to wet it.

We can use water

or milk.

Oh, ha, ha! Oh, you're funny Sally.

Yes I am joking.

Plants don't like milk, they need water.

That's right. Plants don't like milk at all,

so can you please pour a little bit of water onto the cotton wool.

Not too much.


That's great.

Now we just need to add our mustard seeds.

Can you sprinkle them over the top please?


That should be enough.

That looks great.

Now we just have to sit and watch them grow.

It'll take a few days.

I grew some the other day, I can show you.

Oh yes please!


For me?

Yes, Possum.

These are ones I grew the other day

but I thought I would add a face and some antennae on there

to make it look like a caterpillar.

It looks great doesn't it?

There are other ways that you can grow seeds too.

These are great for putting into a salad and eating.

Tastes delicious.

Mmm.Mmm, mmm.

Possum, look outside the window.

The rain has finally stopped.

Why don't we go outside and have a look at the garden?

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

How does your garden grow?

It’s a rainy old day and everything is getting wet. Sally puts on her gumboots and gets her umbrella. Meanwhile, Possum stays dry underneath a branch until it breaks, getting him all wet. Sally and Possum enjoy ‘pretend puddle jumping' before watching how kids do gardening. In the kitchen, Sally teaches Possum how to grow mustard seed caterpillars.