Episode 6

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Oh, hello everyone.

You can see all my pencils on the table.

I'm sharpening them so they're nice and sharp.

Possum should be here soon.

I know he'd love to help.

Oh, here he is.


Hello Possum, come and have a seat.

What are we doing?

Well Possum, my pencils are blunt so I'd like to make them nice and sharp.

Do you want to help?

Oh, okay.

Sally, is this one sharp?

No Possum, that's blunt. See? I'll show you how to make it sharp.

See, sharp.

See, it’s sharp.

Oh yeah.

Feel free to do some more.

Possum? I thought you'd love to help sharpen the pencils,

but you seem a bit distracted. What's going on?

Oh, yeah, it would be fun but I was just wondering,

would you have something that I could mend a door with?


Is there something wrong with the door in your tree house?

Have you been swinging on it again?

And now is it broken?

Yes, Sally. I'm so sorry.

I just love swinging on my door, it’s so much fun.

It doesn't matter Possum, because Amanda will be here soon.

I'm sorry.

I've asked her to come and have a look at the drawer.

Perhaps she can have a look at your tree house door too.

Oh, here she is now. Amanda’s here!

Hello Amanda! Hello!

See, this one is the problem one.


Yes! It's sticking on the bottom.

I'll need to plane it and that will make it a lot easier to open and close.

Amanda … what's a plane?

A plane is a tool with a sharp blade and you use it to smooth the rough wood.

So I can fix your drawer, Sally.


Oh, before we do that Amanda, there's a problem with Possum's tree house.

He's been swinging on the door again

and now it's broken.

Do you think you could have a look at it?

Yes, I can look at your door.

You could? Oh that’s great!

Good, let’s go.

I've used wood and sharp nails to make the frame nice and strong now.

It's a good door.

Isn't she so clever, Possum?

Wow! Looks like hard work though. Whoa.

Well, it's not always hard.

Sometimes it can be easy working with wood.

Why don't we watch some children making things out of wood?

Yeah, let’s watch!

I'm making and painting a train.

I'm making a plane.

I'm making a boat out of wood.

Weren’t they clever children?

They made such wonderful things out of wood.

Oh, so clever!

It looked like lots of fun.

Hey, Possum seems to have gone missing.

I don't know where he's gone.


thank you so much Amanda for coming and fixing his door.

Now, Amanda, Sally,

come look what I’ve drawn up.


after watching those children make those wonderful things,

it made me think of some great ideas that I want to put on my tree.

I want a painting wall

for my paintings, I want to put it right here.

I want a sign that says “Possum’s Tree", right here.

I want a sports box to put all my sports gear, right in front of my tree.

I want some soccer goals right in the corner next to my tree.

I want a bird feeder

that I can hang in my tree, right here.

And I want a climbing wall, a big one,

right here!

Possum, Possum, Possum!

No, no. It’s too much!

You can't do it. I'm sorry.

It just can't be done.

But Possum, I do love your idea about the bird feeder.

It's a great idea.

I actually just made one at home

and luckily I have the plans with me in my toolbox.

I'm happy to show you.

Yes please!

That's a great idea!

As you can see, this is how we need to make our bird feeder.

That looks great!

Yeah, it does!

Would you like to help me make it?

Me? Oh yes, I’d love to help you make it!


Well, I'm happy to show you.

To start off we need to measure the wood.

Can you please mark it, Sally?

Right, now we need to cut the wood with our saw.

Be careful, Sally. The saw is sharp!


You cut it and I’ll hold it.

So next, w e need to nail our pieces together.

Possum, can you do that please?

Oh, yes I can!


the nails are sharp.

Now nail them together please, Possum.

Well done, good start. Now we need to put the edges on.

Are you ready, Possum?

Can you nail these in, please?

Now, we need to put the roof on.

And now, it's finished!



It is beautiful!

We should hang it up now.

Oh yes! I've got some rope.


Whoa! Yeah.


You hook it on now, Possum.

Oh, great!

Thanks so much for making this for me, Amanda.

All those birds are going to love my new bird feeder.

Well I think it's time now we go and fix Sally's drawer.

Oh yes, that'd be great. Thank you, Amanda.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!


Possum's Door

Possum’s door and Sally’s draw are both sticking and need to be fixed. Amanda the handy-person arrives with some sharp tools and fixes Possum's door. Together, Sally, Possum and Amanda watch children building things out of wood at school. Possum shows Amanda his tree house extension plans but they are far too elaborate. Instead Amanda teaches Possum how to build a birdfeeder.