Episode 7

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Oh, hello everybody!

I didn't want to get up so early, but I wanted to give Sally a surprise today.

Yesterday I saw her making a cake.

I think today’s the day I get to eat it.

Sally’s always so good to me. She looks after me so well.

So I wanted to give her a nice surprise,

but what can I do?


Oh I know!

The soil in Sally’s garden is so hard,

and I know she wanted to plant some vegetables.

I’m might go and dig it up and make it nice and soft for her.

Hello everyone.

As you can see I’ve got all my fruit ready.

Because I’m going to make fruit kebabs today.

I’m going to do that by chopping the fruit up into small pieces

and putting them on this skewer.

They look amazing and they taste delicious.

I’m sure Possum is going to love eating them all up.

See my skewer?

It’s very smooth. There are no bumps on it at all.

That’s great because it makes it a lot easier to put the fruit on there.

I might go and see what Possum is up to.

Because I know he would love to help me make the kebabs.

I’ll go see if he’s awake.

Where is Possum?

He can’t be up this early. It’s too early for him.

Oh! There he is.

Hello, Possum.

Hello, Sally.

Possum, what are you doing?

I want to give you a special surprise.


I’ve been digging up your garden just for you.

Possum, thank you so much for your hard work. That looks great!

It is still a little bit rough though.

Sally, 'rough'? What does that mean?

Rough, see it’s not smooth. You can see all the clumps of soil there.

It's not even.

We need to break them down and make it nice and smooth.

We can use a rake to do that … and then I can plant my vegetable seeds in there.

Ah, okay!

Sally, you’re always so good to me and you look after me so well.

I wanted to say thank you so I thought I would give you a special surprise.

What a special day today is and do you want something to make it even more special?

Yes! I’ve made a cake!

Oh yum!

And now, I’m going to make fruit kebabs.

Fruit kebabs? Can I eat them?

Oh yes, you can!

They are delicious and they look wonderful too.

Would you like to help me make some?

Yes, please. But first, I'll just smooth out your garden,

and then I'll come.

I’ll meet you in the kitchen. Okay.

Oh! Sally’s ring! She lost it the other day and now, I’ve found it!

Oh, I can give it to her as a special surprise!

Well, my hands are nice and clean now. I’m ready.

How do we make them?

Well I’ve just chopped up all the fruit. See?

I’ve just finished chopping up the pineapple,

and I’ve put it in the bowl too.

Sally, the skin’s very rough. Yes, that’s right.

The pineapple skin is rough but we don’t eat the skin.

We eat the yummy insides of the pineapple ... which is this!

Mmm, it’s delicious! Yes it is very yummy, isn’t it?

Look Sally. This is very smooth. Yes, that’s right.

Grapes are very smooth.

So now, we get our skewer and we place the fruit on to it.

We don’t go right to the end.

Stop. That’s good.

Sally, can I have some more pineapple on there?

If you want to Possum but you can choose different fruits.

I like to make patterns with the fruit.

Possum, that looks great!

I can see a pattern in there too. That looks lovely!

Sally, I love thinking about different fruits and whether they're smooth or rough.

Sally, what other things are smooth and rough?

Hmm. Good question, Possum.

Oh, I know. You!


Yes, you. Well, animals. You have fur.

It’s lovely and smooth when I pat you this way

but if I do it the other way, it’s rough!

You’re right, Sally!

I wonder what other animals have smooth and rough skin.

Well, why don’t we watch some children who have gone exploring

and seen animals with different types of skin?

Yeah, let’s watch!


The snake is smooth.

I like the koala.

The crocodile is rough.

That looked awesome. Did you see that slithering snake with its smooth skin?

I did. Did you see that crocodile, with it’s very rough skin?

Yeah! And did you see its very, very sharp teeth?


You can see, we’ve made all our fruit kebabs.

They look good. I’ve got something else, Possum.

This is the cake that I made yesterday.

Now, it’s just ready for some icing.

Would you like to ice the cake?

Me? Oh Yes!

That is lovely and smooth.

Mmm. Just lovely!


But it’s missing something, like a decoration.

Hmm. Sally, I have a special surprise for you.

You do? What is it?

You have to close your eyes.



You found my ring!


Yes, this morning while I was digging up the garden, I saw it. And I knew it was yours.

Thank you so much, Possum. What a wonderful day we’ve had.

You got my garden ready for me to plant my vegetables,

and you helped me make some fruit kebabs.

The cake is all iced and now you’ve found my ring!

Thank you, Possum!

Ah, well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

A surprise for Sally

Possum wants to do something special and surprise Sally. Digging Sally’s garden Possum finds Sally's ring and plans to surprise her with it later. Sally and Possum watch as children visit a wildlife zoo, touching and feeling all kinds of smooth and rough animals. Inside, Possum and Sally make fruit kebabs and ice a cake. Possum surprises Sally, putting her ring on top of the deliciously smooth cake icing.