Episode 8

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I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum!


Hello, everyone.

This fridge is very heavy.

I can't move it by myself.

It's an old fridge.

It's not working anymore.

It's not keeping my food cold.

I need to get rid of it.

I just can't move it by myself; it's so heavy!

I think I'll get Possum to come and help me move it,

but I'm not sure if he's awake yet.


Hello! Delivery!


Look at the big box!



This would look great in my tree!

Whoa! It’s heavy!

Oh it's very heavy!

Luckily, I am strong.

Ready …

Oh, hello ...

I just delivered a …

Oh, you can’t hear.

Oh yeah, I’m Jay.

And you are?

You’re Sally.

Ah ha! I think I know what's happened.

I think Possum has taken the big box.

Good morning, Sally.

Hello, good morning.

Sally, who's this?

This is Jay. He works as a delivery man.

He delivers parcels to people.

Oh, he's a delivery man?

You must be big and strong, just like me!

Yes that's right, Possum.

Jay was delivering a big, heavy parcel,

and now it's missing.

Oh yes, I know that big, heavy box, Sally.

It's in my tree house.

I'll go get it.


Possum, you are so strong to carry a heavy box like that!

Sally, I am strong. But this isn't heavy.

It’s light.

It's li- ...


Possum, where is my fridge that was in it?

Oh, it's in my tree house.

I wanted to keep my things cold.

Possum, my old fridge is not working anymore.

It's not keeping things cold.

Oh Sally, did you want my new fridge?

That's not your new fridge,

that's my fridge.

Can you please go get it and put it into the kitchen?

Ok, come on Jay.

Ah, yeah!

That's great! Thank you, Jay. Thank you, Possum.

Now my food will get nice and cold.

Hey! Guess what else I found in the box?

Come on, Jay.

You two are funny!

That's not heavy, that's light.

Polystyrene can float on water.

Can it? Can we try it in the bowl?


Can I put it in?



Boat …

Scissors … over here.

Skewers …

The bowl’s too small,

we need a bigger bowl.

Something bigger?


Look ...

Wow! That looks awesome!

You can make boats of all sort of different things.

Why don't we watch some children making boats?

Shall we have a look? Yeah, let's watch!

Oh wow, that looked great!

Why don't we make some more boats out of different materials we can find?


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!

Bye! Bye!

The case of the missing fridge

Sally’s waiting for her new fridge. Jay the deliveryman arrives at Sally’s door with the fridge but she cannot hear him knocking. Meanwhile, Possum takes the fridge. Jay and Sally realise the fridge is gone. Eventually Possum and Jay take the heavy fridge into Sally’s kitchen. Sally, Possum and Jay watch kids make boats out of light polystyrene and Jay helps Possum make his own boat.