Grown Ups


Assisting family, friends and educators, as well as deaf and hard of hearing children aged 4 to 8, the Sally & Possum series represent a tailor made solution to learning early literacy and numeracy skills.

Hands Down - the best resource available

Complementing the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline and aspects of the Australian Curriculum, Sally & Possum’s play-based learning fosters a strong sense of identity, belonging and connectedness. Following a prescribed structure and format, the episodes are based around topics and ideas young children find familiar to their own lived experiences. The pace of the program allows children to process multiple elements such as signing, speaking, written or other visual elements, all while having a good time.

Although focused primarily on learning literacy and numeracy using Auslan, Sally & Possum’s antics and enthusiasm is infectious. The series’ mix of live action and animation is proven to resonate with the target audience’s siblings, friends and parents.

A flag ship project for The Queensland Government, the originality and creative excellence of the Sally & Possum series make it a relevant, entertaining and educational resource that will remain fresh for years to come.