Episode 1

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- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Oh hello everyone.

As you can see, I've got everything here

I need to make some bread.

I know you can go to the supermarket

and buy bread, but sometimes,

I feel like making my own bread.

I love making bread,

because once it's in the oven,

and it starts to heat up,

and cook,

this beautiful smell comes out.

Oh it smells delicious.

I love making the dough too.

I love watching it grow bigger and bigger.

I've got everything here ready

to make my bread.

I know Possum would love to help.

I should go and get him now.

Possum, that was not a nice greeting.

You hit me with your boot,

that was not nice at all.

- Oh I'm sorry, hello everyone.

But Sally my boots don't work.

- Hm?

What's wrong with them?

Are they broken?

- No no they've shrunk,

before I could fit them easy.

But now I can't even get them on my feet.

- You think your boots have shrunk?

- Yeah, just like my tree house Sally.

Before I could walk in and out the door

easily, but now I keep hitting my head.

- You think your tree house has shrunk?

- Yes it has.

- Oh Possum, you're so funny.

No, it hasn't shrunk.

You've grown.

- What?


- Your boots haven't shrunk either.

You see now that you've grown,

your feet have grown too.

And that's why they don't fit.

- Huh?

- I know, I can show you something that's

grown bigger, I'll show you.

Let's go.

- Okay.

- Come on Possum.

These ones here,

they've just been planted.

They're going to be tomatoes.

And these are the ones that we planted a while ago.

They were very small, but now they have grown,

nice and big.

- They have.

- And you have too Possum.

- Me?

I don't feel like I've gotten bigger.

Hold on, wow.

I have.

- Possum yes,

you have grown, look at your muscles.

And I have proof in the kitchen

that will show us that you've grown.

I've made marks of you over the years

on the door frame.

Now we'll measure you today and see

how tall you are.

- Yeah let's have a look.

- Let's go.

- Possum.

- What?

- Wow look at your big steps.

When you were a smaller Possum,

you took little steps.

And needed more to get into the house.

But have a look now,

take big steps.

One, two, three, four.

- Oh yeah.

- Now take little steps.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

So many steps.

- Sally you're right.

When I take little steps,

I need lots.

But when I take bigger steps,

I don't need as many.

- That's right.

- I get it now.

Come on let's go.

- I'll show you something Possum.

Look at the door frame.

When you were small Possum,

we marked you off here.

And then as you grew taller,

we made more marks.

And this is the most recent mark.

We should have a look and see how

tall you are now.

- Okay.


I'll mark you off.

You're very tall.

Ha ha!

Possum don't put your feet up,

flat on the floor please.

Stand up nice and straight.

Let's have a look and see how tall you are.

Look how much you've grown.

Let's measure you.

- Okay.

- Now you are 190 centimetres tall.

You have definitely grown.

Your feet have grown big too.

And that's why your boots are too small.

- That's right.

Before, I thought that my boots had shrunk.

But it wasn't them, it was my feet

growing bigger.

Sally, can my boots grow bigger?

- No Possum, boots don't grow.

I'm going to need to make you new boots.

But there is something we can make

that will grow.

- What is it?

- You go to the table,

and I'll wash my hands.

- Sally, are we gonna make bread?

- Yes, we're going to make bread today.

- Yes.

- Would you like to help?

- Oh yes please.

- First, can you go and wash your hands?

And then, see that pan up on the shelf?

Could you bring that down for me please?

- Okay.

- Look, you're so tall.

It's so easy for him to get that

pan down.

We've got everything ready.

Can you please get the recipe Possum?

That explains to us

how to make our bread.

I've already added the four cups of flour.

- Sally, can I pour the water in now?

- Not yet Possum,

we need to follow the recipe exactly.

That will tell us how many level cups

and how many level teaspoons we need

to make the bread.

We need a teaspoon of salt.

Can you do that please?

- Okay.

- Now we need to add seven grams of yeast.

It's the same as about two teaspoons.

Can you add that to the bowl please?


now can you please stir it all together

using that spoon?

That's great.

Now we're going to add the liquid parts.

I've already got 300 millilitres of warm water

in this jug.

And we have to be precise.

I'm now going to add some olive oil.

I'm going to put in two tablespoons of that.

Now while I'm doing that,

can you please get one tablespoon of honey?

- Okay.

- All right.


- Possum!

No, you don't eat the honey.


That honey needs to be added to the water.

- Okay.

- And we mix it all together so that the honey dissolves.

There, now it's dissolved.

Now we can add it into the bowl.

I'll pour it in, can you stir it please.

- Okay.

Sally look at it.

- That's right,

all of the ingredients have combined,

and we've made dough.

It's now ready for kneading.

That means we push and squeeze the dough.

Squeeze the dough,

fold it over onto itself.

- Sally, have a look.

- Yes it does look ready,

you've done a great job kneading it.

We need to put it back in the bowl to rest.

While it rests,

the yeast will make it grow bigger,

and bigger.

Once it's rested, we'll then put it in the oven,

to bake,

- Okay.

- Put it in the bowl.

Now while we wait for it to rest,

why don't we watch some children

learning how to bake bread?

- Yeah let's watch.

Wow, that looked great!

- Yes, seeing all that bread get made.

- Yeah...

- What are you looking for Possum?

- You know that stick you use to measure things, Sally?

Where is it?

- You mean my one metre ruler.

- Yeah that's it, where is it?

- It's over there.

- Oh good.

- What do you want it for?

- Well I just want to go outside and measure things,

and write them down,

just like you did on the door.

- Okay, you can do that Possum.

- Good.

- And while you're outside,

measuring things up,

I'll finish making the bread.

How does that sound?

- Sounds great.



Oh .

It's the bread, it's ready finally.

I've been waiting and waiting,

I could smell it baking in the oven.

But now it's ready,

and we can eat it.

Oh yum.

- As I came outside Possum,

you looked very busy at work

doing lots of measuring.

- I have look.

- Wow you've done lots of work haven't you?

I've been busy too.

I've been working hard

to make these new boots for you.

- For me?

Oh wow they look great.

Sally, be careful not to get any honey

on my new boots.

- Can I have a look at your boot

please Possum?

- Okay.

- I think I could keep the honey

in the boot.

- Haha!

- Sally, no!


- I'm just teasing you Possum.

- Ha ha ha!

- Oh you're funny.

- Shall we eat the bread now?

- Oh yes please.

- Well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

- Ready I want to eat it now.

Possum is bigger

Sally is baking bread today. She goes to get Possum’s help but he is upset because his boots don’t fit him anymore. Possum thinks they've shrunk but Sally explains that Possum has just grown bigger. They size things up in the yard before going inside to measure how tall Possum is. Sally and Possum make a loaf of bread and learn the importance of measuring.