Episode 10

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Hi Sally.

- Hi Possum.

- Hi everyone. - Hello everyone.

- Sally, that looks very heavy.

Would you like a hand?

- Oh yes please.

- I'll lift it for you.

- No no no no Possum,

I don't need you to pick it up.

It'll be too hard and too heavy,

just leave it in the wheel barrow,

you see this bit here?

That bit is made to hold heavy things.

And you see how it's above the ground?

With that wheel underneath it,

that makes it easy to move.

- Oh can I try Sally?

- Sure Possum.

- That is easy.

- Can you please wheel that over to the garden

for me?

Just pop it down next to the tomatoes please.

- Okay, no worries.

(light music)





- Hi Possum.

- Hi Jay.

- Jay, come inside.

Oh okay.

For that?

Okay, bye Jay.


Bye Jay.

Bye Jay, see you.

It's a big box.

It's very big.

I wonder what's in it.

(light music)

Delicious pizza.

So much delicious fruit.

Yes, yay.




Oh I know.

Sally Sally.

- What?

- There's a big box out there,

and I can't move it.

- I saw you wheeling the box away

into the garden already.

It's fine.

- Yeah the big heavy box,

I can't open it.

(light music)

- The box was already open.

You can just put the tree in,

and take the tree out.

- No no Sally,

not the tree,

Jay brought a big box.

- Jay?

What's he got to do with it?

- Yeah Jay,

he brought a big heavy box.

- Oh you mean the last time he came

he brought that big box,

the one with the fridge in it.

- No no Sally,

you better come have a look,

come on.

Quick quick quick quick.

Come on, quick quick quick.


- Oh.

It's definitely a different box.

Jay really was here.

What do you think is inside?

(light music)

- I was imagining all sorts of different things.

But I really don't know.

- It's locked.

Do you have the key?

- Nope.

- Where are the instructions?

- I don't have them.

- Oh look,

hi Jay.

- Hi Jay.

- Hi Sally.

- It's locked, do you have the key?

- Here it is.

- An envelope, ah, let's see.

- Sally, what does it say?

- It says dear Possum.

Please enjoy this present that was mine

when I was a little boy.

I hope you enjoy playing with it.

From your friend, Jay.

- Oh thank you.

- There's something else in here.

- It's a key.

I know.

- Oh what is it?

Wow, what a great present.

- What is it?

- I think it's a go kart.

It's something you can sit in,

it has wheels, and you can steer it,

is that right?

- Yes wheels.

- Can we make it now Sally?

- Yes we can.

I'll leave you two to make it

and I'll go inside and make some lunch.

- Okay, bye.

(light music)


(light music)


There, okay.



On top.






There you go.


Oh wow.

Wow, yeah.

Hi Sally look.

- Oh lovely wheels.

And look, where you sit.

Oh it's up off the ground.

You can ride around,

oh and have so much fun.

- Yeah like this morning Sally,

with the wheel barrow and it's one wheel.

This has wheels too.

I love wheels.

- Yes, I know you love wheels Possum.

Why don't we watch some children

doing things with wheels?

Shall we watch?

- Yeah let's watch.

(light music)

That was great.

- It was fantastic.

- Me? Can I Sally?

- Yes of course you can, go on.

- Yay.


- Good.

Hold on, why don't you do

two laps of the house?

Great, have fun.

- Wee.


(light music)



(sound effects)


- Wow that looked like lots of fun,

you must have enjoyed that.

Your energy must be low now

would you like to eat some lunch?

- Yes please.

- I'll go and bring some lunch out.

Well out time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Come on let's go Jay.

- Bye.

(light music)

The large box

Sally and Possum are working in the yard. Sally leaves Possum to push a box in a wheelbarrow. Jay delivers a large, locked wooden crate. Possum imagines what’s inside. Possum gets Sally to help open it but Jay explains there's a key. Sally pulls the key from an envelope and Possum opens the box. Inside is a present. Jay helps Sally and Possum assemble it.