Episode 11

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

And the queen looked out over the sea

to the ship sailing away

and called out to the captain of the boat.

Captain Blackbeard, you saved yourself this time.

Goodbye, goodbye.

The end.

- Oh, one more story, one more story!

- Oh hello everyone.

Possum you've already had three stories.

I need to go inside and make lunch.

Why don't you make up your own story?

- My own story?

- Mmm-hmm.

- How would I start it?

- Hmm, well you start it

with something nice.

Or something interesting that's just happened.

- Hmm, I know.

Sally was making lunch for Possum!

- Well, that's nice but it's not really a story is it?

You need a problem or something that happens

that has to be solved.

That's a story.

- I know.

Sally made lunch for Possum

but he was so hungry he ate it all

so Sally had to make more.

- Hmm, well that is a bit better

but can you think of something

that doesn't involve food?

- Hmm, I know.

Can we tell a story about Possum

not being able to sleep?

- Well we could, but Possum why couldn't you sleep?

- Hmm, that's not right, we know possums love to sleep.

We never get restless.

- That's true!

Why don't we think of something

that's happened previously, an event that's happened?

You can start the story with once upon a time.

- Hmm, I know.

Once upon a time, Possum had a best friend.

- Hmm, what did he look like?

- Who, me?

- No, the possum's best friend.

- He's not a man, he's a girl.

- Oh, did she have curly hair?

- Yes.

- Is that the same as us?

- Yes it is, Sally, but there's another character.

Okay, ready?

Once upon a time, Jay came to visit

and helped us make boats.

- Yes, I remember that day.

That was a great day but your story's a bit short.

I think there are more things that happened

like the missing fridge.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Why don't we go inside and I'll make lunch?

You can start thinking about your story.

- Okay.

- Hmm, huh.


- Hey Possum I was just thinking.

Why don't we think about the day Jay visited us

and the events that happened on that day?

We'll have to remember what happened first

and then what happened after that.

What you could do is draw the pictures in a book.

Draw the pictures of the events that happened

and we can write a story from that.

- Yeah.

- I've got your scrapbook.

- Oh, good.

- Possum before you start why don't we

watch some children drawing some pictures

and writing their stories?

Shall we watch?

- Yeah let's watch!

Oh that was great!

- Fantastic.

- That's a great way to remember a story.

- Yes that's true.

- Sally we need to remember when Jay visited us.

- Hmm.

- Hmm.

Hmm, oh I remember.

One day I was asleep in my treehouse.

I woke up, went out the front door

and saw that Jay had left a big box there for me.

- Yes that's a good story but at the time

you didn't know it was Jay who'd left the box there.

- Okay, hmm, I need to think again.

Hmm, oh right.

One day I was asleep in my treehouse.

I woke up, went out the front door

and saw a giant box

and it was heavy.

- Yes, that's a good story

but that is just the start.

You need to remember the rest of the story.

It's like when you make a sandwich.

You start off with the bread

and then you put the ingredients in the middle.

Now, what would you like on your sandwich?

- Sally, you can decide how to make the sandwich

and I'll make my story.

- Okay then Possum.

- Great.

Sally, look.

- That looks great.

That's the first of the events.

What happened next?

- Hmm.

Hmm, oh, Sally.

The box was very, very heavy

but I'm very strong so I lifted it up

and I carried it all the way into my tree.

- That's right Possum, why don't you draw that now?

- Okay.

Sally, look.

- Oh Possum that's a lovely picture.

Look at you big and strong, lifting that heavy box

but what happened next?

- Well next I got a brand new fridge all to myself.

- That wasn't your fridge, that was mine Possum!

Oh you're funny.

What happened next?

- Hmm.

Hmm, I remember.

You flashed the doorbell so I opened the door and came out

and I saw you standing with a big man.

His name was Jay and you were both

looking for a missing box.

- That's right Possum.

- So I brought the box out of my tree.

- Yes, that's part of the story.

Draw that now Possum.

- Okay.

Look, Sally.

- Oh that is such a lovely drawing, Possum.

I really like that.

Now what happened next?

- Hmm.

Hmm, oh I remember.

Jay and I got the heavy fridge

and put it into the kitchen

and then he helped us make little boats.

- That's exactly right Possum, that is what happened.

Now you can draw that.

- Yeah, okay.

Sally, I'm all finished.

- Oh what a beautiful drawing, Possum.

That is great.

- Yes, I remember the whole story.

- That's great.

- Hmm.

- My visitor's here, let's see.

- Oh.

- Hello Sally!

- Hello Jay, come in.

- Hello Possum!

- Haha!

Hello Possum.

- Ha!

- Oh, he's daydreaming!

- Hmm, ah, hmm.

- I have an idea.

Roll it up into a straw and blow in his ear.

This'll be fun, watch this.

- Hmm, huh?


- Uh?

- Haha!

- It's Jay!

- Yes, he's here!

- It's Jay!

- Yes.

- Hi Jay!

- Haha!

Jay it's you.

Look, Jay.

Do you remember?

This is you.

What about this?

I'm very strong.

- Yes!

Hold on, hold on.

I've just finished making lunch.

Would you like some?

Well, our time is up.

- Thanks for watching!

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

- Jay, look.

What about this?

This is me.

Tell me a story

Sally is telling Possum a story. When Possum wants to hear another one, Sally suggests he write his own story to tell. Sally helps Possum learn sequencing and other tips on how to construct a good story. Possum draws some pictures too and just as he finishes, Jay arrives and surprises him. Possum then shows Jay his story about the time he delivered them a fridge.