Episode 13

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Oh hello everyone.

Look at my nice neat pile of leaves.

I've worked very hard this morning,

because it's been very windy,

and all the leaves on all of the trees

are falling into my yard.

I used the leaf blower and the rake

to clear it up into this one neat pile.

It's nice and tidy now.

I'm going to throw it all in the rubbish.

I'm going to throw those boxes away too.

I just need to go inside and get a garbage bag

to put the leaves into.

- Hello everyone.


Look at that big pile of leaves.

Sally must have made it for me.

She knows I love jumping in big

piles of leaves.

- Possum!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- Sorry Sally, I thought you made this for me.

- They're not for playing with, Possum.

Sometimes we have to work,

it's been so windy lately,

that all these leaves

were all over the yard,

and I've been cleaning them up

to throw them out.

And now they're everywhere.

Well you and I will just have to clean this up Possum.

I'll use the leaf blower,

and you can use the rake.


- Okay.

Sally, that leaf blower is great!

I love watching all those leaves flying around.

Yes, it is good fun isn't it Possum?

- Here let's try it with a towel.

- Okay.

- Haha!

That's almost like a sailboat

isn't it?

- Yeah.

Sally, wait here.

- What?

Oh that was a great boat wasn't it?

But you can't play with it yet though Possum.

The wind looks like it's picking up,

and I don't want these leaves to go everywhere.

We have to put them into the garbage bags okay?

- Okay.


Are we done?

Sally can we play now?

- Yes we can.

- Shhh.

- Funny Possum.

- Shhhh.


- Oh you're funny Possum.

I know how you love to sail.

I need to go and put these bags in the rubbish.

And when I get back,

I'll get the boxes.

You can keep playing, okay?

- Okay.

- He's funny.

- Shhhh.

That's great!

Here that's right.

Hi Sally!

- Possum what a wonderful boat.

You have been working very hard haven't you?

- See look Sally.

This is the main part.

- All right, they do look the same don't they?

That's called the hull.

- Sally look, this sticking up thing.

This is the rake.

- Yes, that's called the mast.

- Sally.


- Oh you're so clever.

That's the sail isn't it?

That looks great.

Well you keep playing,

I'm just gonna pop next door and see the neighbour.

I need to ask him a few questions.

I am so glad you really really love the wind, Possum.

- Okay, bye.

- You know Possum loves to sail.

It's given me a brilliant idea.

The man who lives next door,

he used to work on boats for years

as a sailor.

- I'm gonna go and ask him

if he could help me organise a very special

surprise for Possum.

I'm going to ask him if perhaps we could go sailing.


- Whoosh, whoosh.

Oh, hi Sally!

- Wow.

What a great boat.

That is so good.

But there are two things that are missing.

- What?

- Well like I said,

I just visited the neighbour,

he used to work as a sailor.

He was always on different boats.

I asked if I could borrow two things

for you.

- What are they?

- Well the first is this.

- Haha!

- Ahoy there.

- That's great.

- And now I have one more thing for you.

- Whoa.

- That is a telescope.

And you can see a long long way.

- Hello!

Sally, I feel like a real sailor now.

- Well Possum I have something

that's going to make you feel even more

of a sailor.

- What?

- Well,

the neighbour has been very kind

and he's arranged for us to go

on a sailboat.

- Really?

- Would you like to go now?

- Now?

- Yes now!

- Okay!

- Come on Possum, let's go.

- Haha!

Come on in Possum!

- Haha!

- Sally what a wonderful time we had.

I so enjoyed watching the wind

push the sailboat around.

- Yes, me too Possum.

It's been a wonderful day.

So much fun.

For me the best part was watching

the sail unfurl,

and letting the wind catch it.

It was brilliant.

- Yeah,

and the skipper watching the wind,

and knowing where to steer the boat.

It's just amazing.

- Very clever.

Why don't we watch some children

learning about the weather

and the wind?

- Yeah let's watch.

That looked great!

Sally can we make something like that?

- Hmm,

why don't we make a wind vane,

like they had on the boat.

- Oh yeah can we?

- The instructions on how to make it

are in the drawer.

Can you get them out please Possum?

This explains what we need

and how to make it.

Can you put it on the table?

- Okay.

- A straw.

- Haha!

It's a bit small.

The other telescope was much better.

- Yeah.

- Now don't cut anything yet

I need you to cut down the middle,

about that much.

Right, now the other way.

- Yeah.

- Great, fantastic.

Now put that down.

Now can you please cut me a square?

Now we need to make a triangle

to act as an arrowhead.

We'll make it out of the cardboard.

Can you cut a triangle please?

- A big one?

- No just a small one,

but not too small,

about this big.

- Okay.


- Oh it's a cute little triangle.

Now we need to assemble it.

Do you remember where we made those cuts

in the straw?

- Yep.

- We need to slip the cardboard

into there.

But first of all,

we need some glue to make it stick.

- Okay.

- Now put some glue on that,

and put it in the middle.

- Okay.

- Now we need to insert the cardboard

into the cuts.

- Oh okay.


- Now do the same with the triangle.

- Okay.

- Oh that looks lovely.

- Yeah.

- Now we need to make the mast.

- Okay.

- Put that down.

- Now put the pencil in the plasticene.

- Okay.


- Great,

now we need to balance the straw on top.

- Oh.

- It's all finished.

- Yeah Sally look.

Sally, I blew on it,

and now it's pointing to me.

- Yes it is.

I thought it was going to be too windy today.

But we had such a great day.

- Yeah we did.

Today it was so windy,

I even forgot to fly my kite.

But that's okay.

Hey, let's go outside,

and take this with us.

- Okay, well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye! - Bye!

- Let's go.

Sally and Possum go sailing

Wind has blown leaves all over the lawn. Sally uses her leaf blower to clean them up, but Possum jumps in the pile, sending leaves in every direction. Possum apologies and helps Sally clean up before building a pretend cardboard boat. Then Sally and Possum go on a real boat! When they return, they make a wind vane to tell which way the wind is blowing.