Episode 14

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Oh hello everyone,

isn't it a lovely day today?

It's a perfect day to be working

in the garden.

I've got everything organised,

and ready for planting.

This tree here is ready

to go in the ground.

Hmm, I think Possum will still be asleep.

He finds it hard to get up in the morning.

Oh look!

- Hello Sally.

- Hi Possum.

- Hello everyone.

- Sally, isn't it such a beautiful day?

The clean fresh air.

It's wonderful.

I don't think I'd enjoy breathing in smoky air,

or having to breath underwater like a fish.

I'd much prefer clean, fresh air.

Like today.

- Yes, that's right Possum.

All this clean fresh air.

Do you know where that comes from?

- Where?

- It comes from the trees

and all of the plants.

They breathe out

all of the air

that we breathe in.

- Oh.

- Trees are very important.

- And Sally, do you know what else

trees are good for?

They're good for climbing.

They're good for living in,

and you can make different things out of them.

Like wooden doors and tables.

And they're good for living in.

They're good for

sitting on top of,

and looking at the beautiful scenery.

And breathing in the clean air.

And don't forget,

they're good for living in.

- That's right, Possum!

There are plenty of reasons why trees are important.

We need to plant some of these things

in the garden.

Can you help me please?

- Oh yes.

- Can you follow me with the wheelbarrow please?

- Okay.

- Come on.

- Sally, what do we do?

- We are going to do some work in the garden.

We're going to plant some things.


Can you pass me that lettuce that's just there?

- Okay.

- See, the lettuces have grown nice and big.

Unfortunately for the roots,

because the pot is so small,

they're getting stuck.

And there's no room for them to grow.

We need to take them out of the little pots,

and plant them in the garden here.

So the roots have got somewhere to grow.

There's one more there Possum,

grab that one.

- Okay.

- Great, now

why don't you copy me?

- Okay.

- First we're going to dig a hole

to put the lettuce in.

- Great.

- Great,

now we've dug a hole,

we have to very gently

so as not to break the stem,

take the lettuce out.

Like this.


Now we just planted in the hole.

- Okay.

- That's great.

Oh that looks lovely Possum.

You've done really well,

now we just need to add a little bit of water.

Just around the stem,

not too much, careful.

- Careful.

That's it, yes.

- Finish, enough?

- That's enough.

Can you do mine please?

That's great.

- Sally they look beautiful.

- Yes they do.

Now the roots have got plenty of room

to grow.

And they can grow deep and wide.

And they will get all the food,

and the nutrients from the soil.

And that will help them grow big and strong.

- Wow.

- So the water you've poured

will be absorbed.

And the air that we breath

also has things in it.

For the plants to help them grow.

And they will clean the air,

and help us breathe more clearly.

- Oh.

- Now, we just need to plant a few more.

- Okay.

- Hey Possum.

I think there's something wrong with

the gutters.

- Huh?

- Well I went over to the rain water tank

to get some water out before.

And I turned the tap on,

but only a few drips came out.

And there's been plenty of rain lately

so there should be plenty of water

in there.

Maybe the gutter is dirty,

or blocked with leaves or something.

- I'll have a look Sally.

- Oh no, no no Possum.


- What?

- I can get someone to come and have a look.

They'll have a big ladder

so that they can climb up easily.

And see what's in the gutters.

- I can do it Sally.

Hang on, let me think.

Maybe if I go up there,

I can jump,

jump there.


Hold on, let me have a look.

- Possum, what are you doing?

- Well Sally, I have an idea.

What if I moved my tree closer to the house.

- Haha!

Possum you are funny!

Move your tree?

That is impossible.

It's far too hard to do that.

I will just get someone to come

with a ladder and have a look.


- But Sally, I think it would be a great idea

to have another tree somewhere.

So that way I can have a holiday.

- That is a good idea Possum.

I do have this tree.

Perhaps we could plant that

in the garden.

What do you think?

- Can we?

- Let's do that now then.

- Okay.

- Right, where would you like to put the tree?

- How about over there Sally?

- Yes that could work.

Can you go and get the shovel?

- Okay.

- Okay Possum,

we need a hole about this size.

We need to dig it nice and deep.

- Okay.

- Yep.

- Yes that looks good.

- Good.

- Now we need to take the pot

off the tree.

Take that off.

There we go.

The roots are all tangled together

because that pot has been too small for them.

We need to loosen the dirt

so that the roots can grow.

- Oh.

- Now when we plant the tree,

the roots will have plenty of space to grow.

- Yes.

- Pop it in the hole, Possum.

- That looks great.

- Yes, it's going to be a big tall tree

with lots of roots.

- Sally, will it be as straight as my tree?

- Yes it will.

And it will be very tall too Possum.

Should we go and have something to eat?

- Okay let's go.

Sally, look.


Does this need to be planted?

- Yes it does Possum.

But that flower is just so beautiful.

I want to make a special pot for this one.

- Make a pot, how?

- I'll show you when we get inside.

I recently bought some clay.

And from that,

we'll be able to make a pot.

- Clay?

I thought it was just dirt.

- Well it is a type of dirt,

but you can make all sorts of things out

of clay.

Why don't we watch some children making

things out of clay?

Would you like to do that?

- Yeah let's watch!

- Oh that was great!

- That was great.

- They made some lovely things didn't they?

Now we're going to make our own clay

coil pot.

- Oh that's great how exciting!

- Now first, we need to make some glue.

- Huh?

- Can you please put that into the water?

And stir it around.

Make it all sticky and paste like.

I'm now making the bottom of the pot

the base.

This is how I'm going to do it.

- Ah!

That's the base.

Now Possum what we need to do

is make the coils that are long rolls

about that size.

To do that, we need to roll out

these balls of clay,

and make sure when we're rolling them out

they're nice and even.

- Okay.

- Oh that's good Possum,

I think that could be enough for that one.

That's enough,

it's very long isn't it?

We need to score it first.

I'll show you.

Like that,

can you do that all the way around please?

Good, that's fantastic.

Now we need to use the glue,

we'll just need to dab a little bit around

the edge.

That's good,

now we carefully roll the coil around the edge.

- Sally, it's too long.

- We just cut it off.

Now we've finished one coil.

We need to do a second coil.


- Looks great.

- Yes, we've finished it now, Possum.

- Sally, can we put the plant in now?

- Oh not yet it's still wet.

We need to put it into a kiln.

And when it's in there,

it will bake and become nice and hard.

And once we've done that,

then we can put the pot in.

- Okay Sally.

- I've had such a great day today.

I can't wait 'til my holiday tree

gets nice and big.

- Yes.

Well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye! - Bye!

Oh it looks great!

The colours look lovely.

Planting a tree

Sally is re-potting some of her bigger pot plants. Possum helps and they talk about the importance of trees. Then Sally gives Possum instructions on how to move plants into the ground that are too big for their pots, so that they will continue to grow. Possum decides there is one plant that really needs a nicer pot, so Sally suggests they make one using clay.