Episode 15

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Yeah!

Yeah woo!

Woo yeah!

Muah muah muah.


- Hello everyone.

Possum seems really excited,

I wonder what's going on.

- Hi Sally, hi everyone,

I thought I'd lost my ball,

but I found it.

- I know it's a real treasure for you

isn't it Possum?

- Sally, what's a treasure?

- Well a treasure is something that's valuable.

Something that's precious.

That you love.

- You're right Sally, it is my treasure.

Because you gave it to me.

- I know that Possum.

Amanda is coming over this afternoon.

- She is?

- Why don't you and I organise a treasure hunt

for her?

- Yeah.

Sally, what's a treasure hunt?

Is it fun?

- Oh it's lots of fun Possum.

It's where we get things,

and we hide them.

And we don't tell her where we've hidden them.

And then we write down clues.

And she has to go from clue

to clue to find...

- To find the treasure Sally?

- That's right, to find the treasure Possum.

- Ah that's great.

- A long time ago,

people would often put their valuable,

expensive things in to treasure chests.

And then, they would dig holes

and put them in there to hide them.

Then, they would draw a map,

and put an X where they buried their treasure.

Then later on, if they needed to find it,

they'd use the map.

- Oh wow.

- Possum, I have an idea.

- What?

- Let's go inside.

- Okay, let's go.

- Now, I have an old wooden box,

I'm trying to think where I keep it.

- Hmm.

- Hmm.

- There it is up there.

- There it is.

- This is an old wooden box

that I used to use.

I haven't used it for quite some time now.

I thought this might be good for our treasure chest.

- Yeah, what can we put in it?

- Hmm let's think.

- Hmm.

- Hmm.

- Ooh.

Sally I can't wait 'til Amanda finds the treasure,

I'm so excited.

- Me too.

But now, we need to work out what clues

to give her.

- Hmm.

I know Sally,

why don't we put this under the bench,

and we can say the clue is,

under the bench.

- Um.

That's a bit too easy Possum.

We need something a bit trickier.

We want to really hunt for this treasure.

- Okay.

- Why don't we start at your tree house?

And we can put an arrow

directed at the bench.

And we won't say it's the bench,

we'll just have an arrow leading there

with a number of steps to take.

- Maybe,

10 steps?

- Maybe.

Why don't we go outside

and draw a map

and plan our treasure hunt?

- Okay let's go.

Come on Sally

Come on come on.

Come on, yay!


- Now we need a plan

for our treasure hunt.

- Sally what do we do?

- That's a good question Possum.

What do you think is the best way

to start it?

- I know,

why don't we hide the box somewhere?

Maybe we can bury it.

We can dig a hole,

put it in, and cover it up.

And maybe we can draw a map out.

And then, where it's hidden,

we can put a red X there.

- Yes, that's a great idea Possum,

a really good idea.

Why don't we watch some children?

Learning about maps.

- Yeah let's watch.

That looked great!

- That looked so much fun didn't it?

- Sally, it's given me an idea.

Why don't we draw the map,

and instead of giving it to Amanda,

we can hide it.

And we need to give her some clues.

So one clue can lead to that clue,

to another clue,

to another.

- Hang on hang on Possum,

you're getting a bit excited.

Why don't we plan it out first?

We can write it down on this piece of paper.

Where should we start first?

- Hmm.

How about at the tree, here?

- Okay.

Okay, start at the tree.

- Great.

- Where should our next clue be?

- Hmm.

At the bench.

- Oh good idea Possum.

- Hmm.

- Okay, but how do we get to the bench Possum?

- Maybe we could use steps?

- Oh that's a good idea Possum.

How many steps though?

- Okay hold on.

One, two, three

four, five.

Five steps Sally.

- Five steps, okay.

Okay, where is the next clue Possum?

- I know, it can be the bike.

And maybe we can draw it.

- So the clue is the bike.

Okay, so the clue is in the bike,

where will the next clue be?

- I know.

Maybe the clue can go here.

- Right.

That's good.

What's the next clue?

- Hmm.

I know, at my tree.

- Okay, but how do you get to the tree?

- One, two, three

four, five, six.

- Six.

- Six steps Sally.

- Okay, what's next?

- What's next?

Why don't we

put some arrows

going up the tree,

and we can put the map on the branch.

- Oh yes.

Great, the map can go in the tree.

Well, we've done our plan now,

why don't we go inside,

and draw our map?

And make our clues.

- Yeah, come on.

Come on.

Come on Sally.

Come on.


- Hello.

- Hi Amanda.

- You both look very happy.

What's going on?

- Yes, oh we're very excited.

We're going to have some delicious food soon.

But first.

- But first we're having

a treasure hunt.

- Oh what fun!

I haven't done a treasure hunt for years.

- Oh great!

- Amanda Amanda, over there.

- Right.

I have to follow the arrow that way.

- So five paces that way.


- One, two, three,

four, five.


- That's not the treasure.

- This is a clue.

- Oh!

- It's a picture of a bike.

Where's the bike?

- I don't know!

- There it is.

- Let's go!

- This isn't the treasure.

It's another clue.

- Yes.

- Oh another drawing.

It's of the door and the doorstep.

Where's the door?

Oh yeah there it is,

let's go.

The arrow's pointing that way.

And six paces.

- Yes.

- Ready?

- Let's go.

- One, two, three,

four, five, six.

- Oh!

- There's a red arrow pointing up.

- Yes.

- And there's another one.

Look at the big scroll.

- There it is.

- Wow!

Let's open it,

and see what it is.

- Yeah.

- It's a very big map.

There's the red X,

and that's the garden,

let's go.

- Let's go, go go go go

come on!

- Is it this one?

- Yes.

- The X means it's here somewhere.

Okay, I'm ready to dig.

- Look.

- Yeah.

- There it is.

- You find it?

- Yes.

- Yes.


- Come on let's go.

- Great.

- Yeah.

What's in there?

- That is a bangle for you.

- Oh thank you Sally.

What else is in here?

What's this?

- Well I know you love

to eat my lettuce.

So here are some lettuce seeds.

You can grow your own, Amanda!

- That's delicious.

Thank you Sally.

I love it.



your cricket ball,

you're giving it to me?

- No no no.


- 10?


- You can have 10 hits of my cricket ball,

but that's it.

The ball is mine.


- Okay.

10 hits,

and then I have to give it back.

- Well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Come on Amanda.

- Okay.

- Come on.

- Here you go.











All right stop.

That's 10, good job.

The treasure hunt

Possum doesn’t know the meaning of 'treasure', so Sally teaches him. Then they decide to plan a treasure hunt for Sally's friend Amanda. Together they write the plan and choose what treasures to put in the treasure chest. They also think where best to hide it and create a series of clues to help Amanda find it. Amanda arrives and together they complete the treasure hunt.