Episode 2

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Oh hello everyone.

It's such a beautiful day today.

It's a great chance to work outside.

You can see I've collected all of my pots

from the garden.

But now, they need to be sorted.

Because I'd like to plant some seeds into them.

I know Possum would love to help me

do the sorting.

Let's go and see if he's awake or not.


He must still be in bed,

he hasn't got up yet.

Oh well.


- Hi Sally, hello everyone.

- Good morning Possum.

- Good morning.

- What were you doing up there?

- Well I don't always sleep in my bed

at night time.

Sometimes, I like to sit on the top of my tree,

and look at the beautiful stars.

- Well that is certainly different.

I'm glad to hear that you like doing different things.

Because I have something very different for you

to do today.

- What is it?

- Well, as you can see I've got all

these different pots in my wheelbarrow.

And I would like you to sort them for me please.

I want them sorted, because I'm going to plant some

seeds in them.

- Sally, what do you mean by sort?

- Sort?

Sort means that I would like all these pots

put into groups that are the same.

- Oh.

That's funny.

You said that we're going to do something different,

but you want them in groups of the same thing.

- I know it does sound funny Possum,

but could you do that for me?

Sort them into groups of the same thing.

Like this.


Now could you sort them while

I'm inside doing some other things

in the kitchen please?


- Okay.

Now, the same.

- Hey Possum.

Don't forget, groups of the same thing.


- Look Sally.

- What's this?

- Oh well I've sorted them into groups

of the same colour.

- Oh that's great.

But I don't think I explained myself clearly.

What I meant was,

I wanted them sorted by size.

- Oh.

- That's because I have small plants,

that need to go into small pots.

And some medium plants to go into medium pots,

and bigger plants to go in bigger pots.

I'm not bothered by colour.

- But Sally, they look so nice though.

- Yes they do nice sorted by colour.

But now, we need to sort them again,

according to size.

- Okay, now.

That one.

- Snap!

- Huh?

- Sally, why'd you do that?

- That's because we both had the same object

at the same time,

and that's called snap.

- Oh, is it?

- Yes.

There is a game called snap.

Would you like to come and learn how to play it?

- Yes please, but

should we sort these first?

- No we can do that later.

Let's go inside and learn more about things

that are different and the same.

Let's go.

- Yeah.

Sally, what's the game?

How do we play it?

What do we do?

- Well, the game is called Snap.

We get our cards, and the cards

have different shapes on them.

And then we split the cards in half.

You get half, I get half.

Then you put one card in the middle,

and I put one card in the middle,

and if they're different nothing happens.

But if the cards are the same,

then both of us have to try to be the quickest

to go Snap.

If you're the quickest,

you win the cards,

and you collect them all.

Once you've got all the cards,

you win.

I have an idea, why don't we print out

our own cards?

- Yeah.

- With our own shapes on them.

Can you please get some cards out of the box?

- Okay.

- Great, now can you please get the sponges

out of the box?

- Yep.

- We can make our own cards,

and put our own prints on them.

All different shapes.

What's your favourite shape Possum?

- I like soccer balls.

- We can do a circle then.

We can make a circle using the sponge.


- Yeah.

- There, we have our circle.

- Oh that looks great.

- There you go Possum.

Now what colour would you like?

- I like purple.

- Can you please get a card?

- Now, dip it into the paint

and stamp it on the card.

That looks great.

- It does look great.

- Can you make some more cards please?

Some with one, some with two,

some with three.

- Oh yeah.


Sally look.

- Oh that looks great Possum.

- Sally, what have you been doing?

- Hang on.

I have been making prints

to look like you.

- Me?

Oh wow, that's cool.

- You like that?

- Yeah.

- Can you get another card for me please?

Now, first,

we'll start with the head and the ears.

- Okay.

- Brown paint.

And we've got the head.

Now we need the ears.

We've got the head

and the ears done,

now we need the body.

Would you like to try Possum?

- Oh yes.

- What colour would you like the body to be?

- Orange.

- Stamp that.

That looks good.

What's next? The pants.

- Oh yeah.

It's good.

- Now we need to do the shoes.

- Oh yeah.

- And now the arms.

- Oh yeah.

Sally, I want pink.

- Pink yes let's do pink.

I'll just use the black paint.

- Look Sally it's finished.

- That's you Possum,

it's all done.

- Wow.

- They look the same don't they?

Put that back down now.

Why don't we watch some children

and see what prints they make?

Should we?

- Oh yeah let's watch.




Oh yes!

- Yes, you won Possum.

- Oh I go, I'm going, no?

I'm first.

- Snap!

- Oh man.

- I won.

My turn.


- Snap!


- You won again.

Your turn.


Snap, oh!

- Haha!


Snap, yeah!


Sally I won.

- Yes you did win Possum,

and now you can tell the difference between

what's the same, and what is different.

- And I think I could sort out those pots

by myself now Sally.

- We really have had a lot of fun today,

it's been a great day.

- Sally, I was thinking,

you and I are the same.

- No we're not.

You are tall and I am short,

and I have curly red hair,

and look at you,

you're brown and you have fur.

We are different.

- Not like that Sally.

We're the same because we both love

thinking about what a great day we've had.

- Well that's true Possum.

Well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

- Come on Sally let's play.

Getting sorted

Sally is sorting plant pots from the garden. She asks Possum to help but Possum ends up sorting the pots by colour instead of size. They head inside so Sally can teach Possum to sort things by colour, size and shape. They also make their own playing cards - some different, some the same. Sally then teaches Possum how to play Snap.