Episode 3

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Ooo, yeah.

Oh, hello everyone.

Good morning.

I'm painting a picture, for Sally, of my tree.

I've already done the trunk,

right here,

I've done the door,

right there,

I've done all the branches,

and I've got one more thing to do.

The green leaves.






Oh, no.


Oh, it doesn't matter.

It's green anyway,

you can't really see it.

Oh, it is a bit different.

You can see it.


Maybe I should paint all the grass green.



I know.

It's all good now.

That's better.

Hmm, but I've got no green paint left.

I can use blue.

Yeah, okay.

- Oh, hello everyone.

My washing should almost be dry.

Oh, look.

Possum is painting a picture.

Let's go over and have a look.

Hmm, that's a bit strange.

He's painted the leaves blue.

I wonder if he understands what blue is.

Let's ask.


- Hello Sally.

- Hello Possum.

- Look Sally.

- Oh, it does look lovely.

- But it's not finished yet.

I've still got more to do.

- Um, Possum, just this colour here.

What else is this colour?

- Hmm.

Oh, the sky is blue.

- Yes, that's right.

- And the sea is blue.

- Yes.

- And your kitchen cupboards,

they're blue, too.

- Yes, that's right.

They are.

So why have you done the leaves in that colour?

That looks lovely.

But I think leaves should be green.

- Yeah, I know.

But the green paint ran out.

- You ran out?

But I'm sure there was some in the tray.


Oh, Possum.

It's starting to rain.

It might get heavier.

Oh, quickly, let's get the washing inside.

Can you help me please?

- Okay.

- Possum, what is this?

My white towel,

it's now green!

What happened?

- Um, Sally, I had a bit of an accident before.

I spilt all the green paint

all over the grass.

- Oh, okay.

Well, that doesn't matter.

I can wash it again, that's fine.

- Oh, thank you.

- Oh, the rain is getting heavier.

Let's quickly get our things inside.

I'll get the towels,

you get the paints.

- Okay.

Sally, I'm sorry about getting that green paint

all over your towel.

- That's okay, Possum.

It's lucky because these paints

are quite easy to wash off.

So that's good.

- Oh, that's good.

- And they're easy to mix, too.

- Oh, they can?

- Yes. You've run out of green paint, haven't you?

- Yep, it's all gone.

- Well I can show you how to make green paint.

We can mix different colours

to make the green paint.

Now we can use these three colours

to make all sorts of different colours.

But those three colours,

they can't be made.

The blue,

the yellow,

and the red.

We can't make them.

They are called primary colours.

- Oh.

- Now, we're going to make some green paint,

and we need two of these colours.

We need blue, and--

- Oh, oh! I remember.

Um, it's not red.

We need yellow.

- That's right.

Yes, so mixing blue and yellow will create green.

Do you want to try it?

- Oh, yes.

Look Sally.

It's green!

- That's right, it's green.

- I'm going to put it on my tree.

- Good idea.

Aw, that looks lovely.

Yeah, that's great.

Did you know you can make

different shades of green, too?

If you want a darker green,

you just add more blue paint.

And if you want a lighter green,

you just add more yellow.

then you can have different shades.

- Wow.

- Do you want to try that Possum?

Or perhaps you could make different colours

by combining other colours.

- Oh, yeah.

- Now, clean the brush.

That's good.

- Look Sally, it's orange.

- Yes, it has made orange, hasn't it.

- It's just like the orange, the fruit.

- Yes, that's right Possum.

They're the same colour.

That is orange.

Would you like to try

making some different colours?

- Oh, yeah.

Look Sally, it's purple.

- Yes, it is.

Aw, that looks great.

Look at all the different colours

you've made, Possum.

You should keep playing with all the colours.

I'm going to paint something special.

- Okay.

Sally, I'm going to paint something special, too.

I remember seeing something very special

just before it rained.

It was above my tree,

I'm going to paint that.

- Okay, let's paint.

- Okay.


Oh, thank you.


I've had so much fun painting.


- Oh, that looks lovely.

We've had so much fun.

Why don't we watch some children

while they're painting and having fun?

- Yeah, let's watch.

Oh, Sally, wasn't that great?

All those kids and those beautiful paintings.

- Yes, did you see all those wonderful colours

that were on their paintings?


- Yeah. Sally, I've finished my painting.

I think I need to let it dry now.

What's your painting?

What did you do?

- Well I painted

a colour wheel.

I'll show you.

See here?

A colour wheel shows how all the colours

are related and what colour

mixed with another colour

can make a third colour.

You see blue

and yellow

when they're mixed together

they make green,

and then yellow

mixed with red

will make orange, see?

And then the red

mixed with the blue

will make purple.

You see how it all links together?

- Wow, that is special.

The painting that I did

is something I saw above my tree.

Have a look.

- Oh, it's a beautiful rainbow, Possum.

- A rainbow?

- Yes. A rainbow happens

when it's staring to rain,

when there's a bit of moisture in the air

and the sun shines through the moisture

to create the colours, and that's how

we get a rainbow.

- Oh, that's awesome.

- Look, I think it might have

stopped raining outside.

I think we can go out

and hang our paintings

on the clothesline to dry.

- Let's go.

Look! Look Sally!

- Oh, it's a rainbow.

- That's right.

There was a rainbow above my tree before,

and now it's over there.

- Oh, that rainbow is the same

as in your painting.

You are so lucky to have seen

two rainbows in one day.

Oh, wow.

That is such a beautiful painting.

- Sally, I've had so much fun today,

painting and mixing different colours.

It's been so much fun.

- Yes, it has been a great day, hasn't it Possum?

Well, our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

- Sally, look.

- Aww, wow.

The rainbow

Possum is painting a picture of his tree for Sally when he knocks over his green paint. After cleaning up, he has no green paint left, so he paints the leaves blue. It then starts to rain so he and Sally go inside. Sally explains to Possum that he can mix colours to make new ones. When the rain stops, they go outside and see a rainbow.