Episode 4

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!


- Yeah.

Hello everybody,

watch me.


Look how straight that was.

Ready? Watch this.

Look at that curve.

Man, that looked great.

Oh yeah.




Hold on.

- Oh hello everyone.

Look at all the containers I have here.

And all the different lids.

These containers are good to keep food in.

And I can keep them in the fridge.

I also use some of these containers

to keep food in, in the cupboard.

And they're all so good to keep

paper and pens in.

I use them for all sorts of things.

They were dirty before but I've just given

them a good clean.

Now I just need to match

the lids to the containers.

I know Possum would love to help with this.

I'm gonna go and ask him,

see if he wants to help.

Oh it is such a lovely day today.

But where's Possum?

I thought he would definitely be out

here playing one of his favourite sports.

Maybe he's still asleep.

I'll go and have a look.

- Look at the clouds.

Don't they look great?

Look at all the different shapes

that are up here.

It's a cow.

It's a banana and an apple.

It's a goal.


- Oh!

- Hello Possum.

- Hello Sally.

- What are you doing up there?

- I kicked my ball up here,

so I climbed up to get it.

But when I got up here,

I noticed the beautiful view,

and all the wonderful shapes that

the clouds make.

They look so good.

Hey, why don't you come up and join me?

- Me?

Oh no, I'm not like you Possum.

I can't climb trees as high as you.

I can't.

What shapes can you see ?

Oh look Possum, I can see a rectangle.

Can you see it?

- Yeah, that's right.

It looks like a TV.

- Yes, yes it does look like a TV.

- Sally, can you see those two shapes there?

- Oh yes, I can see two circles

close together.

- Yeah, those two circles make it look

like a bike.

- Oh you're right Possum,

it does look like a bicycle.

You are very good at finding shapes,

aren't you?

Can you come down and help me

in the kitchen?

I have lots of different shapes that need matching.

Then, when we've done that,

I'm going to cook your favourite food.

- Hmm, what shape is the food?

- Well.

It's round.

- Round?

I know what it is, it's pizza.

I'm coming.

- Come on,

come on let's go inside.

Look at all the containers we've got.

They're all different.

I've also got the lids

that need to go on them.

Can you please help me match the right lid

to the right container?

- Yep.

- Do you think

this one could go on there?

- You can't do that Sally, they're different shapes.

That'd be a circle on top of a rectangle.

And that wouldn't fit.

- Yes you're right.

- Don't worry, I can do this.

Look Sally.

- Oh that looks wonderful.

That looks great,

you matched them perfectly.

Can you please put the tray away now?

- Okay.

- Oh good.

- It's pizza,

I knew it was gonna be pizza,

I was right.

- Yes you were right.

We are going to make pizza.

Hang on, I need to get something.

We're going to make a pizza with different toppings.

First we need to put some tomato paste on.

Would you like to do that Possum?

- Oh yes.

- Now from our list of ingredients,

we need to pick five of them.

- Okay, five.

- All right, and we'll tick off which

ones we'd like.

- I know.


- I'll slice the cheese into

a shape.

It'll look like a rectangle.

I'll do that,

and you can put it onto the pizza.

- Okay.

- Can you put that on the pizza please?

- Okay.

- It's a rectangle.


That's good.

What else should we choose

from our list?

- Salami.

- Yes we can do some salami Possum.


They are circles.

Put them on the pizza.


Now what other ingredients

would you like?

- Pineapple.

- Yes we can put some pineapple on.

That looks like a triangle.


Do you want to put some on?

Oh it's looking good.

What's our next ingredient?

- Mushrooms.

- Yes, mushrooms.

Good, get the mushrooms out.

- Sally, that's a weird shape.

- Yes it is a weird shape.

That is an unusual shape.

Put it on.

- We need one more Sally.

- One more.

How about some olives?

- Olives, there it is.

- We can make two different shapes

out of olives.

- We can?

- I can cut them across and make some circles.

Or, I can cut them in half

and make an oval.

- Which one would you like Possum?

- Ovals.

Oh yeah.

- Look, I think that's enough.

Now we just need to put it in

the pizza oven and let it cook.

But be careful, it's going to be hot.

We'll turn it up

so it's hot.

- Oh it is hot.

- Now we let it cook.

And we wait.

- That was so much fun Sally.

Looking at all the different shapes.

Why don't we go outside and see

what different shapes we can see out there?

- That sounds great Possum.

I can bring a piece of paper.

And we can make a shape chart.

- Yeah.

- Oh hang on, before we do that,

why don't we watch some children

learning about shapes?

- Yeah let's watch.

- Wow, that looks good.

All right Possum now,

let's see if we can find a square somewhere.

- Oh I know where, follow me.

This one Sally.

- Yes, that's great.

Come on.

Yes, now let's see

if we can find a circle.

- Oh I know,

come here Sally.


- Yes, that is a circle, come on.

- Yeah.

- That's great.

- Now, let's see if we can find

a rectangle.

- I know,

follow me.

The door, it's a rectangle.

- That's right Possum.

It is a rectangle.

That's great,

now a triangle.

Where are we gonna find a triangle?

- Hmm,

I know, let's go to the garden.

Look Sally, a triangle.

- Yes, that's right.

Come on.

- Look Sally,

this has been so much fun.

- Oh yes this is great.

But I think our pizza could be ready


Why don't I go bring it out here

and we can eat it?

- Oh yes please mmmm.

Sally look.

It's a triangle.

I never thought shapes could smell

so delicious.

- Is that good?

But be careful Possum.

That you don't eat too much.

Otherwise you might change shape too.


- Oh Sally.

- Oh well, our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye. - Bye.

- Mmm, oh yum!

- Oh, mmm!

Finding shapes

Possum kicks his ball up a tree and climbs up to get it. Meanwhile, Sally is inside washing up her many-shaped kitchen storage containers. Possum spots shapes in the clouds from the top of his tree. Then they both then go inside to make pizza. While the pizza cooks, they make a chart of all the shapes they see. Then they eat their pizza.