Episode 5

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Hello.

- Hi Sally.

- Hi Possum.

- Hi everyone.

- Hello.

- Sally, what's that?

- That is a tent.

- What's a tent?

- Oh well you know I'm going camping.

- What's camping?

- Well, camping is when you're sleeping

away from home.

You're in a different place.

And you set up a tent,

so that you can sleep in that.

That's what this is, a tent.

- Sally, but this is too small.

I couldn't sleep in there.

- No Possum, that's just the bag.

The tent is rolled up inside.

You take it out,

and then you put it together.

This isn't my tent,

I borrowed this from a friend.

Now I've never used this tent before.

So I'd like to take it out,

open it up, and assemble it.

But before I do that,

there are a few things that I need to do


So maybe you can help me,

put it together after that.

- Yeah okay,

why don't you go inside and do what you need to do,

and I can set this tent up myself.

- Oh that'd be great Possum, thank you.

- There's some instructions in there,

they should be easy enough to follow.

Thank you.

- Okay, bye.

(light music)

- Possum, what happened?

What happened Possum?

I thought the tent would be easy

to put together.

Didn't you understand the instructions?

- Instructions?


- There should be an instruction sheet here somewhere.

Oh Possum, they're still in the bag.

These are the instructions to show you how to put

the tent together.

- Oh.

- See?

- Aha.

I know what to do.

(light music)


having instructions makes it so much easier.

- Good work Possum,

that's what the instructions are for,

to help put up the tent.

- Hey Sally, this is a one person tent.

But where's the one possum tent?

- Well, sorry to say this Possum,

but my friends invited me to go camping,

they didn't invite you.

- Oh.

- But I know, seeing as you've got the tent

together, why don't you

camp out here, overnight.

You can sleep in the tent.

- Yes please.

What do I need to bring?

- Well that's easy Possum.

We'll cook our food outdoors.

And because the inside of the tent

is quite small, you only need

to bring a few basic things.

Just the essentials.

- Okay Sally,

But my bed wouldn't fit in there would it?

- No Possum,

your bed is far too big.

It wouldn't work.

I know, you can borrow my air bed.

And you can sleep on that.

- Great.

Can I go to bed now?

- No not yet Possum.

- Sally, when people go camping,

what do they do?

- Well why don't we watch some children

going camping and see what they do.

- Yeah let's watch.

(light music)

That looked great.

- Yes.

- Can we cook outside as well?

- Oh yes we can.

I have a barbecue around the side of the house.

We can go and get that,

and we can cook outdoors like they did.

- Oh yeah, what a great idea.

- And I know what food we can cook.

Hot dogs.

They're delicious.

- Oh yum.

- Right,

well I'll go inside and organise the food,

and while I do that,

why don't you go and get the things

you need for tonight?


- Okay.

Things I really need.

(light music)

- Well I've got everything I need.

I've got the bread, some sausages,

and the onions.

I'm gonna go and see if Possum is ready

for the barbecue.

- Yeah.

- What is this?


- Hello Sally.

- Are all of these things from your tree?

- Yes, but wait,

I've got more things to bring.

- Hang on hang on hang on Possum.

Wait wait.

When you go camping,

you only need a few things,

just the essentials.

This is far too much,

please put it away.

(light music)


- Sally, it smells delicious,

is it ready?

- Yes it's ready, would you like a sausage?

- Yes please.

- Would you like some onion?

- Oh yes.

- Does it taste good?

- Mm.

- Do you like it?

- It's delicious.

- Good.

- It's so much fun cooking outdoors.

- Yes it's been a great day today,

so much fun.

- Sally,

I think I'm ready for bed now.

- Well goodnight Possum,

I'll see you when you wake up.

- Okay, hold on.

(light music)

- Oh.

I thought you'd be asleep Possum.

- My tent is very very dark,

I'm just not used to it Sally.

- I thought Possums loved the dark.

See, when it gets dark,

and you're scared,

you can use this light.

- Oh thank you Sally.


- What?

- Sally, look,

I'm so scared.

- Scared, why?

- Come, look.

Come on.



- Possum you are so funny.

I know what that is.

That's your teddy bear.

- What?

- Yes, look, I'll show you.

- Huh?

- The light was casting a shadow.

Look I'll show you.

I'll go get a torch.

(light music)

Now, turn on the torch,

and shine it.

See, there's a shadow.

See how the torch shines on the teddy bear?

But it can't go through it.

It makes a shadow,

it's the same as what happened before in your tent.


- Yeah.


- See?

You can make all these different shapes with your hands.

- Sally, I think I'm all right now.

I can go to bed.

- That's right Possum.

It's very safe inside the tent.

Well, our time is up.

- Well thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye. - Bye.

Goodnight Possum.

- Goodnight.

Possum goes camping

Possum tries to help Sally set up a tent up in the backyard. However, he doesn’t follow the instructions and doesn’t assemble it properly. Sally finds the instructions and Possum sets up the tent. She suggests Possum camps in the backyard that night. Possum tries to go to sleep but is a scared of the dark! Sally lends Possum a light and they learn about shadows.