Episode 6

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Oh hello everyone!

Here's Possum.

- Hi Sally, hi everyone.

Sally, what are you doing?

- I'm off to the shop soon.

So I'm working out what I need to buy.

And I'm writing it on a shopping list.

Can you check the fridge for me please,

and have a look at the milk?

- Okay.

Sally, milk's all gone.

- Possum, I said to check the milk.

Not drink it.

- Sorry Sally,

but I love milk.

Sally, I know orange juice

comes from oranges.

But where does milk come from?

- Well why don't we watch some children

learning about where milk comes from?

- Yeah let's watch.

That was great, Sally!

I remember when we watched those children

go to the farm and seeing the cows.

But I didn't realise the milk

came from the cows.


And all those people who work so hard

to get the milk to us,

makes me really value milk.

- Yes, and milk is so good for you Possum.

You've drunk all of my milk haven't you?

Now I need to go and get some more milk

while I'm at the shop.

And I need one kilogram of flour.

- Sally, what's a kilogram?

- Well that's the amount of flour that I'm buying.

It's not the size.

But it's the weight of the flour.

I'll show you.

- Aww!

- This is a balance scale.

It used to belong to my grandmother.

But now she's given it to me.

- That looks great.

- Can you please get some oranges

out of the basket and put them in

a bowl?

We need to add some weights.

- That's heavy.

- It is heavy, Possum.

Take them off.

We want to get it more balanced.

Too heavy.

- It's heavy.

- A bit more.

- Yeah a little bit more.

- One more?

- Almost.

- Look, good! That is balanced.

- Yeah it is balanced.

- Well that's great.

I need to go to the shop now,

and when I get back,

we can play with different weights.

- Okay, but you'd better be quick,

come on.

Bye. - Bye.

- Now.


Ah, yes!


Hi Sally.

- Hi Possum.

- Look I've been very busy.

- Yes you've done lots of writing

haven't you Possum?

- I'll take that.

- It's very heavy isn't it Possum?

- Look, I'm the scales.

- I'll balance you out.

There, now you're even.


- Haha!

- Why don't we go inside,

and weigh the different things

that I've bought?

- Yeah let's go.

- Come on.

- Right.


Now have we got the milk?

- Yes, got the milk.

I'll put it in the fridge.

- Great.

Where's the flour?

- Let's have a look, flour.


That says flour.

- Ahh.

Can you see it on the list?

- Yep.

- Well done Possum,

shall we weigh it?

It's heavy isn't it?

- Yeah.

- Before we use the balance scales,

and that was fun,

but now we're going to use these scales


They're much easier to use.

We have to put the flour in the bowl.

What does that say? Is it at zero?

- Zero.

- Good, now put the flour in the bowl.

What does the dial say now?

- One.

- That's what it weighs.

One kilogram.

- Oh wow.

Sally, what's this?

- This is wheat germ.

That's very light.

Pick it up, see.

- It is.

- We're going to use that shortly too.

- Okay I'll mark that off.

That's banana yoghourt.

- That's right Possum.

- There it is.


One, two, three, four.

Four bananas.

- That's right.

- One, two, two oranges.

- Yes that's right.

I think we have everything we need.

- Sally, looking at all this food

is making me very hungry.

Can I eat one banana?

- No, Possum.

I know you're hungry,

but you're not going to eat this banana,

you're going to drink it.

- What? How?

- Well this morning,

I found a lovely recipe to make

banana smoothies.

It sounded great,

so that's why I bought all of these ingredients.

Can you get the recipe out of the drawer please?

Right, we need to get our things ready to

make the smoothie.

Can you get the blender please?

I'll get a few other things.

- Okay.

- Great, now

we need two bananas.

Could you please peel them for me Possum?

- Okay.

- I'll chop them up.

Can you please put these in the blender?

- Okay.

- Great,

now we need to add the wheat germ.

We need two tablespoons of that.

- Two? Okay.

- One.


Now we need to add some honey.

We need two tablespoon of that too.

- Okay.

- Possum that is why we added the wheat germ first.

- Yummy.

- Great, now we need to add the yoghourt.

- Okay.

- We need 200 grams of it.

It's not the whole tub,

just 200 grams,

we need to weigh it on the scales.

If I open it up,

can you please spoon it into the scales,

and watch the dial to see when it gets

to 200 grams?

- Okay.

- Good.

Great, now we need to put that

in the blender.

- Okay.

- That's great,

now we need to add the milk,

but where is the milk?

- Sally, I know where it is.

It's in the fridge.

But milk starts at the farm.

The cow at the farm gets milked,

goes to the dairy,

and gets put into bottles,

those bottles go to the shop,

and then you go to the shop

and buy the milk,

and then you put it in your fridge.

- That's right, Possum!

We need two cups of milk.

Can you hold the cup?

Great, now we are ready to blend.

- Put the lid on...

- Whoa!

- The banana is blending.

Oh it looks good.

- It looks great.

- Looks very smooth.

Looks delicious.


Careful pouring.

Oh good.


- It's delicious!

- Oh great.

Why don't we go outside,

and drink them?

- Yeah let's go.

- That was delicious.

- That was delicious!

Sally, thank you so much for explaining

to me where milk comes from.

I get it now.

- Yes.

We have learned a lot today.

We've also learned about balancing,

and weights.

I think you can stay here and say goodbye

to everyone, I'll quickly go inside

because I think there's a little bit of smoothie left,

and I want to drink it.

- Oh no no no,

you can stay and I'll go and get a smoothie.

- No.

I think there's enough for the two of us

to share.

- Oh great.

- Our time is up,

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

Me first!

- Oh!

- Beat ya!

Where does milk come from?

Sally is making a shopping list. When Possum drinks the last of Sally’s milk he wonders where milk comes from. To find out, they watch as some real kids visit a dairy farm. Possum helps Sally check-off items from the list when she comes back from the shop. He then learns about weighing and measuring things before making banana smoothies with Sally.