Episode 7

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Hello everyone.

Look at Possum watering the garden.

- Oh.

- Hello Possum.

- Hello Sally, hello everyone.

- Oh, thank you so much

for watering the garden for me.

Thank you.

- That's okay.

I know plants need water

to be big and strong.

Sally, what are you doing?

Where are you going?

- Oh, I'm just going into the garden

to check my letterbox.

I want to see if there are any letters in there.

- Sally, I'll go for you.

- That'd be great, thank you.

I'll water the rest of the garden.

Thank you.

- Okay.

Sally, look!

(papers rustling)

Sally, do you need to pay a bill?

- No, no, no.

Just wait.

- Sally, what does it say?

- Just hold on.



That is not a bill, Possum.

I don't need to pay anything.

A friend of mine has written me a letter,

and she writes that she's recently

gone to New Zealand

for a big conference

and that she had a wonderful time

while she was there.

- That's great.

Sally, why don't I get any letters?

Is it because I have no friends?

But, Sally, you're my friend.

You never write me a letter.

- Yes, Possum.

I am your friend.

But I see you every day.

I don't need to write you a letter.

- That's true.

Hmm, maybe the postman

doesn't know where my tree is.

Maybe I need to make a sign

that says 'Possum's Tree'

so they can see it.

- No, no, no.

I think everyone knows

where your tree is, Possum.

I think the real reason why

you're not getting any mail

is because you're not sending

any letters to anyone.

- Ohhh.

- Would you like me to help you

write a letter and send it to someone?

- Yes, please!

Now remember,

we need to make a sign

that says Possum's Tree.

- Oh, wait.

Where's my house?

- Haha!

- Sally, it's over there.

- Come on.

- Okay.

Can you help get my writing things, Possum?

- Okay.

Wow, look at all this stuff.

- Yes, there's lots in there.

Can you pick out some nice paper, Possum?

Hmm, that's lovely.

Right, now you tell me what you want to say,

and I will be your scribe.

That means I will write down

everything you're saying to me, okay?

- Great.

- First, though, why don't we watch

some children writing some letters?

Shall we do that?

- Yeah, let's watch.

Sally, that looked great.

- Yes, it was good.

Well, I'm ready to write.

Who are we going to write to?

- Can we write to Amanda?

I know she's your friend,

but she's always so nice to me.

- Oh, yes, Amanda is your friend, too, Possum.

People can have many friends.

- That's great.


What do I say, though?


You can say, it's Possum here,

and Sally's writing for me.

- Hang on, Possum.

Most letters begin with a greeting,

like 'hello' or something nice.

Some people will write, 'Dear',

then whoever they're writing the letter to.

I could start with 'Dear Amanda'.

- Yeah, can you write that for me?

- Okay.

Now, what's next?

- Right. Can you let Amanda know

that I hit my ball on my string

with my cricket bat

20 times without missing.

- Wow.

I'm sure Amanda would love to know that.

I'll write that for you now.

Now what?

- Great.


Ah, can you let Amanda know

that I took the birdhouse

that she made for me off the tree

because I didn't want to break it.

- Okay.

That's very clever, Possum,

to take it down so it wouldn't break.

She would love to know that.

- All right.

Now, can you tell her

thank you very much

for making the bird feeder for me?

- Ah, she would like that.

- Right, now let her know

that I need a new letterbox.

- Oh, umm,

that is a bit direct, Possum.

It seems a bit cheeky,

not very polite.

It's always best to ask for things in a nice way.

Perhaps if we write,

I was wondering if you could help me

make a letterbox one day.

Something like that.

That's a bit nicer.

- You're right, Sally.

We do need to be polite when asking.

- Great.

- Great.

Now, Sally, are you sure

that Amanda will know that I

definitely need a new letterbox?

- Yes, she will know.

She will know.

When people finish their letters,

they put some special words at the end,

like 'Best Regards'.

It's a nice way to finish off

a letter to a friend.

And then, you can sign your name.

- Oh, okay.

Well if you write the rest,

then I'll sign my name.

- That's great.

That's lovely.

- Now, Sally, we need to fold it up

and put it in an envelope.

And then we need to go to Amanda's house

and then put it in her letterbox.

- Well, hang on Possum.

First, you need a stamp.

You put a stamp on it,

then you go to the post office

and they will put it in Amanda's letterbox.

- Oh, I know that Sally,

but I don't want to wait.

I want to do it now.

- Well, I'm going to the shop now, Possum.

I can put it in an envelope,

put a stamp on it,

and post it for you.

- Oh, okay.

- Would you like to put it in the envelope?

- Can you put Amanda's name on it?

- Right.

I'll go to the shop now.

I'll go to the post office and buy a stamp,

and write Amanda's address on it,

and then post it.

- Okay, great.


- Bye!

- Oh!

Ahh, I forgot to ask her to make me a sign

that says 'Possum's Tree'.

Oh, I think I can do it myself.

What's in the box?

Yep, oh yeah.

That's right.



Where's Sally?

I've been waiting for such a long time.

I haven't received any letters yet.


Hi, Sally!

- Hi, Possum.

I love your sign saying Possum's Tree,

and it's pointing to your tree.

When Amanda gets here

and she see your sign

she will definitely know where to go.

- Yeah!

Do you want to have a look at some more?

Come on.


- Ohh, Possum.

That sign is pointing at your tree.

It says 'Possum's Tree'.

Now we know where everything is.

- Yeah.

- Hi Possum!

- Amanda's here, Sally.

Amanda's here!

- Hi Amanda.

- It's lovely to see you both.

- Yes.

- Thank you so much for my letter, Possum.

- Ohhhh,

that's okay.

- I was actually making a letterbox at the time.

- Oh!

- I've brought it here,

but I just need a hand bringing it in.

- Yes, wait there.

Where do you want it to be placed, Possum?

- Ahh!

- Perfect.

- Perfect.

- Possum, look.

It's the door for the letterbox,

and the letters will go into the slot.

You can just lift it up,

and get your letter.

- Wow!

- We've also got a roof to put on it.

We just need to nail it on.

- Isn't it lovely, Possum?

- Aw, yeah.

- One more.

Would you like to try, Possum?

- Oh, yeah!

- That's great, Possum.

Sally, would you like a turn?

- Yes, I would.

- Looks good.

- Amanda, thank you so much.

It looks beautiful.

- You're most welcome, Possum.

- Possum, look at the plane.

- Shhhh.

- Huh? Amanda, what were you looking at?

- It's gone now.

It doesn't matter, Possum.

- Bye, thanks Amanda!

- Bye, bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye, thank you.

- Bye.

- Sally, do you think I'll get a letter soon?

- Mmm, you could Possum.

- Sally, Amanda is so nice.

She's almost like a friend.

- Possum.

She is your friend, too.

- Aw, that's great!

- Why don't you have a look

inside your letterbox, Possum.

Who knows?

There could be something in there.

- Hmm?


- Yes, you've got a letter!

- Huh?

Sally, what does it say?

- It says, "Dear Possum,

I hope you like your new letterbox.

From your friend, Amanda".

- Oh, my friend?

Aww, that's lovely.

It's been such a special day today.

- Yes, we've had a special day.

I got a letter from a friend of mine,

you got a new letterbox,

and you got a letter.

Well, our time is up.

- Thanks for watching!

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

- Look, Sally.


Where is Possum's tree?

Possum notices that Sally gets letters but he doesn't. He thinks maybe it’s because the postman doesn't know where his tree is. Sally suggests it’s maybe because he doesn't write any letters. Sally helps Possum write a letter to Amanda. While Sally posts Possum’s letter, Possum writes a sign. Later on, Amanda visits with a letterbox for Possum, inside it is a letter for Possum.