Episode 8

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aw!

- Hmm!

- Wow!

- Look!

I'm Sally.

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Hello everyone!

I've got some friends coming to visit me today,

so I thought I'd make these healthy biscuits.

I've got bananas, rolled oats,

and dates.

And these are the biscuits,

we're going to share them together.

I went out to see Possum before,

to see if he wanted to help me make the biscuits.

But he seemed very busy doing something

in his tree.

So I left him to it.

I didn't ask him.

I just came in here and made the biscuits.

They're now ready to go in the oven.

Once I've done that, I'm going to go

and see what Possum's up to.

- No, I'll keep this.

Hi Sally!

- Hello Possum!

- Hi everyone!

- Hello.

Possum what are you doing?

- I just had a few things in my tree

that I'm not using anymore.

So I thought I'd give them away.

- All of these things were in your tree?

Did you have room in there?

- Yes, it was a little bit crowded,

but I don't need them anymore,

so I thought I'd give them to children

that needed them.

- Oh that's a great idea Possum,

I'm sure we can find some places to donate these things to.

- Oh that's great.

- I was cooking biscuits earlier,

and I thought to myself,

I know Possum would love to help me,

but when I came outside,

I saw you were very busy.

So I didn't ask you,

I just left you to it.

- You're right Sally,

I was very busy.

But I could help you

eat all the biscuits!

- I knew you'd say that Possum!

I'm just going to go and see if they're ready,


- All right Sally.

Hmm, a few more things...


Tee hee!


- Delicious?

- Oh yeah.

- Right, first you have to wash your hands,

and then we can share the biscuits out.

- All right.

Sally, I can do the sharing now.

- All right.

- That's Sally's.

- Mine.

- This is Possum's.

- Yours.

- There's a lot of fruit on that one.

Oh that's a big one!

Oh look how thick that one is, yum!

- Hold on Possum.

- What?

- I've only got one.

And you've got lots.

- Yeah?

- Well that's not very fair.

That's not really sharing.

Sharing is when you do things

equally, that's not sharing.

- Okay, I'll do it again.

All right.

All done.

- See, now we have two rows.

- Yeah.

- How many in your row Possum?

- One, two, three, four, five, six.


- That's good, six.

And how many in my row?

- One, two, three, four, five, six.

- Six, we've got six each.

That's the same number.

That's called sharing.

- Sally, can I eat them now?

- Oh no, not yet Possum.

Amanda will be here soon,

we have to share with her.

- It's bad luck for Amanda,

it won't be enough.

- There's plenty of biscuits here.

We'll be able to share between three people.

We just need three columns.

- Three columns.

Okay, I'll try to work it out.


- That's great!

That row, who's that for?

- That's yours.

- Mine, how many have I got?

- Four.

- Great, and yours?

- Mine... four.

- Four and...

- Four!

- Amanda has four, you have four,

I have four, we all have the same,

that's sharing.

- Yeah well, six is more than four.

- I know, but there's still plenty.

- Hmm?!

Amanda's here!

- I'll get it.

- Hello! - Hello!

- Orange juice.

- Thank you Amanda, thank you.

- Sally, there's a big pile of things

out in your yard,

what's going on there?

- Possum has been working tirelessly

all morning to clean his tree.

- Okay.

- All of the things he hasn't used for a while,

he's now going to share them with other people.

Isn't that lovely?

- Wow.

- And what's this?

- I'll explain.

This row here is for Sally.

- Mine.

- This row here is for Possum,

that's mine.

- And then this row

is yours, Amanda.

- Oh thank you.

- Possum.

Pauline's coming.

What will we do?

- Possum has been doing such a good job

learning how to share.

Before, when it was the two of us,

he made two lines.

And now there's the three of us,

he's made three lines.

But now there's going to be

four people.

I wonder how he's going to do it.

- Look!

This row can be for Sally.

- Me.

- This row can be for Possum.

That's mine.

- That's you.

- And then this row can be for Amanda.

And this row can be for Pauline.

- Phew! - That's great!

- Yeah.

- Possum, I hope more people aren't coming.


- You guys are just joking.

- Just teasing.

- I need to get more things

out of my tree.

- Okay Possum, bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- What Possum doesn't know,

is I've actually made more biscuits.

- Oh!

- They're in the oven.

He has no idea!

- Oh wow!

- They're a bit hot,

be careful.

Can you help me put them in the bowl please?

- Okay.



- Yeah.

- Look at all these things.

- What a big pile.

- Possum did all of this come

from your tree?

- Yeah.


There's only just enough biscuits to go around.

- Huh?

- Whoa.

- There's plenty to go around.

- Hello! - Hello Pauline!

- I've made fruit cake for all of us to share.

- Thank you.

- And I know Tracy's on her way in.

- Huh?

- Hello everyone!


- Oh no!

- Hi Tracy! - Hello!

- Hi Tracy!

Tracy, do you like biscuits?

- Oh I do, I love biscuits.

And that's why I've made some more!

- Oh!


This is easy to share now.

I can eat as much as I want

until I'm full,

and then whatever's left over,

you guys can share it around.

- Well, our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye! - Bye!

- Right, I want that one.

I want that one too.

Oh and that one!

The big cookie

Sally is baking cookies while Possum clears out things from his tree. Sally gets Possum to help share out the cookies by dividing them into equal piles. He begins to worry that with more people coming over there will be less cookies for him. Outside, Possum’s pile continues to grow. When Sally's friends arrive, they all bring more cookies to share and Possum is much happier!