Episode 9

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- Hello!

- Huh?

- Look!

- Aww!

- Hmm!

- Aww, wow!

- Huh? - Look!

- Ah!

- I'm Sally!

- And I'm Possum.

- Hello!!

- Hello everyone.

Look at the lovely breakfast I've made for

me and Possum.

Possum should be here soon.


It looks like I have time to clean those dirty

windows on the door.

I'll clean the outside after breakfast.

Water is very useful.

You can use it for many different things.

I'm using water to boil

my eggs.

I'm using water to make my tea.

And there is water in the bucket,

and that helps me clean the windows.

It's great.

Well, my eggs are ready.

Everything's ready.

Where's Possum?

He's taking his time.


- Good morning everybody!

- What?

- It rained last night.

But there are no puddles;

there should be puddles!

That's dry too.

Oh well, I'm off to havebreakfast with Sally.

Oh! Huh?

It rained just in that little spot there.

- Hello.

- Hello.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

Sally is it ready?

- Yes it's ready.

I've been waiting for you to get here

before I started to eat it.

- Sorry Sally, last night,

I thought it had rained.

But when I woke up this morning,

there were no puddles.

But I found one spot where it did rain.

- One spot only where it rained,

nowhere else?

- Yeah.

- I didn't think it rained at all, Possum.

I put my head out the door earlier

and I couldn't see any water.

Anyway, look at it boiling.

It's bubbling away.

- Bubbling?

Where's it going?

- Well Possum,

underneath, the element heats up

and that heats the water,

makes it bubble, andthen it turns into steam.

Like when I was cooking my eggs before.

The element heats the water up,

and it bubbles,

and those bubbles become steam.

- Oh look, the bubbles become steam.

Look at all the steam.

- Because it's hot, careful.

Well, our breakfast is ready,

shall we eat?

- Yes please.

- Oh, that was delicious.

- That was delicious.


- I think we've finished our breakfast.

I need to go outside and wash the windows.

Would you like to help me?

- Oh yes.

- Let's go.

Possum, what happened?

All the water in my bucket is gone.

Where did it go?

- I know, it is very strange,

last night it rained,

but only in that one spot.

And nowhere else.

- No Possum, it didn't rain.

I filled this bucket up

using the kitchen tap.

I needed to use the water to wash

the windows.

And then I put it outside.

- Possum,

have you ever seen itrain in just one spot

and nowhere else?

- No I haven't Sally,

but I'm a bit confused.

Where does rain come from?

- I know,

remember we watched the kettle boiling

and watched the bubbles,

bubble away.

And become steam.

- Yeah.

- Well, the same principleapplies out here,

when you've got the damp ground

the moisture evaporates up into the air,

into the sky, and they become clouds.

And when the clouds get heavy,

it rains.

- Aha, Sally is it like a sponge?

Look I'll show you.

- Yes that's like a cloud, Possum.

When it gets full, it rain s.

- Sally, I thought ithad rained last night.

It would be great to knowhow much rain we had.

- Well there is something that we can use.

It's called a rain gauge.

And it can tell us howmuch rain there has been.

It catches the water,

and you use the ruler on the side,

to measure how much rain has fallen.

- That'd be great

to see how much rain had fallen.


- Would you like to make one Possum?

- Yes please!

- Let's go inside.

- Okay.

- Look, we've got everything we need

to make a rain gauge.

And that will tell us how much rain we get.

- Oh great!

- Can you get the instructions out please?

- Okay.

- These are our instructions.

And this will explain to us

how to make our rain gauge.

We have all the things we need,

are you ready?

- Yeah.

- First, we need to get the bottle.

Can you get that for me please?

- Okay.

- Now we'll use a piece of paper

to wrap around it.

And then we'll put a black line around it,

so that we know it's straight.

Can you do that for me please?

- Yeah, okay.

- See, we have our black line.

- Yeah.

- Now we're going to cut the top off.

I'll start it becausethe knife is very sharp.

But then you can cut it with the scissors.

- Okay.

- Careful.

- Oh it's sharp.

- Just cut along the line.

- Okay.

- Good.


That's great.

Now, you can see it'suneven at the bottom.

- Yeah.

- It's got all these ridges.

We need the bottom to be flat.

So we're going to use plasticine.

- Oh.

- Can you break some bits off?

And put them in the bottom please.

Now it's nice and even.

- Yeah, it is even.

- Now it's level.

To measure the rain,

we'll use a ruler.

Can you find zero on that for me?

- Right there.

- Great,

we'll put zero right onwhere the plasticene line is.

Can you please get some sticky tape

so we can tape together?

- Oh okay.

- That's great.

Now we need to add the lid.

- Oh.

- No, not like that Possum.

Can you please take the lid off?

No, the other way around.

- Oh.

- There you go.

This is to make sure

that leaves and other things

don't fall into the rain gauge.

We need to tape it together

to make sure it stays on.

I think we're finished.

- Yeah we're finished.

- Well there's one more thing

we need to do.

And that is to take it outside

and wait for the rain to come.

- Yeah, okay!

- Let's go.

Just put it here, Possum.

Good timing.

It looks like it might rain soon.

- Sally, I thought it was strange it only

rained in one spot

and no where else.

But now I'll know how much it has rained.

- Why don't we watch some children

learning about the weather?

Should we do that?

- Yeah let's watch.

That was great!

- Oh Possum look,

it's starting to rain.


- I was going to put it in my tree Sally.

because I didn't want it to get wet.


- Oh you're funny, Possum!

- I'm just joking.

- Well our time is up.

- Thanks for watching.

- See you next time.

- Bye!

- Bye!

The great water mystery

Sally is boiling water in the kitchen to cook eggs for breakfast. Possum wakes up and is confused because there are no puddles from the rain he thought he heard last night. Sally teaches Possum all about water, steam and where rain comes from. Possum is keen to find out what volume of water has fallen, so they go inside and make a rain gauge together.