Episode 10

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.



Oh, hello, Possum.

Hi, Sally.

Hi, everyone.

Hello, everyone!

I'm off to go play some soccer.

But what's Sally got in her basket?

It's such a lovely cool day today,

I thought I'd go get the vegetables from the garden.

I'm going to go inside and make a salad.

Oh, I love salad!

I love lettuce,



Um, radishes.

Hmm, yeah!

Well, we can put all of those things in a salad.

But there are other things we can put in there too

to make it more interesting.



Sally, where's the carrots?

Do you remember recently?

We pulled all our carrots up.

So there's no more left in the garden.

But don't worry.

I went to the shop and bought some.

I've got them inside already.

But I do like to grow my own.

Hmm. Sally, why don't we plant some more carrots?

Possum, that is a great idea!

Why don't we do that?

It's still a very cool day.

If we could have a look

to make sure the soil is ready for

the carrots to be planted,

I'll go inside and get the things

we need to plant them, OK?

Well, Sally, what tool do I use?

A hoe? A shovel? I just don't know.

Oh, what do you think?

I had a look yesterday to make sure

that there were no weeds.

And I've dug up most of the soil,

but there are still a few lumps in there

that we need to break down.

What should we use?


Oh, I know! A cultivator.

That's right, Possum. Good thinking.

A cultivator.

Why don't you do that,

and I'll go inside.




You have done such a good job preparing the soil, Possum.


There used to be lots of lumps in there.

But now they're all gone.

It's ready to plant the carrots.

Ah, Sally, should we put some fertiliser down?

No, if we put too much fertiliser,

the carrots growing under the ground will split.




We're going to make two grooves.





Now I've got the carrots.



These are the carrots?

Yes, they're the carrots we're going to plant.



These are the smallest carrots in the world!

Yes, it is a carrot.

Well, it's a carrot seed, actually.

So, the carrots grow underneath the ground,

and we can either pull them up to eat them,

or we can leave them there until they grow stems.

And on those stems,

flowers will grow.

And those flowers will turn into seeds.

So, last year, I harvested all the seeds from the flowers.

We can put them in here.

I thought we were going to get a small carrot,

put it in the ground,

and let it grow into a big carrot.

No. Some vegetables do do that,

but carrots don't.

They grow from seeds.

Can you please put them into the grooves?





Three. Hold on.

Possum, no, no, no, no! (LAUGHS)

That will take a very long time to do,

if you put them in individually.

You're better off sprinkling them into the grooves.

Ah, OK!

Yeah, that's good.

That's really good, Possum.

Now we need to cover them up.

Oh, OK!

Great! Ooh!

Great. Now we need to water them.




There, all done now.

All done? Does that mean we can go inside,

make the salad,

and once we're finished,

the carrots will be ready?

No! We won't be able

to do that, Possum.

Carrots take a long time to grow.

About six weeks.

Sally, I knew that.

I was only joking.

Oh, you're teasing me.

Oh, you're funny, Possum.

OK! Let's go make the salad!

Oh, but before we do that,

why don't we watch children learning

about gardens and growing vegetables?

Yeah, let's watch!


Oh, that looked like lots of fun!

Those children learned so much about growing things.

And I thought that these were the smallest carrots in the world.

But they're just the seeds!

Why don't we go inside and make our salad?

Yeah! Let's go!

I've got plenty of foods for our salad.

I've washed all of them.

Can you help me by chopping the lettuce, please?

OK. Sally, does lettuce have seeds?

Well, these lettuce don't.

But if we were to leave it out in the yard,

it would become a bit old.

And then, from that,

a flower would sprout,

and that's where the seeds come from.

Ah, great!

Possum, look. This is a seed.

It's a very big one, isn't it?

Wow! Cool.

Sally, what next?

Can you please halve the tomatoes?

Four or five of them.


Now, what colour capsicum would you like?

I want yellow.

What's next?

Hmm. I might chop the cucumber.


You can see all the little seeds.

They're very soft,

so you can eat those ones.

Sally, what now?

Look at these.

They're pumpkin seeds.

You can eat these ones.

Oh. Sally, that's funny.

Before we planted some seeds,

and now we can eat them.

Yes, we can eat some seeds,

and some we can't.

Sally, can I put some in the salad?

Yes, of course you can.

Can you please pass the olives?

Sally, what about the cheese?

Oh, yes, that's right.

You can do the cheese.

That's the feta.


Oh, the carrots.

We can put carrots in the salad too.

How would you like to do that?

Well, there's different ways we could.

We could boil them,

steam them, put them in the oven,

or we could have them raw!

Ah, I know! We could grate them!

Oh, that's a great idea.

It needs to be peeled.

Right. That looks great, doesn't it?

All we need to do now is toss it all together.


This looks great,

but I'm thinking there's one more thing missing.

Some dressing.

That's looking good, Possum.

It looks ready.

Can you get the bowls?

Looks ready to eat.

Ah, um!


Hmm. Hmm.


It's delicious!

Sally, why don't we quickly eat it

and go check and see if the carrots are ready?

Oh, you are a funny possum!


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!



Smallest carrots in the World

Sally prefers to grow her own carrots when she can. She decides to plant some carrots in her garden and Possum comes to help. But what are these? “The smallest carrots in the world!”.

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