Episode 12

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Aww, wow!

Huh? - Look!


I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum.


Oh, hello, everyone.

Look at the variety of foods I've got here for breakfast.

It's looking good.

I know Possum will be here soon.

I'm going to let him decide

which food he'd like for breakfast.



Hi, everyone.


Look at all this breakfast.

Oh, I am so hungry.

I love breakfast.

What are we making?

I wasn't sure.

I just thought I'd ask you

to see what you felt like.

Ooh. Oh.

There's muesli...

..oats. We could make porridge.

There's some delicious fruit...

..and bread.

We could make some toast.

And some honey and jam.

Oh, and eggs!

And bacon.

(GASPS) I want it all!

Well, you can't have all of it,


But I do know that if I picked

just the one food,

you'd eat all that and want more,

and I can't give you all of them.

We need to pick two or three foods for breakfast.

Which would you like?


This. Uh, I want that.

Possum, what are you doing?

I don't know. I just can't decide.

Mmm. Oh, I do have an idea.

Why don't you gather all of the food up,

carry it over to the door,

stand there, look at the plate

and throw the food onto the plate?

If it misses the plate,

then you don't eat it,

but if it lands on the plate,

you eat it.

Great idea!


I was just teasing you, Possum.

(LAUGHS) You are funny, Sally.

I thought that was a really good idea.


I have another good idea.

Why don't I get some pieces of paper,

write the names of the food on them.

I'll make them into paper planes.

Then I can stand at the door...

..keep throwing the planes at the plate,

and once it lands on the plate,

I can eat it.

No, no, no.

You can't do that, Possum.

I was joking, too, Sally. (LAUGHS)

You are a funny little possum,

but you have given me an idea

when you talked about writing things down on a piece of paper.

For example, when people go out to a restaurant to eat,

they get a thing called a menu,

and that's got the names of the foods

and sometimes with pictures on them,


and they can choose what they want to eat.

Ah. I've got an idea.

Why don't we make a menu?

I could draw the pictures and you could put the names on them.

Yes, let's do that.

I'll get the paper.

Can you get the crayons?

Oh, yeah.

Sally, can you write "menu" on the top?


Sally, can you write the names on all of them, please?



Uh, Possum? That looks like pizza.

It is, Sally.

Possum, you can't eat pizza for breakfast.

I know.

I thought I'd just put it there.

But I'll pick something else.

Oh, Possum, you are funny.


Great. Finished.

What should we choose?

Possum, you need to make a decision quickly.

If you take too long,

before we know it,

it will be lunchtime.

Huh. (GASPS)

I have an idea, Sally.

You need to go outside.

Don't come in till I've opened the door.


Quick, quick. Wait there.


Well, hello.

Welcome to Sally's Cafe.


Come on in.


I shall be your chef for today.

Would you like to have a look at the menu?

Why, thank you, Chef Possum.

Have a look at this.

It's muesli mixed with fresh fruit.


It is delicious.

And may I recommend the bacon and eggs?

Ooh, yum-yum-yum.

And where are the eggs from?

Sally went to the farm and brought back

some free-range eggs.

Oh, good.

And may I suggest the pancakes?

They are delicious and fluffy.


Oh, Possum,

could I have a boiled egg?

Ah. We are fresh out of boiled eggs.


Uh, can I have some oats, please?

Ah, sorry.

We've run out as well.


Why don't you have a look at the pancakes?

Oh, would you like pancakes?


Sally, I'm not a real chef,

so you'll have to do the cooking for me.

Oh, hmm.

I must say, it is a lovely drawing of the pancakes.

It has made me think that I've not had pancakes

for a very long time.

I think I'd like to have them, too.


But Sally, if I pick pancakes,

will I have to eat them every day from now on?

No, Possum.

If you pick pancakes,

you could just eat them today.

You can eat different foods over the next few days.

It depends on what you feel like eating for that day.

Oh. Today, I want pancakes.

Oh, I do like being able to make a decision.

Yes, that's right, Possum.

You are now learning how to choose!


It's a lovely day outside.

Why don't we make our pancakes and go eat them out there?

Oh, yeah!

But before we do that,

why don't we watch children making choices?

Let's watch.

Yeah, let's watch.



I'm making a menu of all my favourite sports.

Hmm. What's first?

(GASPS) I know - soccer.




I know - hopscotch.

Hmm. Football.

Hmm. (GASPS)

I love running.

Hmm, hmm.


All done.

Sally, quick! Come here.


Wow, Possum. You have been very busy,

haven't you?

I've made a menu,

and that's to help me choose which sport I'd like to play.

That's lovely. Great job.

But now, breakfast is ready.

Let's go.

Yeah. Mm-mmm!


Look at all the different toppings we've got.

You need to choose which one

you'd like to have on your pancakes.

We have honey, maple syrup...

Oh, oh!

Uh, Possum, where are you going?

To make another menu to help me choose which topping I'll have.

(GIGGLES) Well, I knew you'd want to make another menu

of all the toppings that we could put on there,

so I've already made one for you.

Have a look.



Now you need to carefully choose which one you'd like.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Right. Which one?

Possum chooses breakfast

Hmm. What will Possum choose for breakfast today? Sally says that he can’t have everything and that he should try to be better at deciding what he wants. She suggests they make a menu to help him choose, but when Possum learns about menus, he has another way of using that idea.

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