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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Hi, everyone.

I'm telling Possum a story.

Hi, everyone. Could you just wait?

Sally is telling me a wonderful story

about a king and his storyteller.

He tells wonderful stories

and it's so interesting.

Could you just wait?

"Thank you, storyteller,"

said the king.

"This is a wonderful story.

Your stories teach me good lessons.

I will be a better king because of

what I've learned from your story.

I would like you to come

and live with me in the castle

"and tell me more

of these wonderful stories."

(GASPS) "Thank you, Your Majesty,"

said the storyteller to the king.

"Your castle is a great place and I would be glad to come

and tell you more stories

But I would rather live in

my own little cottage,

where I can tell stories

to my family too."

"That is a wise choice,"

said the king.

"Go back to your family, but please

visit me in my castle

when you think I should

hear another story."

So, the storyteller went home

to his little cottage,

but from time to time,

he would visit the king in his castle

to tell his stories.

The end.

Yay! That was excellent.


Oh, I really liked that story.

It was so good and so interesting.

And I loved the storyteller the most.

He was a very nice man.

But that king, he was a bit mean.

But then he became very kind.

What a great story.

Sally, that king lived in a castle.

What's a castle like? Is it big?

Bigger than my tree?

Oh, yes, Possum.

Your tree is big,

but a castle is bigger.

It's a very big building.

And when you go in, there are lots of rooms everywhere,

and they are not small rooms -

they're big rooms with plenty of space.


Sally, what if I go on top of my tree and I could be king?

Yes, you could, Possum.

(GASPS) I want to make a castle.

But how do I make one?

What do I use?

Hmm. Let me think.

(GASPS) I have an idea.

In the house, I have some boxes.

I was planning to recycle them because they're empty,

but you could use them.


And I know at Amanda's place,

she has plenty of cardboard boxes.

I'll ask her to bring them.

And I've got some in my tree too.

Oh, that's great.

Well, I'm going to go inside and make

a snack for when Amanda comes.

Why don't you get the boxes together

and start assembling them?

Yeah, that's great.

Sally, can you teach me

the right way to assemble them

to make sure it's straight?

Yes, I can, Possum.

Why don't we go inside and I can

show you how to do it, OK?

Yeah, let's go!

Ooh. That one, that one.

That one. Ready? Right.

OK, the blocks are all lying flat at the moment.

What don't you try stacking them?



You've got three there.

See if you can stack some more on top.

(GASPS) It wasn't very tall.

That's right, it wasn't a very big stack, was it?

It needs to be straight.

Hang on.

This will help you.

Ah, I know how to use it.


(LAUGHS) I'm just joking.

(LAUGHS) Do you know what to do?


Right. That one.

That there.



That is nice and straight.


Um... That one. Red.

Blue. Red.

Yellow. Blue.


Oh, that's very good.

You see, with the square,

it's made it nice and straight

and you can stack lots of blocks.

Right. I'm gonna go outside and make my castle

with those cardboard boxes.

Oh, but before you do, Possum,

why don't we watch some children making sandcastles?

Oh, yeah, let's watch!

That looked like a lot of fun.

Yeah, they were really enjoying themselves.

Sally, I'm going to get these boxes and go outside and play. OK?

Oh, look, Possum, Amanda is here.


Hello. Hello.

Come on in.

Hello. How are you?

Good to see you.

Amanda, did you bring those boxes?

Yes, I did.

I've left them outside in the yard.

Great. I'm gonna take 'em and play outside.

Oh, before you go, Possum,

I'm going to make some food.

And when we're done, Amanda and I

will come down and check on you, OK?

OK. Bye!

I wonder what he's going to make.

Ooh. Right.

Hmm. That one there.

That one on top. This one there.

Hmm. There's not enough.

I want a big castle.

A really, really, really big one,

with a big drawbridge at the front.

And I will be king of that castle.

Ah, I know -

I'm gonna go into my tree

and get some really big boxes

and bring them out.

Ooh, that's a big one.

They smell lovely.

Yes, they look good.

I need more!

More pouring.


It's perfect! (SIGHS)

Yep. (SIGHS)

(GASPS) I know. Hold on.


Ooh. (GASPS)


Wow. Possum, this looks great.

You've built a brilliant castle.

Yep, and I'm king of this castle.

You are the king

of all the castle builders, Possum.

And I've got some food ready for you.

Let's go inside.

No, no, Sally.

You come in here.

I have seats for both of you.

Come on!


Oh, I like it.

You've done a good job.

Look at the stack.

I made this stack of pikelets.

Sally, what are pikelets?

Well, pikelets

are just like little pancakes

and they're a bit thicker too.

And now I've made a stack.

Amanda, do you have that square?

Yes, I do.

Why do you need it, Possum?

Well, I need to make sure the stack

is perfectly straight.


Oh, Possum.

It's perfect!

I must say, Possum,

your castle is brilliant.

And, Sally, you are brilliant at making a pikelet stack.

That's right,

and it's perfectly straight too.

Thank you.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!





Let's eat these pikelets!

Ooh, thank you.

Oh, thanks.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.


Possum’s the king of the castle

When Sally tells Possum a story about a king and his castle, you can be sure that he will want his own castle. Sally has lots of cardboard boxes ready to be recycled. Wait and see how well Possum uses those boxes.

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