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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Oh, hello, everyone!

I'm going away for the weekend,

and Possum is going to be in charge of the house.

I've explained to him

everything that he'll need to do while I'm gone.

And he's made a list.

But I'm not sure he completely understands

that I'll be gone and he'll be here by himself.

Luckily, there's plenty of food in the fridge,

and there's plenty of vegetables in the garden.

Ah! Possum's here.

Hi, Sally!

Hi, Possum!

Do you completely understand everything you need to do?

Yep. If I forget,

I'll come and ask you.

Um, Possum...

I'm going to be away.

You won't be able to ask me.


I will be away for two days.

The whole weekend.

Saturday and Sunday.

And then I'll be coming home.

Two days?


Well, hang on.

Saturday all day.

Sunday all day. Both days?

Yes. And you are to be the boss of the house!

Me? The boss?


Ah. Does that mean the garden?

And the tree?

I'll be the boss of them, too?

Yes, you will.

Ah. I have an idea.

Why don't you go away,

and when it's time to cook,

you can come back.

I'm actually going to be eating my meals while I'm away.

You'll be here by yourself, Possum.

But don't worry.

There's plenty of food in the fridge,

and there's plenty of vegetables in the garden.

You can go out and make a salad if you really want to,

if you can't be bothered cooking.

And there's plenty of things to do around the house, too.

Plenty of games you can play.

Alright. Yeah. I'm the boss. Yeah.

Alright, then.

But don't forget to water the garden!

Because there hasn't been much rain

in the last few weeks.

So, please be careful with the water.

Don't waste too much of it, OK?


I'll see you in a few days.

OK. Enjoy your time away!

Thank you, Possum.



Bye, Sally!



Ah. Right.

(LAUGHS) Being in charge is easy.

Hm. What should I do next?

(GASPS) I know!

Hm. Sally's still away. Hm.

I think it might be lunchtime.

I am feeling hungry.

And there's plenty of food

in the fridge.

I'm going to make a sandwich.

Ooh. Hang on. Sally's given me

a list of things to do.

Hm. What were they?

(GASPS) I know.

I need to water the garden. Right.

First, I'll have a nap.

Hold on. I'll eat my sandwich,

then have a nap.

I'm such a good planner.

Sally will be so happy that she left me in charge.

Yep, I'm the boss.




I've been asleep.

Sally should be back now.

I'll go have a look.


She's still not here.

I must've slept for a whole day.

Sally said she'd be away for two days.


She told me the things I had to do.

What were they?

(GASPS) That's right.

Water the garden and do the dishes.

Hm. Sally said I wasn't allowed to waste water.

She said something about the rain.

What was it?

(GASPS) I know.

I'll put the plates outside,

and the rain can clean them.

That'll save water! Ah. Alright!

Hm. Sally's still not here.

I know! I'll play some soccer.

I'm gonna have a nap.

(GASPS) It's the third day!

Sally should be back by now.

Nothing! Hm.

(GASPS) And Sally made a pie!

I'm gonna eat it.


That was such a tasty snack.

And this is Sally's favourite basket.

Hm. Sally's really nice.

I love her red curls.



I think I might check on the garden.



I...I have this feeling inside.

I feel a little sad.


Ah. Sally said she'd be gone for two days!

Look! It's been too many days.

She still isn't back.

Hm, I wonder what this is. Hm.

Hm. Ah.

(GASPS) Sally!

Hello! (LAUGHS)

(GASPS) Ooh!



I haven't seen you in such a long time!

It wasn't that long, Possum.

I've only been gone for two days.


One...two...three...four... Anyway.

Possum, as I was walking through the yard,

I noticed some plates on the lawn.

What's going on?

Ah. Well, Sally, you told me

I wasn't allowed to waste water.

So I thought, why not put

the dirty dishes outside,

and let the rain clean them?


Sally, I'm not very good at being in charge.

I spent a lot of time thinking if you still remembered me or not.

Oh, of course I remember you,


I did spend lots of time thinking about you, too.


Sally, I was trying to think about your face,

and your smile,

and your curly hair.

I just couldn't feel happy!

Aw, Possum.

You were feeling lonely,

because you were by yourself.

The person you like to be with wasn't there,

and you missed them.

That happens to other people, too.

Sally, I even tried to do the jigsaw puzzle.

But it just didn't look right.

There were cuts all through it.

Oh! Possum, there's another photo

that I have of the two of us.

Perhaps we can do something special with that.


Why don't we watch some children making some frames,

and maybe that will give us some ideas on what we can do.

Let's watch.

Yeah, let's watch!

Ah! That looked great.

Did you see those frames?

Yeah! Why don't we do the same thing?

Let's make some frames, too.

Ah, yes.

But, Sally, you're going to be in charge and I'll help you.

Hm. I know.

We need to clean up first,

and then we can make the frames.


Isn't that a lovely photo?

Let's make a frame for it.

There's some instructions in the drawer on how to make a frame.

Can you get them out, please?


Right. First, we need to get the black cardboard.

Can you get that for me?

Now this will make the frame.

But we need to cut the window out,


So, can you get the ruler?


And the pencil.

Got it!

And can you just mark some lines in here, please?


OK. Which colour would you like?

Mm...the green one.

Right. We just need to cut them into strips.

About this size.

And then we'll cut them into pieces.

Just little squares.

And then we'll decorate the frame with them.

And we'll alternate the yellow

and the green around it.

That's great!

Right! Now, we need to make the base to sit on the back.

There, like that.

And then we can stand the picture up.


Oh, it's beautiful! And, Sally?

If I go away for the weekend,

this will make sure that you don't get lonely.

Ah, yes, you're right, Possum.

I'll be able to look at it and not feel lonely. Thank you.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time.



Possum in charge!

Oh, no! Would you leave Possum in charge of the house? Will Possum understand all the instructions? Is everything going to be fine when Sally gets home?

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