Episode 2

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Hello, everyone.

I'm gonna practise my cricket.

Hello, everyone.

Look at Possum.

He's hitting the ball with his cricket bat.

He's practising his cricket.

Hello, Sally.

Good morning, Possum.

Good morning.

I was watching you.

You're getting so good at hitting the ball with your bat,

it's great.

Yes. I was really concentrating.

And then I looked up, and there you were!

Yes, I know you hadn't seen me, Possum.

I was happy to watch you play cricket.

It's a lovely space to be playing cricket, isn't it?

Yes. And my tree is great.

Birds can sit on it too.


Hang on.

I wonder what Possum's up to. Hmm.




Sally, all the other trees are great but my tree is the best.

I love my tree.

And now,

the birds can eat from it too.

Just looking at your tree, Possum,

yours doesn't have any flowers

or berries on it, does it?

So that means the birds can now come to the bird feeder to eat.

Look at all the other trees, Possum.

See, they've got flowers and berries on them.

The birds can then sit and eat those.


Possum, look at all the trees that are in our environment.

Aren't they beautiful?

Why don't we go for a bit of a bushwalk?

We can go for a lovely bushwalk amongst the trees and enjoy ourselves.

Oh, Sally, I was planning on going back to sleep.

No, Possum. You've slept enough,

you can sleep another time.

I think it would be great for us to go for a bit of a walk

and we'll have good fun and enjoy ourselves.

And there will be food.

Oh. Does that mean we can eat food off the trees?

No, no, no, no, no.

Some trees do have food on them but

some of the food isn't safe to eat.

And if we don't know which is safe and which isn't,

it's better not to eat any at all.


I'm planning on bringing a very special lunch in a bag.

What do you mean by special?

It's a special lunch.

It's called a litter-free lunch.

A litter-free lunch is all the foods that don't have any wrappers to dispose of.

There'll be no rubbish to throw away.

Oh. OK.

We want to preserve our environment.

We want to make sure everything is kept nice and clean and not spoilt by rubbish.

That's great.

Let's go inside, Possum.

Yeah, let's go.

Put the lid on.


Can you pass me that piece of paper,

please, Possum?

Oh, yes.

This is the checklist of what we're going to take with us.

Ooh. Right.


In our bags.

Got it.

Water bottles.


What's next on our list?

Hats. Have we got our hats?



We got our bags.

Have we got sunscreen?

Here it is.

Very important.

Mosquito repellent.

Oh, here it is.

First aid kit.

There it is.

We need our art gear.

Sally, why do we need our art gear?

Just in case, Possum.

You never know when we might need to use it.


I don't know much about bushwalking and forests.

Sally, can we watch some children bushwalking?

Yes, Possum. We can watch some children going on a bushwalk.

We can see what they learn and what they're doing.

Let's watch.

Yeah, let's watch.

Oh, that looked great.

They learned so much.

I'm so excited to go on a bushwalk,

I wanna learn things too!

So do I, Possum.

Let's go.

Hang on,

we need to put everything away first.

I'll do it, Sally.

All done.

That was fast clearing up, Possum.

Are you ready?

Yep, I'm ready.

Have we got our bags, our hats?

Sally, do you want me to help you?

No, no, no, I can do that by myself.

Thank you, Possum.

OK, let's go.

Right, let's go.

Come on.

Look, a lizard.

Look how big it is!

Sally, look at this big tree.

Yes. And look at all the shade it provides.

And do you know what else trees are good for?

(GASPS) Where's Possum?


Oh, oh, Possum, you must be careful,

out in the bush.

It's easy to go missing.

We must always look out for each other.

If you're going to climb a tree,

you must let me know first, OK?


(GASPS) I know, Sally,

why don't you climb the tree and I'll watch you?

Oh, Possum, I can't climb a tree.


You're so funny.

Look, feel how smooth this is.

Ooh, yeah.

Sally, look.

Can we take it home?

No. If you take it off the tree,

you'll damage it.

Oh, OK.

And if you pick them off the forest floor,

that means the leaves won't biodegrade

and the trees won't have anything to eat

they won't be able to grow.

So we need to leave them all here.

But I do have an idea -

we can do crayon rubbing of them all.

Oh, yeah!

I'll show you how to do it, right?

That's the leaf that you can now take home.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, look.


Come on.

Are we finished?

Yes, you've finished your rubbings.

And when we get home, we'll cut them out and make a collage.

OK, let's go!

What lovely colours, Possum.

They look great.

They're lovely.

Now, we're going to make the tree trunk.


Can you pass me those bits of paper?


Done. What's next?

Now we've done the tree trunk,

we need to attach the leaves.

There are some beautiful colours there.

Let's start at the top and just glue the leaves on.


Look, Sally, this looks great.

Look at this one.



It's such a beautiful picture.

Look at all the coloured leaves.

Oh, it looks great.

Oh, Sally, this reminds me of our bushwalk today

and seeing those big, tall trees and a sky through the leaves.

That's what this reminds me of.

Yes. You're right, Possum. Me too.

Actually, can I put this up in the kitchen?

Mm, no, Sally.

I think because this is a tree,

it would look best in my tree.

Yes, that's a good idea.

Today really was a good day, wasn't it, Possum?

Oh, yes. Sally, I really enjoyed our bushwalk today.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.

BOTH: Bye.

Sally, isn't it beautiful?


The bush walk

Sally and Possum enjoy a wonderful bush walk to learn more about other trees. Possum wants to collect some of the lovely leaves. Instead, they find a way of recreating their memories when they get home.

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