Episode 5

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.




Oh, look. Hello, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

Possum, I've noticed you love eating this muesli, don't you?

Yes, I do. I do love muesli.

But I love the table,

and I love everything on it.

(LAUGHS) You're funny.

You love everything.

Yeah? Well, have a look

at the table.

Look how strong it is.

It doesn't wobble at all.

And the chair that I'm sitting on

is very comfortable.

That doesn't wobble either.

I do like it.


When you're sitting comfortably,

that means you can eat all the food.


Sally, I've had a thought.

I'm sitting here comfortably,

and that makes me think happy thoughts.

Like when I'm sitting on top of my treehouse,

I think very deep thoughts and feel good.

Hmm, yes.

I've learnt so much here.

And that's because you're my friend and my teacher too.


What lovely thoughts, Possum.

The reason you've learned so much and you learn so well

is because you feel good inside.

Yeah, that's right.

And you always say if you make a mistake or get it wrong,

it doesn't matter because next time you'll learn from it.

That's right.

I think you've been thinking about going to school,

haven't you, Possum?

Well, I have a surprise for you.

And it's about learning things at school.

You're right. I have thought about going to school.

But what's the surprise?

Can you tell me?

The surprise is for you!

Oh! Me?

But I can't tell you.

Sally, Sally.

You can tell me.

I won't tell anyone.

No, Possum.

I can't tell you because it would spoil the surprise.

Oh, well, you always give me such wonderful surprises,

and I'm hoping this one is a really good one.

Sally, can I take thetables and chairs outside?

I want to set them up like at school.

Oh, no, Possum. You can't.

I need the table and chairs inside.

And if you go outside,

you'll spoil the surprise.

Look! Look!

Oh, no, no, no.

I think this might be the surprise.

Possum, I need you to clean up everything in here.

I'm going to go outside and make sure everything is ready,

and when it is,

I'll come and get you, OK?





What's she doing out there?

I want to know what the surprise is!

Oh, well.

Oh, that looks great.

Oh, it all looks great.

Alright, I'll go and get Possum.

Oh, no, wait, wait, wait.

I think you should go and get Possum.

Oh, Jay! You're the surprise!


Oh, wow!

What's this?

Have a look.



Possum, that's me!





Possum School.

This is Possum School?

This is my surprise?

Oh, it looks like a school.

(GASPS) How exciting!

Ooh, what's this?



Your hat goes on there.


Your bag, it goes on there.

Lots of children,

when they go to school,

put their hats and bags on pegs like this.

This looks great! Can I sit down?

Oh, yes.

Wow. (GASPS)

Sally, is anybody else coming?

Hmm, no. Just you.

Who's going to be the teacher?

Can you be the teacher, Sally?

Me? Oh, yes.

Yes, I can be the teacher. I can try.

Oh, let me think.

Hmm. What shall we do?

What shall we learn about?

Hmm. Oh, hang on.

I need a chart that lists who's at school today,

that shows their names.

That's what I need.

Like Jay's name tag.

You need something like that with your name on it.

Oh. That's great.

Let's go over here.

"Who is at school today?"

Ooh, ooh! I'm here.

Possum's here, Sally!

Hmm. There's no-one in class.

Sally, I'm here.



I'm here!

Look, that's me.

And that's me.

Oh, you are both wonderful students.

That's great.

Have a seat.


Sally, I'm ready.

Is everyone ready?

Are we ready to learn?

Oh, hold on!





I'm ready!

Are you ready?

Come on. Sit down.

Alright, are we ready?

Yep. Is it snack time yet?

No, Possum, we will eat later.

Hmm. Is it lunchtime?

No, we'll eat lunch much later.

Oh, I know!

Can you read a story, please, Sally?

Yes, I can read a story.

But before we do that,

why don't we watch some children going to school,

and see what they learn and how they learn?

Let's watch.

Jay, let's watch!


"'Thank you, Possum,'

said the teacher.

"'You were such a big help showing

the children how to climb today.'

"'Oh, thank you,' said Possum.

"'I can't wait to see

what we learn tomorrow.'"

How was that for a story?

Thank you, Sally. That was great!

I really enjoyed it.

Are we ready to go

and sit back at the table?


Now I'd like you to both go

into the garden.

You'll need your books and a pencil.

And I want you to find three things that grow.

Perhaps you could think about the way that different things grow.

And then, I want you to draw them in your books.


Right! OK!

While you're doing that,

I'm going to go inside to the kitchen

and prepare some food, OK?


Jay, we have to draw three things that grow, OK?


Let's go!

Ah! It grows! Yeah!

Good one, Jay!

Good work, Jay!


Oh, that's lovely.

Such lovely pictures.

You've done such a good job.

Let me write the names in.



Pot plant!

And now, tomato.


Oh, they're great!

Such lovely pictures.

I love the way you've drawn them too.

And you've shown different ways things can grow.

It's just beautiful.

Oh, it looks great.

Yeah, it does! Sally, school is fun,

but it is hard work.

I'm ready for my snack now!


We have had such a great day at school today, haven't we?

We've had such a good time.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Oh, great! Let's eat!

Possum's classroom

Possum’s friend Jay, brings a special surprise for Possum. What has Sally and Jay set up for him in the yard? Jay stays to have fun with Possum pretending they are classmates at school, and who will be the teacher?

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