Episode 6

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Oh, look at my straight line.

Hello, everyone.

Watch me kicking my ball.

I've been practising.

I'm going to kick it this way,

then that way,

then this way,

then that way - watch.

(GASPS) Hello, Sally.

Hi, Possum. Hello, everyone.

Isn't Possum good at kicking his soccer ball?

Yes, I'm very good.

I was watching you weaving, Possum.

Weaving? What's that?

Well, you were weaving when you were going left and right,

left and right.

It can also be over and under over and under.

Weaving, is used to make clothes.

The threads are woven together to make cloth.

Do you think you've had enough practise yet, Possum?

I think so.

Well, I actually need your help in the kitchen.

Come on, let's go.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

We can't go in yet.

We need to put all these things away first,

because I have a person coming over for dinner tonight

and I don't want them walking in here and tripping over.

(GASPS) Who's visiting?

It's a surprise.


OK, I've got everything.

Good. Alright.


Ha, ha.


Ooh. Oh!

Hi, Sally.

Oh, it's looking good, isn't it?

I'm cooking some dinner.


And as soon as that's done,

I'll lay it out on the table,

ready to be served out.

Well, there's plenty of room.

Yeah, but there's something missing,

though, Possum.

What can we eat with?

Hm, I know.

Knives and forks and spoons.

That's right.

Can you get two please?

Two sets.



One, two, three.

No, not three, just two.


Right. Good.

Well, this dinner is to say thank you

to a very special person

that's helped me make a lot of things around the house.

Do you think it looks right yet, though, Possum?


(GASPS) Oh, I know.

We put the plates out,

put the knives and forks and spoons.

We need to place them out neatly.

Oh, and we need the nice place mats.

That's right.

Yes we do, Possum.

You have thought that through very carefully!

I'll get the placemats!

Yes! Can you get them for me?


they're not there.

They're not?

Oh! That's right.

The woven place mats were dirty.

I didn't want my visitor to see dirty place mats.

So I put them into the wash.

They're still there.

Oh, dear.

Sally, woven place mats.

That's like me earlier,

when I was kicking the soccer ball.

In and out, left and right.

You said I was weaving the way I was kicking it.


That's given me an idea.

Why don't we make woven place mats with coloured paper?


Oh, hang on.

Before we do that,

why don't we watch children weaving things?

Yeah, let's watch.

Oh! That was great!

Wasn't that fantastic?

Sally, I saw them weaving over and under,

over and under, over and under.

I could do that too.

Oh, yes, I'm sure you could, Possum.

I just love to see all the different materials being used.


Oh, it was lovely.

Oh, it was.

Why don't we make some weavings?

I've got some instructions on how to do it in the drawer.


I'll get the box.

These are the instructions

on how we're going to make our woven paper place mats.


We need some paper and a few other things.

In there?

So, first we need to get our piece of paper

and just fold it in half.

Not too firm, just fold it gently.

Yes, good, good.

Now, you hold it,

and we'll get the scissors

and we'll cut some lines into it coming this way.

Not all the way,

just stop before the end.

Then you do some wavy lines,

and then do another cut here,

and another cut here.

Not all the way to the end,

OK, Possum?

Be careful.



Good. Now open it up.



Look at all the lines, Possum.



Now, if you can cut the red paper,

just cut it into strips,

just straight lines,

just cut them.

OK, Possum?


I'll do the blue one.

Got it.



Now we need to weave the coloured ones

through the black one.

Like this?

Yes, just like that.

You start.

Over, under.


Oh, it's all done.

Oh, it looks beautiful!

Hold it up!

Oh, doesn't that look lovely?

Possum, would you mind making a second one?

Oh, yes!

And while you are doing that,

I'll finish cooking the dinner.


Huh? Uh...

Mm, th... Done.

No, Possum.

Forks always go on the left,

and knives are on the right.

Oh, OK.

(GASPS) All done.

That's great.

Sally, it looks beautiful.


Sally, who is our special dinner guest?

I did tell you it was going to be a surprise, Possum.


They're here.

Can you please go and invite them in?

Oh, OK.


Sally, it's Amanda!


..you didn't invite her in,

did you?

Oh, silly me.

Hi, Amanda.


Oh, thank you.

Thank you. Hi, everyone.

Hi, Sally.


It's good to see you.

You look lovely.

Oh, thank you. How are you?

I'm so excited.

I couldn't wait to see you both.

We have invited you here for a very special dinner.

We wanted to say thank you for all of the work that

you've done around the house.

Oh, thank you for inviting me.

I'm always very happy to make

things for you.

I enjoy it.

That's great.

Alright, well, dinner is ready.

Oh, it's ready.

Why don't we sit down?

Oh, wow! OK.

Hold on, Sally.

There's one, two plates.

For us two.

What are you going to do,

sit and watch?

No, Possum.

The dinner is for Amanda and me.

You will be eating later.


But I have a very special job for you.

I would like you to be the waiter,

because we would really like to show our gratitude to Amanda.

Thank you so much. I'm excited.

Are you ready?

Sally, some pepper?

Oh, yes please, just a little bit.


That's enough.

Amanda, pepper?

Ah, yes, must have pepper.

I love pepper.

Thank you.

Hey, what? Oh.

Never mind.


I should make sure they taste alright first.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, hang on.

There's two on this plate.

I know.


There you are.

Thank you. That looks lovely.

Sally, would you like some pepper?

Oh, yes, please.

Thank you.

That's enough, thanks.


Ah, yes, please. I love pepper.

Thank you.

I'll have to come back.

Right-o, you're done.

Very good, very good.

Possum, wait,

I haven't finished yet.

For dessert.

Oh, thank you.

Yes, just one please.

Thank you.

I know. Watch this.

No, no, no!

No, you don't put pepper on dessert.


No, no, no, no!

Not on my dessert.

It's perfect the way it is.

Thank you.

Ah, OK.

It's delicious.



Oh, no, one's enough for me, thank you.

I will be full.

It was delicious, though.

Thank you very much for this.

Oh, and I love the place mats too.

They look great.

I've never seen them before.

That's because Possum made them earlier today.

Oh, well done, Possum.

He just weaved them out of some coloured paper.

Good job. Looks wonderful.

He should make some more.

Oh, yes, I will.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.

ALL: Bye!

Oh... Yum-yum-yum...!

Eat it before he takes it away, Amanda.

A dinner guest

Possum learns about weaving and helps get the table ready for a dinner guest. Sally shows Possum how to make placemats with paper. When the table is ready everything looks good, but will Possum be the perfect waiter when Amanda arrives for dinner?

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