Episode 8

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Ah. Oh, oh, oh. (CHUCKLES)






Ah, there it is.


Oh. Oh.



It's raining.

Oh, no!


Oh, quick!

Oh, quickly, quickly.




(GASPS) Hello, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

We've just been eating a delicious lunch.

Sally, it's still raining outside.

Don't worry, Possum.

There's plenty of things we can do inside that are fun.

Oh, yeah.

I could eat more of your lunch.

(LAUGHS) Oh, you are funny, Possum.

Well, I'm going to go and clean up.



Num-num. Oh...








Hm. Um...

Possum? Excuse me, Possum.

What's happened?

What? Nothing.

Nothing's wrong. Nothing, nothing.

(GASPS) Did you break...

Did you break one of my plates?

I did, Sally.

Don't worry, Possum.

We've all broken a plate before.

But, Sally, it jumped off the table all by itself.

I'm such a bad possum.

No, you're not a bad possum.

You're a good possum.

Accidents happen.

If an accident does happen,

all you need to do is say sorry and we can move on.

Oh, I'm very, very, very,

very, very sorry.

I'll try fixing it.

Uh... Uh...

Uh... Ah.

If you do manage to get it all together,

how are you going to make it hold together?

Hmm... (GASPS)

I know - really strong glue!

Well, you could,

but I don't think that would be possible, Possum.

There are just too many pieces.

It looks just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Can you please get the dustpan and brush?

We'll put it in the rubbish.


And don't worry, Possum.

I have plenty of plates.

(SIGHS) Phew.


What should we do now?

Hm, it's still raining outside.

I can't hang the washing out.



Sally, you talked about a jigsaw puzzle before.

Is that a game we can play?

Oh, Possum, what a great idea.

It is a lot of fun and I haven't done a jigsaw in a long time.

Let me think where I put mine.



(GASPS) Sally, look!

It's a caterpillar.

Yes, it is, Possum.

(GASPS) It's disappeared!

Where'd it go?

Do you remember what the caterpillar looked like?

Try and recreate it.

Look, it's a perfect fit. Hold on.

Look, it's the caterpillar again!

Isn't that lovely?


It's a fish.

(GASPS) Look.


Look, it's the fish!

It's all finished. Well done.

When I was young,

I loved playing with these jigsaws.

There are other puzzles, too,

but they're a bit harder.

They're all different shapes.

The hard ones have little tabs

and the other pieces have little

holes and the tabs go into the hole.

It's a bit different.

Did you make all of these, Sally?

No. A long time ago, they were given to me as a present.

(GASPS) But we could make our own jigsaw puzzle if you like.

We can't make the harder ones because you need

a special tool to cut the pieces.

But what we can do is make a jigsaw puzzle

out of a picture or a photo.

(GASPS) Can we watch some children and see how its made?

Yes. Let's watch the children.

They have a stencil,

but they don't have a picture yet.

Let's wait and see what they do.

Yeah, let's watch!

(GASPS) Didn't that look


..the way they made those pictures

into jigsaws?

Yes, it did.

I would love to do those sorts of puzzles today.

Unfortunately, we can't.

We'll do it another time.

But those children were so clever.

See all the shapes they had?

They picked out all the edges first, though,

made the edge, and then filled in all the middle pieces.

You're right - they were clever.

They just tipped it all out,

mixed it all up,

and then were able to make a picture again.


Why don't we find a picture that we like

and we can cut that into different shapes

and make a jigsaw puzzle?

I know. Why don't I break a different plate? (LAUGHS)

(CHUCKLES) You're funny, Possum.

Sally, I really am sorry I broke that plate.

Oh, it's fine, Possum.

(GASPS) I've just had a thought.

We have a nice photo taken of us.

I've actually got two copies of it.

We can use one of those copies as our jigsaw puzzle.

Oh, what a great idea!

Why don't you get the photo and I'll get the scissors, OK?


Ooh. (GASPS) Wow.

We only need one,

so I'll put the other one back.


It's a lovely photo, isn't it?

What's the paper for?

Sally, I didn't want to cut all messy,

so I thought if I drew the lines on,

it'd make it tidy.

(GASPS) What a fantastic idea!

Are you ready?

That's a lovely triangle, Possum.

Can we have some squares in there, maybe?


Ah, look at all the different shapes.

They look great.

Let's pop it on here.

See how it moves, Possum?

What I'll do is I'll get some clips.

Oh, yeah!

Right. Shall we cut?

Oh, yes.


It's all jumbled up.

Let's see if we can make the picture.


Oh, look. You cut your head in half.




That's a shoulder and an arm.



Look, someone's lips. (CHUCKLES)


Oh, I was wrong.

It's finished!

Ta-da! Yes.

Before, it was all jumbled up,

and now, we've remade the picture.

It's a lovely picture of the two of us.

(GASPS) Possum,

the rain has finally stopped.

I need to go outside and hang my washing.

And I need to play soccer, too.

Oh, well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Possum breaks a plate!

Uh, oh! Possum breaks one of Sally’s plates and is worried she will be angry. He tries to put it back together. Sally that it looks like a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. What will that lead to?

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