Episode 9

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Aww, wow!

Huh? - Look!


I'm Sally!

And I'm Possum.


Where are the scissors and string?

Uh... Oh!




Oh, hello everyone!

I'm going to need Possum's help.

I can't reach all the way up there.

Good morning, Possum.

Hi, Sally. Good morning!

Hi, everyone!

Sally, what are you doing?

Oh, I'm just cleaning up the kitchen.

Oh, OK.

Can you see that string and scissors up there, Possum?

I can't reach, they're too high up.

Can you help me, please?

Oh, you're short.

You're lucky I'm so tall.

This will be easy. Watch me.



I can't reach them! I'm too short.

Oh, Possum.

You really are tall,

but this just happens to be taller.

No, I'm too short.

I really want to help, but I can't!

(SIGHS) I'm so sorry.

Is there any way I can get taller?

Oh, Possum.

Out of all the possums,

you are definitely the tallest of them all.

I don't think that you can get much taller.

Hm. (GASPS) Sally...

Yesterday, you gave me more toast,

and I didn't want it.

I should've eaten it!

That would've helped me to grow taller.

Mm, no. It doesn't happen that way,


Sally! (GASPS) I know.

What if I ate long foods?

That would help me get taller!

Yeah! (GASPS) Like the banana!

If I eat a long banana,

that will help me grow taller!

Or...maybe some green beans!

They're long. That'll do!

Well, Possum,

you really are very tall already.

You wouldn't want to get much taller.

If you did get too tall,

how would you get through the door?

Ah, you're right.

I would have to duck under the doorframe!

And how would you get into the treehouse?

Mm, I wouldn't be able to.

There are things that are up high that we can't reach.

We have to think of different ways to get them down.

Oh, I've got an idea!

I know, I'm gonna stretch.







Alright, Sally! I'm feeling good.

I feel a little bit taller!

I'm going to try again.

Huh? (GASPS)

Sally! They've g...

How did they get from up there to the table?

While you were stretching, Possum,

I flapped my arms,

and I managed to start to fly!

And I flew all the way up,

grabbed them,

and put them on the table.


Sally, you can't fly.

I know, Possum. I'm joking!

What I did do, though,

was I got on some stilts.

I walked over, grabbed them,

and put them onto the table.


I don't know if you're joking or if you're serious, Sally.

What are stilts?

Well, stilts are long pieces of wood with little blocks in them.

You step on the blocks,

and it makes you taller.

And you can walk along on them.

It's good fun.

Hey, Possum, why don't we watch some children playing,

and walking on stilts?

Do you wanna watch?

Yeah, let's watch!

Oh! That looked like so much fun,


I wanna do that!

I wanna walk on stilts.

Well, Amanda is coming for a visit today.

I'll ask her to bring some wood with her.

And we can make some stilts for you.

Would you like that?

Yes, please!

I'm gonna go out the back and practice my balancing.


Oh, Possum. (LAUGHS)

What is it, Possum?

Sally, can you tell me, honestly,

how the scissors and the string

got down?

Have a look over there, Possum.

See that little stepladder?

I used that to get them down.

Oh, right. OK, bye!

Ooh... Ooh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ooh. Ah! Whoa, whoa.

Oh, oh, oh.

Oh. Ah!


Hi, Sally!

Hi, Possum.

Hey, Possum? Look at my hair.

It's only a little bit curly.

I wish I had curlier hair.

I wonder if there were some foods that I could eat

to make my hair curlier.

Sally, your hair looks beautiful just the way it is.

You don't need it any curlier.

Hm. Just like earlier, Possum.

You said you wanted to be taller.

Well, I think you are just the right height.

Ah, I see what you mean, Sally.

I'm just the perfect height.

I don't need to get any taller.

That's right.

(GASPS) Oh, look!

Here comes Amanda.



(GASPS) Hi, Amanda!

Amanda, have you brought the stuff

to make the stilts?

Yes, I have. I've brought my wood and my toolbox!

The stilts are very easy to make.

Would you like to help me?

Oh, would I?


Now, we need to take everything out of the toolbox.

We need the wood...

..and the saw...


..and the tape measure...


..and the square...


..and one more thing.

A pencil!

(GASPS) Here it is!



Now, to start, we need to cut the bits of wood for the footholds!


Oh, wow!


Oh. Yay!

Alright. How much tallerdo you want to be, Possum?


Well, I'm this tall now.

And maybe...I want...this much taller.

Ah. That's about 40.

We now need to drill some holes in each piece of wood, OK?


Great job.

Oh, look!

You can see straight through.

One more.



You can look straight through the holes. Good.

Thank you!


These bolts will go through the holes,

and will be held on with wing nuts.


ALL: Yay!

They look great!

Would you like to try them out now,


Do I?

Unfortunately, I have to go.

I have another job to go to.

I have to pack up now, OK?


Thank you, Possum.

Thank you very much.

Have fun. Bye!

Bye, Amanda!


Would you like to try them now, Possum?


Over here.



And... (GRUNTS)

Ah! Ooh. Again.



(GRUNTS) Oh, oh, oh!

Ah, that's great, Possum!

Keep coming!


(GASPS) Ah, that was great!

Uh...Possum, can I have a try?

You? Sally, don't be silly.

You can't do that,

it's just too hard.

What's she thinking?

Huh? (GASPS)


Wow! That's amazing.


Whoa, look!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Sally, do it again. Show me!

Possum wants to be taller

This is the tallest Possum we know. Why does he want to be taller? And why does Sally think that Amanda may have a special way of helping him?

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