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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.




(GASPS) Hello, everyone!

Look at me.

I've been working in the garden.

I've watered all the vegetables,

pulled all the weeds out,

because I want the vegetables to grow big and strong.

(GASPS) Who's that?

It's Amanda! Hi, Amanda.

Hello, Possum. Hello, everyone!

This looks great.

You've been working very hard in the garden,

haven't you?

Yes, I have.

Amanda, are you here for dinner?

Oh, not tonight, unfortunately.

But I do have a spanner.

Can you please give it to Sally?


I was using it to tighten the nuts on my wheelbarrow.

Ah. Sally will be so pleased.


Has Sally needed the spanner?

Everyone needs a spanner!

You can tighten and loosen nuts.

You're right, Possum.

You've learned lots about tools,

haven't you?

That's fabulous.

I have to go. Bye-bye!


Ha. Right!

Huh? Hm.


Right. (LAUGHS)

Tighten that.





Hi, Sally!

Hi, Possum.

How'd the gardening go?

Ah, it was easy to do.

Sally, what are you doing?

This is a book. It's a present.

(GASPS) Is it for me?

(LAUGHS) No, Possum.

It's for a friend of mine!

Ah. It's so beautiful!

They're gonna love it.

Yes, they will.

I'm going to wrap it up nice and neat.

And I'm going to give it to them.

Sally, why are you wrapping it?

Why don't you just give them the book?

Ah, well, it's nice to give them a present!

If I just gave them the book,

it wouldn't be very exciting.

When I wrap it,

it creates a bit of excitement,

because they'll be able to feel what might be inside,

and try and guess what it is.

And when they open it,

they get a lovely surprise,

and it makes them feel special. Wow!

And they'll know I've gone to such effort to wrap it up

that it shows that I care about them.


Hm, I've got an idea.


It looks so beautiful, Sally!

Look at the paper.

Sally, you're taking such good care in wrapping it.

Oh, yes.

When you give it to them,

they'll carefully unwrap it,

and they can keep the paper as a present as well!

That's right, Possum!

You've really thought about that.

There are all sorts of paper that you can wrap presents with.

We can use plain-coloured paper,

or paper that has decorations on it.

But the most important thing is what's inside.

Ah! I see.

So, Sally. I was thinking.

I have fur on the outside...

..but do I have fur on the inside?

I'm a little confused.

No, Possum.

You do have fur on the outside,

but there's no fur on the inside.

The important parts of what make you move, and eat,

and feel emotions are inside.

And that's what's important.

Ah, I see.

That's like with the present!

It's what's inside that counts.

I understand now.


Well, would you like to learn more about wrapping paper?


We can either buy wrapping paper from the shop,

or we can make our own,

like I've done here.

Would you like to make some?

Oh, yes!

Before we do that,

why don't we watch some children making wrapping paper,

and see how they decorate it?

Yeah, let's watch!

Ah, they looked great!

Yeah, they did!

Why don't we do the same thing?

Why don't we make our own wrapping paper and decorate it?

Yeah! What do we need?

There are lots of different ways we can make paper look pretty,

but I really enjoy using rollers.

Yeah? Well, let's start!

Can you please get that brown piece of paper?

Paper. Yep!


We're going to pick two colours.


What colours would you like?

Hm. Orange and yellow.




(GASPS) Ooh!

Now for the yellow.


Now, what should we start with?

Oh, this roller?

Hm. Ooh!

It's got this lovely pattern on it.

Now, which colour should we choose?


Great. Put the roller in that.

Oh, look at that! Isn't that lovely?

Yeah, look!


Lovely. Keep going!

(GASPS) Look!

Alright. One more!

Great! Now...

This one.

It's a different one.

Let's see what that looks like.

I'm going to use yellow.

Yellow, good.

Oh, that looks great!

Oh, that looks good.

Oh! Hm...?


Ah, that looks beautiful, Possum.

It still looks a bit wet, though.

It's best to put it on the table and let it dry, OK?


That really does look good.

It's beautiful.

Would you like to help me get dinner ready?


Can you please get the peas ready for cooking?



These can't be the peas.

Sally, I can't find the peas!

They're on the table, Possum.


They're not peas.

I've never seen them before.


You've never seen peas grow,

have you?


Ah, there are none in my garden,

are there?

Well, peas grow in pods.

And when you open the pod,

that's where you find the peas.

And then you shell them,

and that's what they are.

Ah, that's like having a present

with something delicious inside!

I love peas.


Can you try to shell them out?



Can you do all of them?




Here you go, Sally!

Oh, is that for me?

Aw, that's lovely, thank you.

I wonder what it is.

It's small, but it's quite heavy.

I wonder what's inside.

Sally, this is awesome if you have a wheelbarrow.

So...this is to be used with wheelbarrows?


Hm, I wonder what it is?

Shall we have a look?

Yep, let's look!

Look, Sally!

(LAUGHS) You're a funny possum.

What a wonderful present.

But did you recently see Amanda outside?

You're so clever, Sally!

But you're right.

I did see Amanda, and she asked me to give it to you.

But I thought it would be good fun to wrap it up,

give it to you as a surprise!

Oh, you're so funny, Possum.

Sally, I know what's inside you.

Uh, what do you mean, Possum?

Well, before, you explained to me,

it's what's on the inside

that's important.

And what's on the inside of you is a very kind person.

Aw, thank you, Possum!

That's very thoughtful of you.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching!

See you next time!



Ooh, yum!


Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

A present for Sally

It’s what is inside that is important, but a present may look good too. Possum learns more about wrapping things up nicely. Now, what is he going to do with Sally’s spanner?

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