Episode 13

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.



Yes, that looks good.

Oh, hello, everyone.

I just finished my painting.

Oh, I love painting.

It's a wonderful way to relax and de-stress.

It helps me to think about all the

different shades of the colours and the shapes that are made.

I wonder where Possum is.

Oh! Here he is.

Hello, Possum.

Hi, Sally.


I haven't seen you since breakfast, Possum.

I've been very busy.

What have you been busy doing?

Preparing for Possum School.

Possum School? Is that far away?

No. You know where it is.

It's just out there.


Sally, are you using the easel?

I was using it.

Luckily, I'm finished.

Could I borrow it?

Yes, of course you can borrow it.


This is a beautiful painting.

Thank you.

Look at the sky,

and the clouds, and the trees.

And the trees again,

and the clouds and the sky.

Thank you, Possum.

You know when you look in a mirror and you see your reflection?

It's the same as this.

Here. Have a look.

The water acts like a mirror and the image is reflected.

See? The trees are reflected in the water,

then the clouds are reflected and the sky is reflected.

It's a pattern.

Yeah, you're right, Sally. Look.

The blue, the white, the green,

green again, then white, and blue.

Oh, it looks great.

Thank you.

(CHUCKLES) I'm ready for school.

OK, off you go. Have fun.

Yes, I will have fun.

Sally, do teachers have fun too?

Oh, yes, Possum.

Teachers really do enjoy teaching children

all sorts of different things.

They do have fun.

(GASPS) Sally, would you like to be my teacher?

Oh, yes. I would happily

become your teacher.


OK. What should we learn today?



(GASPS) I know.

I want to learn more about your painting, and the patterns.

Oh, yes. That would be good fun.

We could look at all sorts

of different patterns -

maybe colour patterns

or shape patterns.

OK, let's go. I'm ready!

Alright, let's go. Off you go.

Quick. Grab those.


Hat and bag.

Are you ready now to learn at school?

Yes. Let's go!

Sally, who is at school today?

Ooh. Who?

I am. I'm ready.


First, why don't we watch some children learning at school

in different ways.

Yeah, let's watch.


Oh, they looked like they had so much fun.

Yes. Why don't we go and learn about patterns?

Yeah. Come on.


We are going to make a pattern.


I'll start the pattern.

Now you need to make the pattern.

Can you do it?



No, no, no.

(GASPS) I know.

Is that it?

Yes. Do it again.


Look - three, three, three.

Yes. The pattern has repeated.

Now, can you please copy the pattern into your book?


Right. That one.


Ah. Yep.


Good job, Possum.

It looks lovely.

You can see the patterns of three.

Now I'd like to make another pattern.


I'm going to add an extra colour in.




Can you now copy the pattern?

I'll try.



Hmm. Look closely.

Ah. I know.

That's right.


That's great.

Now it's a pattern of four.

That pattern has repeated itself.

Now, can you copy that into your book?



Hmm. Yep.

This one.

Hmm. Ah! This one.

This one.

Yep. This one.

That one.


Look, Sally!

That's a lovely pattern of four.

It looks great.

Ooh! Sally, you and I could be patterns.

Come on. I'll show you.

Come this way.

Over here, over here.

Now, copy me.



Oh, look at the pots, Sally.


Can we make patterns out of the pots?

Yes, we can.

Come on - let's go!


Oh I love learning about different types of patterns!

Oh, so do I, Possum.

Look. I'll show you what I've got.

Look. Two, two, two, two, two.

That's great.

Is there a different way you think you can do it?

Yeah. I'll show you.

One-two, one-two, one-two,

one-two, one-two.

Oh, that's great. That's lovely.

Alternating colours.

Oh, I think I could do a pattern of three.



Do you think you could finish it off, Possum?



Yes, you're right.

One-two-three, one-two-three,


Three, three, three.

It's repeated itself, hasn't it?

Do you think we could try four?

Four? OK.

Oh, I know.


Oh, that's great.



That's four and four. It's repeated.

Oh, lovely.

Ooh! I'll show you my favourite.

Look - small-big, small-big,

small-big, small-big, small-big.

Oh, great job, Possum.

They're all different shapes,

aren't they?

They go from small and big and small and big.

Sally, what are we going to do now?

Oh, I think it might be time for lunch.

Oh! Yum-yum-yum.

What are we going to eat?

We're going to have some crackers

and we're going to put a topping on it.

I'm trying to think

what I should use.

I'd like to make a pattern with the toppings.

Hmm. Oh, I know.

Why don't we have green and red as a pattern?

Oh. Sally, the tomatoes and the lettuce.

Oh, that's a great idea, Possum.

Why don't I go inside and make some lunch?

And while I'm doing that you can draw a picture

of a tomato in your book.

OK. Let's go.

Done. Look, Sally - a tomato.

Oh, that's a lovely tomato.

I'll write the name on there for you.


Oh! That looks great.

And look - I've made some lunch.

While I was in there, I thought I would make another pattern.

I've gone tomato-lettuce,

tomato-lettuce, tomato-lettuce.


Oh, yeah.

Ooh, Sally, I know another pattern.

Learn-eat, learn-eat, learn-eat,

learn-eat, learn-eat...


You're so funny, Possum. Oh!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Look! Oh, it looks great.

Possum plays school

Possum likes the patterns in Sally’s painting and that starts him thinking about patterns too. This must be time to set up Possum School again. What kinds of patterns can he find and record in his school book?

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