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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Oh, hello, everyone.

I've made some toast.

Possum is outside, but don't worry!

No matter where he is,

his sense of smell is so good that he will know

when the toast is ready,

and he'll come flying through the door.

Oh, hello, everyone.

It's such a beautiful day.

I feel like a stroll through the garden.

Look at the pretty flowers.

This is my tree.

Oh. (GASPS) Look at the garden!

How beautiful it is,

and all the things that are growing.

(GASPS) Look at the flowers!

The beautiful colour.

Look at all the bees.

Looks good.

(GASPS) I want to smell them.

(SNIFFS) Ah, smells so good.



Ooh! Ah! Ooh! Ah! The bee stung me!

Oh, it hurts!

Sally, help! It hurts!

Oh, the pain! Sally, help!



Look how excited he is about the toast.

Sally, the bee stung me!

Oh, it hurts!

Naughty bee! Cruel bee! It hurt me!

Oh, calm down.

Pull it out! Pull it out!

Come on.

Just calm down. Stop moving about.


Let me have a look.

I need to scrape it out.

Hurry up.

Ah. Oh! Oh, it hurts!

Oh, I feel like it's swollen.

I'll get some ice.

Oh, it feels so swollen.

This will help reduce the pain.


Oh, Sally.

Put it against your nose.

Why didn't you just pull it out?

Well, a bee sting

has got a funny shape to it.

It's better that I draw it and show you.

OK. Oh, it feels better.


See? That's the sharp, pointy end,

and that's the bit that's in your nose.

And in this sac is a little bit of poison,

and it goes through the stinger into your nose.

And if I pulled that out,

I'd squeeze the sac and all the poison

would squirt into your nose,

and it would be very, very painful.

So, I need to use my fingernail to scrape it out,

so the poison doesn't go in.

That means it will be less painful for you.

Oh, I do feel a little bit better,

but it's still sore.

That bee was very naughty. And cruel.

Well, Possum, just imagine that bee is flying around,

and he sees some beautiful flowers.

And he lands in one, and thinks it's a lovely spot to sit.

Then, all of a sudden,

this big nose comes near it,

and the bee can't get out.

It gets scared!

And it sees this big, giant nose,

so it thinks, "I'll sting him!

Just to get away!"

But unfortunately,

the bee will die.

(GASPS) I didn't know that, Sally.

But it's still a bad bee.

Oh, well. Would you like some toast,


Oh, yes.

Would you like it with jam,

or butter, or honey?

Honey. I love honey.

Yes, it's delicious.

Do you know where honey comes from?

No. Does it grow?

Well, it is from flowers,

but there is something else that turns it into honey.

What is it?

Why don't we watch children learning where honey comes from?

Yeah, let's watch.


(GASPS) That looked great!

I thought those bees were awful little things,

but they're wonderful!

The way they work together to make the honey, like this.


That's what they do!

You're right, Possum.

I knew you'd get a surprise.

And the way they work together to find the flowers.

They're such a good team.


they harvest the sticky stuff.

It's called nectar.

They pop it onto their bodies,

and they fly all the way back to their hive.


And when they land, they take all their nectar off,

then another bee comes along,

takes it,

and puts it into the honeycomb.

That's right, Possum.

It's an amazing thing,

seeing what goes on inside a hive.

Yeah! And I love the shapes, too.

The way they fit together.

You mean the honeycomb?

Is that the shape you're talking about?

Yeah, that's the shape.

Um, it looks like...um...oh...

Oh! Like this, Sally.

Hm, yes.


Yes, you're right.

Look at the shape.

How many sides has it got?

Let's count.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

It's got six sides.

That means it's a hexagon.


Oh, Sally? Can I draw this?

Oh, you could,

but I have a better idea.

What is it?

Well, why don't we make something out of foam into a hexagon?

And then we can dip that into the paint,

and make a lovely picture.

Ah, yeah! Can we do it now?

I'll go get the craft box, OK?

It's got all the things we need in it.



That's quite a cough you've got.

Yeah, I've got an itchy throat.

There's something stuck in there.


Ah, I have something for a sore throat.

(GASPS) You do? Oh, great!

Drink that.

Oh, this is delicious!

Is it good?

This has got some squeezed lemon juice

mixed with hot water,

and something else that comes from bees.

Do you mean there's honey in this?

Yes, there is.

And this is going to help my cough go away?

Yes, it will.

Ah, that's great!

Great. Well, we've got everything ready.

Now, I've already cut out these shapes.

See this shape here?

That's the hexagon.

We can make all sorts of patterns and pictures with it.

We dip it in the paint,

and then we dab it on the paper.

You use one hexagon per colour.

You don't want to mix the colours.

Just keep them separate, OK?

I'll show you how it's done.


And you move it around a bit.


Oh, look! That looks great!

You can see the hexagon shape that's been made, can't you?


So, you can use lots of different colours to make a lovely picture.

It'll look great.

Would you like to do that?

Oh, yes! I'm so excited.

You try.


This one.

Dab it.

Ha! Look!

That looks lovely.

OK, keep going.


There are small hexagon shapes, too,

if you'd like to use those.

Oh, great.

Hm, what am I going to do?

Oh, I know. Um...

Oh, that's great.

Oh, look at this.

Oh, that's lovely.

Oh, it looks just like a flower.

It's beautiful.


Oh, I really like that.

That is beautiful.

Oh, such bright colours!



Oh, that looks beautiful.

Have a look at mine.


Sally, mine looks like honeycomb.

Hm, yes, it does.

Sally, what if I take my picture outside?

Would the bees put their honey on it?

(LAUGHS) No, I don't think they would.

Hm, I think we better say goodbye now.

I have to go outside.

What are you going outside for?

Well, I want to thank the bees.


I want to show them my picture.

I didn't like being stung,

but I did learn about how good bees are,

because the bees make honey,

and that is one of my favourite foods

Well, yes, that is very true.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Right. OK.

OK! Off you go!

Bees and honey

When a bee stings Possum, he thinks bees must be awful things. But what does he want on his toast? Honey, of course. And now he finds out just who makes that wonderful honey.

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