Episode 3

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Hello, everyone. Look at Possum.

He's so absorbed in his cutting.

Hi, Sally.

Hi, Possum. What are you doing?

Uh, I'm just cutting out some shapes

out of all these different things.

Sally, is this a square?

Hm, if you look, all the sides are the same length.

And it's got four corners.

So, yes, it's a square.

Oh, Sally?

Is this a triangle?

Yes, that is a triangle.

Sally, I tried to make a circle.

But it doesn't look very good.

It is a lovely shape. But it's not

really a perfect circle, is it?

But I could show you some different ways

that we could make some lovely circles.

We could use a dinner plate.

We could stencil an outline of that on some paper.

And there's another one that's good fun that I like to do.

Would you like me to show you?

Have you got some string?

"String"? Here it is.

Great. And a black crayon?

If you could move the papers,

please, Possum.


Ah, that looks great!

Would you like to try, Possum?

Ah, yeah!


Hello. Come on in.

Hello, Jay!

It's Jay!

Yes, Jay's here.

Would you like a cold drink?

Sally, why is Jay wearing this?

Well, this week,

Jay is working at the school.

He's going to be the crossing guard for the week.


Sally, what's this he's holding?

Well, it's a very important job that he's doing.

Obviously, there are roads the children have to cross

to get to school.

And there are cars that drive on those roads.

It can be a bit dangerous and unsafe sometimes.

So, Jay will stand on the road and stop the cars

to make sure the children get there safely.

And that's why he's dressed like that.

Ah! Sally, this says "Stop".

That's right, Possum.

It does say "Stop".


Sally, look!

They're both the same!

That's right. They're big circles.

And, Sally,

this looks like a lollipop.


You are funny, Possum.

Huh? Sally, why has he got that?

Well, that's a whistle, Possum.

So, he will stand on the road and blow the whistle.

The hearing children can hear the whistle

and know it's safe to cross the road.

But for deaf children who can't hear the whistle,

they have to wait and watch.

Then Jay will signal them to cross.

And once they see that,

they know it's safe to cross.

Ah, that's great!

Would you like to see some more things?

Yes, please!

Why don't you both go outside?

And I can bring the cold drinks out, OK?


Come on, Jay!


Off you go.


That one.

Oh. Oh, OK.



Oh, your drink.


I'm ready.


Ah, ah, ah!

Hm? What?

No. You must stay

and watch him carefully.

Let him go first.

Make sure all the cars have stopped.

And then we can cross the road, OK?


No cars.

Wait. Wait. Wait.


No, no, Possum,

you must stay right here.

Jay will walk out

into the middle of the road,

stop all of the cars.

And once he's blown his whistle

and signalled,

then we can cross the road.

But until that happens,

you stay here.


I'm watching.


Let's go!




Let's go, Sally!



The roads can always be very busy,

with cars and trucks and bikes on them.


And if you don't know

how to cross the road safely,

it can be quite dangerous.


Why don't we watch children learning about road safety?

Let's watch, Jay!

Let's watch.

Ah, wow!

Those children were very focused,

learning about road safety.

Yes, safety is very important.


Oh, OK.

See you later.






Oh, I wish Jay had left his stuff behind

so I could play with it.

Oh, well.

Possum, why don't we make our own crossing gear

and play pretend crossing the road?

Oh, yeah!

Sally, do you remember when we were in the kitchen before

and I drew that big circle?

I could use that as a stop sign.

That's a great idea. Why don't we do

that, Possum? Let's go inside.


That's a beautiful circle.

Sally, I want to write "Stop".

But how do I spell it?


I'll write it down for you.


Great. I'll write it now.

That looks great!

Aww, it's lovely.

What lovely painting.

Oh. I'm going to colour in the orange now.




One, two, three, four.

This... Oh, it goes in there!

Right. "Children crossing". Good!

That, that, that, that.

Look what I've got.




Hm. Hm?

Oh! Sally, what are you doing?

Well, I'm going into the garden

to get some vegetables

for tonight's dinner.

Oh, you can't.

It's a very busy road.

I'm going to help you cross.

Why, thank you, Possum.


Hold it.


Come on!

Hm, I think I'll be able

to cross by myself now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop!

I'm going to help you.

It means it will take longer

to get to the kitchen.

Hm? Hm? Wait. Right.


Thank you.

All good.

Sally, crossing the road safely

is very important.

But I do know that getting dinner

prepared is very important, too.

Oh, yes.

I can practice more tomorrow.

Yes, you can, Possum.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Crossing the road

Possum is eagerly learning more about shapes when Jay arrives dressed as a School Crossing Guard. He is helping at a school for a week, and shows Possum that he must pay careful attention and follow the instructions. Now Possum has his own gear, so how will Sally be able to cross her own yard when Possum is on road safety duty?

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