Episode 5

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Hello, everyone.

Hi, Sally.

Good morning, Possum.

Good morning. Hello, everyone.


It's a beautiful day.

Yes, it is, Possum.

Sally, what's that for?

Are you going to the shops?

No, I'm not going to the shops.

I'm just going to the garden.

I need to get a few potatoes.

Would you like to help me?

Of course.

I've got my basket.

Can you please bring the fork?

The fork?

Oh, the fork!

The one with the prongs.

And the spade has the flat bit.


Ah, that's right.

I'd forgotten we planted potatoes before.

This will be good for knocking them out of the tree.

Come on.

Here are the potatoes we need.

The potatoes?

I can see the stems,

but there's no potatoes on them.

It hasn't worked.

How do you know they haven't grown, Possum?

We haven't dug them up yet.

Oh, we dig them up.

I thought they grew on the plant and we knocked them down.

No, Possum.

Vegetables grow in all sorts of different ways.

Some grow above the ground on trees that you can take off.

These vegetables grow below the ground

and are part of the root system.

Ah, I get it!

When you dig, be careful

to dig away from the stem.

Because if you dig too close,

you might hit the potatoes,

and we don't want that to happen.

So, make sure you dig away and under,

so we can scoop them up and keep our potatoes fresh.

Got it. Thanks, Sally.

Be careful now, Possum.

Bring it up now.


Oh! Look!


Look, Possum!

Put them in the basket. Oh! Good.



All done.

I'm going to leave the potatoes here

because they're a bit damp at the moment.

I'll let them dry in the sun and then I'll take them

into the house later.

But for now,

I'm going inside to cook a pie.


Can you please put these things in the compost?



He loves playing his cricket.


Look at him concentrating.M


Well, the potatoes look dry.M

They're ready to take inside now.M




Those potatoes should be ready by now. M

I'm going to get them and give them to Sally.M


What? They're gone!M


They were there before,M

but now they're gone.M

I didn't see Sally come and take them.M


Maybe they've burrowed into the ground by themselves.M




I wonder what happened.M

I don't want Sally to worry.M

(GASPS) I know.

I'm going to find them.

Right. I know.



(CLEARS THROAT) Mm-hm. Mm-hm



Hm. Ah!

Hm? Hm.




Hm. No.

Oh. Ah!

I'm making cottage pie.

I've got my recipe here.

I have the mince

and the onion in this pan.

And in the pot, I have the potatoes,

the ones I got from the garden.

I've peeled them and diced them up and put them on to boil.

I know Possum would love to help...

..but he looked so happy outside playing cricket.

So, I thought I'd leave him be and I'd just cook it myself.

What are you doing, Possum?

Oh, nothing. Nothing.

Sally still doesn't know the potatoes are missing.


Possum, could you help me by peeling the carrots, please?

Yeah, sure. Let me wash my hands.

I know there's something very important outside,

but it can wait.

I'd better help Sally.

I don't want her to get suspicious.

What's up, Possum?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

OK. Well, can you help me peel the zucchini then, please?

Alright, I'll help.

I have other important things,

but I can help you.

Sally, what's in the pot?

Ah, I'm making a topping

for the pie that I'm baking.


Sally, there's a problem outside

that I need to attend to.

I have to go.

Hm. Strange.




Hey, Possum, would you like to help me put the topping on?

Sally, I can't. I'm sorry.

I have a very important matter I need to attend to.

I can't help you.

Well, that's OK.

I can do it myself.

But Possum, this is almost ready.

Will you be back in time for lunch?

I hope so.

Possum, I've been noticing, though,

you're looking for something.

Now, that's given me an idea.

I really enjoy watching children play hide and seek.

Would you like to watch them?

Yes, I would!

If I watch them, they might give me

a good idea. Let's watch!

Oh, wow!

That looked like fun.

Did that give you any ideas, Possum?

It did. I need to go have a look at my tree again.

Before you go, Possum,

don't be out there too long.

This will be ready soon.

Ready for lunch.


Possum, did you solve your problem?

Oh, no, not yet. That doesn't matter.

This smells delicious.


Mm! Mm-mm!

This crust, it tastes...

I've tasted this before.

It's crunchy. What is it?

It's potatoes,

the ones from the garden.

I brought them in.

I've chopped them up,

I've washed them,

I've boiled them, I've mashed them,

and made the topping out of them.

They're the potatoes?



(LAUGHS) Possum, you look so happy.

Well, not only is this

a delicious lunch,

I've solved the mystery of the missing potatoes!

Ha ha!


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Oh! Mm-mm!

Om, nom, nom, nom.



The case of the missing potatoes

Possum helped Sally dig up some potatoes, but when he goes to bring them inside, they are not there! This is a case for police officer Possum! Surely, it couldn’t be anything to do with what Sally is cooking!

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