Episode 7

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.


Oh, that looks good.

How strange, though.

So much work going on there.

Look at all the big trucks.

Look at that one.


That one's rolling.

Hello, everyone! Good morning.

Hey, have a look at all the work that's going on.

One truck even tips.

Whoa, looks awesome.


Hi, Sally!

Hello up there, Possum.

Sally, come on up.

Have a look over here.

You want to talk to me, Possum?

No, no, no. You come down here.

Huh? Oh, OK, I'll be right down.

Hello, everyone.

(LAUGHS) That Possum.

He wants me to climb his tree.

He must have something over there that he wants to show me.

He's a very fast climber...


Good morning, Sally.


Sally, I do wish you'd come up to the treetop with me.

What were you looking at over there?

It was very strange.

There were all sorts of trucks.

One of them was doing this.


It was almost like

it was eating the ground...

..and then spitting it out.

Oh, that is strange.

Eating the ground

and spitting it out?

The ground must taste funny.


What else did you see, Possum?

Oh, there was a really big truck.

It stopped,

and they got a truck that did this.


And then, that truck drove off,

but then another one came.

And the back of it tipped up,

and all these stones came tumbling out!

All over the road.

And then there was another one.

He did this, and...


How can I explain? I'll show you.

Oh, I know what that is.


that's called a road roller.


So, it's very, very heavy,

with a big wheel.

And it rolls, doesn't it?

Yeah, that's the one.

So, Possum, what you're seeing is called road works.

I think that road was very old and had lots of potholes in it,

so they needed to put a new road in.

So first of all,

they dig up the old road,

and the truck takes the rubbish away.

Then, a new truck comes through and dumps all the stones.

And then the road roller comes through and flattens them

because it's so big and heavy.

And then, when that's done,

another, bigger truck is going to come through.

It looks very strange,

and it drops black tar all over the road.

And that is how a new road is made.


Sally, I wish I could play with those sorts of trucks here.

Oh, I know you love playing pretend, Possum.

First, why don't we watch some children thinking about road works,

and playing with toy trucks,

and diggers, and tippers?

Let's watch.

Yeah, let's watch!

Oh, that looked like a lot of fun,

didn't it?

I love seeing those children play with all those different trucks in the sandpit.

It was lovely.

Oh, Possum.

I can tell by your face that you have an idea.

Yes, I do.

Sally, can you help me make one of those big machines?

Oh. Hm.


Why don't you pretend to be a road roller

and roll around on the grass?

Oh, that's a lot of hard work, Sally.

Well, which of the other big trucks

did you like the most?


I liked the one that did this.

Oh, yes.

That's the one I like.

Oh, you like the one that digs.

Oh, OK.

Hm, we're going to need something,


(GASPS) I know!

In your tree,

do you have a cardboard box?


But how can we make it move?

Oh, good point.

The excavator has an engine inside of it,

and that engine makes the wheels go.

And then the digger part is also operated by the engine.


You could pretend to be the engine.

Oh, yeah!

I can be a big, strong engine!

I could do that.

Right. I've got the digger,

but...how do we make it?

We need a box and some string to be able to control it.

What do you think?

Well, if I'm digging it,

it needs to have a bottom,

so I can pick it all up and put it down.

Right. Something to pick it up.

So, we need two pieces that lock together.

Hm, what can we use?

I know!

Why don't we have a look around for some

things and then put them all together,

and see if we can work out how to make one?

I'll go inside,

and you go and check your tree.



Yes! We've used the mop,

so that we can swing the arm around and move the jaws.



Oh, look! Hm.

How can we get the jaws to open?

How? Hm.

What can we use?

(GASPS) This string, perhaps?

Yes, if we pull the string,

maybe we can use that

to control the scoop.

Yeah! Oh, look here.


There we go! The jaws work.

(GASPS) Sally, it looks like teeth!

Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Yes! They are like jaws with teeth possum!


Aw, this looks so good.

And Possum, look at this.

I've made this for you.

It's to go around your body.

And then, when you're inside it,

you can pretend to be the engine.

You can control it all!

Yeah? (GASPS) That's great!

Ah. Sally? Can we play with it

now, outside?

Yes, of course.

You take that, I'll grab this,

and we'll go outside.


(LAUGHS) Come on!


This is great.

Yeah, it looks great.

Hm, I need something to dig.


(GASPS) I know, there's two balls in the garden.

Could you get them for me?

Oh, yes. I'll get them.


Chomp, chomp, chomp. (GASPS)

Oh, let's see.


(LAUGHS) Good work, Possum.




Let's see what this one does.


You keep playing, Possum.

I'm going to go inside and prepare dinner, OK?





Chomp, chomp, chomp.





Chomp, chomp. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Chomp, chomp.


Right through here...

Yep, that's good.

Might want to leave that there.

That's a good tree.

Right. Hm.

Hm...oh! What's that?

Road will come through here.

Hm, no. It's gotta go.

We gotta move it.

Hello, there.


Would you like to come in?

Are you Sally?

Yes....? Yes, I am.

Well, I need to let you know that

your house needs to be moved...

..for the purposes

of making a new road through here.

And your house is in the way.

We have to move it.

You're going to bulldoze my house?

Yes, ma'am. It says

on the paper here we must.

But...what about the tree?

No, no, no.

There's a possum that lives in that tree.

It's very precious.

You're going to remove my house?

Yes, ma'am. It says on the paper

Oh. (SOBS)

Sally, Sally! It's me, Possum!

I was only joking.

(LAUGHS) I played a trick on you.

(LAUGHS) You were teasing me.


Well, I have cooked some lovely food,

and if I give it to you and you eat it,

will you change your mind about not

putting a road through my house?

Could you go around it? Hm?



Let's have a look.

Yep, we can do that.

Oh, yay!

What wonderful news.


Why don't we now both go inside and eat?

(GASPS) Oh, yes! I'm very hungry!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Come on!


Road works

Uh oh! Will Sally’s house have to be moved? Possum is fascinated by the big machines and people in hard hats that he can see from the top of his tree. Then he makes his own digging machine.

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