Episode 8

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.



Ba-da, ba-ba!

Yep, ah. Oh, oh!

That's enough.



Ah, great!



I wonder.

From here to my tree, how many steps?

Hmm. One, two.


Hmm, two.

How about from here to the house?

How many steps?

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven.



I wonder if it's the same backwards.

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven.


Hmm, it's the same, from here to there and there to here.

Hmm, but here to there is...one, two.

Two, great!

Hmm. That's good.

So exciting!

Yes, I can't wait for a cup of tea.

That will be lovely!


Isn't that nice?


Hello, Possum!



Hi, everyone!


Amanda, where did you come from?

How did you get here?

I didn't see you come in.

Oh, well.

Where are you two going?

Are you going out?

Yes, we're going for a walk down to the shops.

There's a few things I need to buy,

and then we'll come back.


Possum, can you

please look after my ute?

There's a big pile

of wood in the back of it.

I need that wood for my next job.

There are smaller pieces there that you can collect and build

something with, if you like.

Ah, yeah, that'd be great!

I'll guard that wood and make sure it's kept safe.

And with the small pieces,

I'll take them and think of something to make, OK?

That's great! We'll see you soon.

OK, bye!










Oh, look at all that wood!

I'd better go watch it.

It's all still there.

Hmm. Those smaller pieces.

I'm gonna collect them and see if I can make something.

Hold on!



I can make something out of these.

I'll see what else there is.

Hmm. Yep, it's all still there.


It's tiring going back and forth.

It might be better if I bring all the wood over here,

so I could watch it more easily.


This is great!

I can keep an eye on all the wood right here.

Amanda will be so happy.

Hmm, there's so much wood.

I wonder what Amanda's gonna make.

Hmm, I don't know.

(GASPS) I know!

I could make a cubbyhouse!

Hmm, but how would I do it? (GASPS)

Why don't I watch other kids playing in cubbyhouses?

That might give me a few ideas on how to build it.

Let's watch!

Ah, that was amazing!

Hmm, where do I start?

Hmm. (GASPS)

I know!

I've got it!


Hmm, what do I need? (GASPS) I know.

I need a long bit here, here,

here and here.

And then I need a roof.

I know what to do.


Right. I need bits here,

here and here.

That's what I need.



Wow! It's finished!

Ah, it looks great!

I think I'm all finished!

Oh, perfect timing! Here they come!

They will be so pleased!

Oh, Possum, what is this?

(GASPS) This is good news!

Oh, I knew you'd be happy, Amanda!

I just knew it.

No, Possum,

I was more worried about the fact that when I got back,

the wood from my ute was gone.

I was so worried about where it was,

and now that I've seen it here...

(SIGHS) ..I'm so relieved.

This is good news.


But that wood was just so far away,

I couldn't see it properly,

so I thought I'd bring it here and keep it safe.

It was a lot easier to have it here.

Then I thought,

"Why not make a house?"

And that way, Sally and I could live closer together.

Oh, but, Possum,

I thought you loved your treehouse.

And yet, you're willing to move.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I love my treehouse.

This is for you, Sally, not me.

For me?! In here?

This is to be my home?

Oh, that's very kind

and very generous and very thoughtful of you, Possum,

but this is my home, here.

I love my home.

I'm going to live there forever.

Ah, well.

Well, I need to get this wood into my ute,

because I need it for work tomorrow.

But I can allow you one more day with it.

But only if you help me take it down

and put it into my ute tomorrow.

Yeah, I can do that!

That's great!

Amanda, would you like to come inside for a cup of tea?

Oh, yes, please!

That would be lovely.

Oh, oh!

You two go inside and have tea.

I'm gonna stay here with the house,


OK, you stay here.

Amanda, come on. Let's go.




I've got an idea!

Well, that looks lovely.

Thank you.

I cooked these this morning.

Wow, looks great.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Oh, yes, please.

I'm just thinking, though.

Poor Possum.

I do feel sorry for him.

He did such a wonderful job,

didn't he?

You can see that he's learnt so much from all the things we've made,

and he's made such a good cubbyhouse with the angles and everything.

He will be so disappointed when we go to take it down.

Oh, I know.



Possum, we were just talking about the wonderful job you've done

building that cubbyhouse.

It looks great!

We do feel a bit bad, though,

that you have to take it down.

Ah, that's OK. Don't worry.

I enjoyed building it,

and I think I'm going to enjoy taking it down, too.

Oh, well, that's good.

That cubbyhouse you built is very sturdy.

You did a great job using the screwdriver.

Amanda, I didn't use a screwdriver.

I used a drill.

Hang on, Possum.

Did you use the drill safely?

Yes, of course.

Amanda has taught me and it's a battery-powered drill,

so there's no need for a cord.

That's great!

Well, we're just going to have a cup of tea,

and when we're done,

we'll come out and have a look at your cubbyhouse, OK?

We'll be out soon, OK?

No, no, no. Come now! It's ready.

Come on, up you get. Come on!


Amanda, you sit here.

Oh, me? Thank you.

Sally, in your house.




Oh, it's lovely.

Now, Sally, enjoy it while you can because, tomorrow,

the house will be taken down.

Oh, I will.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Now, would you like some tea?

Oh, yes, please.


Oh, Possum, I do love

this cosy little house.

Amanda's wood pile

It seems a simple job for Possum to keep an eye on the timber on Amanda’s ute for a while, but maybe this is a good time to make a cubby house. Possum feels he knows enough to make one – not for himself, but so Sally can live closer to him!

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