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Oh! Oh, oh, oh!




I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.



What? Oh.






Hi, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

Sally, you look concerned.

What's wrong?

Well, my tap just started to leak.

And as much as I try to tighten

the tap, it's not stopping.

I do hate wasting water.

I want to stop the leak.


Drip, drip.

Oh, it's only a small amount,

it doesn't matter.

Well, you're right.

One drip doesn't matter.

But many, many drips can end up

being a lot of water.



Would you like a glass of water?

Oh, yes, please.


Get the glass.


Now, put your glass under the tap

and leave it there.

And we can let the drips fill it.


Huh? That won't happen, Sally.

Well, just leave it down there

and let's see what happens.


OK, you leave it there,

and let's go for a walk.

And then when we come back, we will

check and see what's happened.


Let's go.




Oh, what a lovely walk

through the garden.

Did you see how well the vegetables

and plants have grown?

Yeah. Huh?

Sally, I didn't see you duck back

inside while we were out.

That was quick.

I didn't go anywhere without you.

I was with you the whole time.

Well, how did this get full?

The drip kept dripping,

and that's why it's full.

I wonder what would happen

if we left it there all day!

It would fill right to the top!

What if we left it for a week?

Well, it's a good idea

to do experiments.

But I do have a problem.

What's the problem?

To investigate that water,

I'd have to pay for it.

It's not free.

And we would just be wasting

all that water

and I'd have to pay a lot

of money for that.

Oh, no!

I'm so sorry,

I've been wasting water!

I'm so wasteful!


Well, yesterday,

I watered the garden.

And I had a shower,

and wasted all that water.

No, Possum. You've been using

the water. That's fine.

It's just different

when you've got a leaky tap

and it goes

straight down the drain.

That's a waste of water.

I do hate waste.

We need to stop this leak.

Oh, I can do that. I'm very strong.

Look, I have tried, Possum,

and it's still running.

Well, you're not as strong as me,

though, are you, Sally?

Now, watch me.


Oh. I can't do it.

It doesn't matter how strong you are

and how hard you turn the tap,

that's not going to help because

the problem is inside the tap.

We need to get someone

to come in and fix it.

Oh, we could get Amanda

to come over.

Well, Amanda's great

with things made of wood.

I'm not sure she'd know

how to fix a tap or pipes.

We'd need to call a plumber

for that.

Actually, Skip has got all sorts

of different tools.

He may be able to come over and fix

the tap and stop the leak.

Oh, really?

Because I do hate wasting water.

I hate wasting things in general,


I'd rather reuse things.

Things like what, Sally?

Hm. Well, I don't like just

throwing things in the bin.

I know,

why don't we watch some children

using different types of scraps

to make a collage?


Let's watch.

Oh, that was great!

They looked so good.

What beautiful collages they made.

Can I make one?

Yes, of course you can make one.

But first I think we should get Skip

to come over and fix the tap, OK?

Can you go and get him?


Ha ha ha.

Oh, that's my tree.



Oh, hello, Possum.

Come on in.

Hi, Skip.

Have a look

at what I'm drawing here.

Oh, OK.

Is it a rocket?

No. That's funny!

No, it's not a rocket, Possum.

Have a look.

These are scrap pieces

of things I have.

I don't like throwing things

in the rubbish.

I thought I'd make something

out of them.

Ah, perhaps a...a marble run

or even a...or a coin run.

Ooh, it's hard to decide.


That reminds me of the time

I was sailing round the coast

of New Zealand

and we didn't know whether we'd go

round to the north or the south.




Oh, anyway, can I help you, Possum?


Sally's kitchen tap is leaking,

Sally went to tighten it,

but it's still leaking.

I'm nice and strong

and I thought I could tighten it.

But it's still leaking.

So, Sally asked me,

"Go get Skip because

he'll be able to tighten it."

What, now, Possum, you are strong.

But you don't need to be strong

to turn a tap off.

You can do it gently.

The problem will be inside the tap.

A thing called a washer.

It might have cracked

from tightening the tap too much

and that's why it's leaking.

The more cracked it gets,

the more it will leak.

Oh, I get it!

Ha. Hm. Let me think

what tools I'll need.


Now, we'll pack what we need

in here.

Yes, yes, yes.

Oh, and just in case.


I might need these.



Big and small.


Now, have a look in here.

Yeah, I might need that.

Ah, remember what I explained to you

about a washer?

Well, that's what it is.

Ah, we'll need that.


I'll carry it.

Ha-ha! Let's go.

Let's go, Skip.


Ha ha ha.

Come on, Skip.

Sally, we're here to fix

your leaky tap.

Oh, that's great, thank you!

Is there anything you need

to fill up with water?

Because I'll be turning

the mains off.

Oh, no, I've already filled up

my kettle.

I can't think of anything else.

Alright then.


Sally, look.

Oh, this is very important.

Ah, and that one.


Oh, whoa!


Oh, no, too big.


Ah, yep, that one.




Ha ha ha.

Come on, Skip. Great.

Well, I've turned the mains back on.

We should see if it's fixed.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, great, there's no more leak.

Well done, Skip.

You fixed it. No more leak.

Thank you so much.

Right, that's great.

You're welcome, you're welcome.

I really do hate wasting water.

Or anything, for that matter.

That's true.

If you have a leaky tap, you can

waste a lot of water down the drain.

Yes, that's right.

Would you like a cup of tea, Skip?

Oh, no.

We've worked so hard,

my workmate and I,

it reminds me of a time

when we sprung a leak

while we were sailing

round Cape Horn.

Full sail, all hands on deck.

Oh, yes. Mm.




So, Sally,

can we make a collage now?

Out of all the scraps you've saved?

Can we do that?

Oh, yes!

You're collecting things

to make some scrap art?



That's great.

Sally, can I get the craft box?

Oh, yes, off you go.

Oh, there's some good stuff there.

And I have something else

to give you now.

(GASPS) Oh, wow!

That's great!

Right. Good, good, good.

Well, I have to go, though.

There's someone waiting for me.

I fixed her clock

and she's here to pick it up.

Oh, alright then. Bye.

Bye, Skip!

Oh, thank you, Possum.

In there, and that one, close it up.

There you go.

Bye, Skip.



Thanks, Skip.



These are all things that I could

have thrown in the rubbish bin.

But I have kept them

because scraps like these are very

good for making lovely collages.

What would you like to make, Possum?

Hm. Oh, well, I love it

when I'm sitting in my tree.

I can see the beautiful blue sky,

and the clouds through the branches,

I can see the sun and

all the pretty beetles in my tree.

It's so beautiful.

Can I make a collage like that?

Yes, of course you can.

Great! What do we need?

Hm. First, we need the sky.

OK, so we need all the blue pieces.


What about clouds?

Oh, yes.

This looks like clouds.

We could use this.


Oh, and the sun?

Oh, yes, good point.

We could use this!

Oh, yeah, that'll work.

What about the branches?

Oh, yes, the branches.


Oh, that's cute.

It's a little bug with antennas.


Look! Look at these!

Oh, isn't this lovely?

Instead of wasting bits of scrap

and throwing them in the bin,

we can make beautiful art from it.

Remember the washers

that Skip gave you?

Yeah! Here they are.

That's them, isn't it?

That's lovely!

Did you enjoy that, Possum?

Oh, yes.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




Oh, I like this!

Yeah. It's beautiful.

The dripping tap

It is only a little bit of water dripping from the tap. But what happens when it keeps going drip, drip, drip. Possum and Skip to the rescue!

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