Episode 14

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I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello.



Oh, uh. Oop. (LAUGHS)


Oh, that was such fun.


Well, it might be time for us

to go into the garden.

Oh, hello, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

Sally, I really enjoyed pushing you

in the go-kart.

It was such good fun.

Yes. You pushed me a very long way.

It was a great push.



I wonder if I could pull it. Hm.


Yes, Sally?

Would you like to help me

in the garden?

Oh, yes!

I'm just going to put my boots on.

Oh, you sit down, I'll get them.

Sally, would you like some help?

I could push them on for you.

Oh, no, I can do that.

I can pull them on myself, thanks.


See? I'll pull them on.

Hm. Pull.




Oh, that's great.


Possum, what's this rope for?

What's all this?

Sally, I wanted to move my tree

closer to your house.

Oh. OK.

So, I was thinking that pushing

my tree would be a bit too hard,

so I decided to pull it.

And that's why I've got the rope

around the tree.

Sally, I pulled and pulled

and pulled,

but as strong as I am,

the tree didn't move.



Sally, can you help me?

Well, look at how big your tree is.

It has very big branches.

It would be very heavy

and it will have nice, long roots

that won't be able to move.

I don't think we could move your

tree, but I'm happy to try.

Oh, great. OK, come on.

Right. Uh-huh.

Ready? Pull.



I can't do it.

It's stuck. It can't move.

Ooh, I know. I'll go around the tree

and I'll push.

You can pull.

Oh, great. Off you go. Good idea.


Ready? Go.


Come on.

It's stuck, Sally.

Yes, it IS stuck.

It will have to stay there.

I know something

that you could push.

What is it?

Have a look over there.


The wheelbarrow.

You could push that into the garden.

(LAUGHS) You are funny.

OK, I'll help.

Great. OK.


Ah. Ooh. Ah.

(GASPS) Look, it's Skip.


Hi, Skip.


Oh, it's such a lovely day,

isn't it?

Yes, it's a lovely day.

I love standing up here

and enjoying the breeze.

What are you up to?

Oh, well, I'm learning

lots about pull...

..and push,

and all the different ways

that you can push and pull.

Oh, even like climbing up my tree.

I was pulling with my hands

and pushing with my feet.

Yes. It's like on a boat.

There's lots of climbing

and pulling and pushing,

especially to pull the sails up.

Watch - I'll show you.

Oh, that looks great.

I remember how sails work.

The wind pushes the sail

and the sails make the boat move.


Well, I have to go.

There's a bowerbird nest

that I want to keep an eye on.

I think the eggs might

be about to hatch,

so I want to go check it out.

OK, see ya.

Oh, OK. I'm going to go help Sally.

OK. But be careful that gravity

doesn't pull you down too quickly.

(LAUGHS) Alright, Possum.

OK. Bye.

Hm. Gravity?

Oh, well.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Ooh. Oh.

Oh! Oh, Sally,

luckily you caught it.

I was up there chatting with Skip

and then I knocked the apple down.

Luckily, you caught it

and didn't hit you on the head.

Yes. I got a bit of a fright

seeing it fall down.

It was good that I caught it.

Sally, Skip was talking about


Gravity. What is that?

Funny you should ask me that.

We've been talking about

push and pull.

They're called forces.

There are all sorts of forces

around us.

One of those forces is gravity.

Mm-hm. Oh.

Gravity means when we're standing

on the earth and we jump,

we don't float away, do we?

We come back down to the earth

because of gravity.


This is why everything

stays on the earth.


Just like when you were at the top of

your tree and you dropped the apple.

It didn't float away, did it?

It came straight down to the ground.

Oh! But, Sally, I can't see gravity,

can I?

That's right, you can't see it.

It's like the wind.

We know it's there all around us,

but we can't actually see it.

Oh, that makes sense.

It's like when my tree sways

in the breeze.

Yes, that's right.

We have done some great work

in the garden.

I think we're all finished. And now

I would like a cold drink of water.

Great. Oh, hang on, Sally.

I need to close my door first.


(GASPS) Hang on.


I closed my door by pulling it.

But to open it, I need to push it.

That's right.

Let's look at your door, Sally.

Ooh, yes, let's look.

Come on.

Push. (LAUGHS)

What happens if you go inside?

Oh, come on.

Right, now, look, Sally.


Push to close.

That's right!

And...pull to open.

Oh, yes!

Ah, that's great.



I think I need some paper, so I can

write 'pull' and 'push' on them,

so that everyone knows the right way

to open and close the door.

What a great idea.

Let's do that now.

We can make some signs to put up.

I'll pour the drinks.

I'll get the craft box.

OK, let's go.

Come on.

Now, how do I write 'pull'

and 'push'?

Oh, well, I can show you.

OK. Hm.


P-U-L-L is 'pull'.


P-U-S-H is 'push'.

Ah, OK! Thank you.

Oh, doesn't that look good?

I've just thought of something.

Have a close look, Possum.

All three of you have

something in common.



Oh, P!

Yes, that's right, Possum,

you all start with the letter P.

Oh, that's great.

Right, how do I write 'open'

and 'close'?

Alright, I can show you that.

O-P-E-N, open.


Close, C-L-O-S-E.

Great! OK, I'll write them down.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm.


Oh, that looks great, Possum!

I really do like that.

So, Sally, to open the door

we need to pull it.


And to close, we need to push.



Now, Sally, there is one more

very important door in here.


The fridge!

Oh, yes.

Come on.


Oh, great!


Oh, that's great, Possum.

Why don't we watch some children

learning about different things

you can push and pull?

Yeah? OK, let's watch.

Oh, that was great!

Oh, yeah, that looked like

a lot of fun.


Sally, I need to go outside

and make some more signs

for the rest of the doors, OK?

Oh, that's a great idea.

You go and have fun, Possum.

Great. OK, bye-bye.

There! (LAUGHS)

That says 'push'.

Oh, and this one.


Push! (LAUGHS)

Great. Now...hm. Oh!

Sally! Sally, look!

Oh, P-U-S-H.

Push. Huh.

Quick, and over this side.



Oh, that says 'push' as well.


And now, Sally, there's one more.

One more?

Come here.

Hm, 'pull'?

Um, Possum...

..I think that should say 'push'

because you push me in the go-kart.

No, no, I've been thinking

hard about this

and I've figured something out.


Oh, you're going to pull!

Yes, sit down.

In you get.




Ha-ha! Whee!







Oh, that was such fun.

I really enjoyed that.

Sally, I enjoyed pushing you

and pulling you.

That was super fun.

Yes, Possum, you've learnt a lot

about push and pull, haven't you?


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time!



Now, Sally, my turn.

Alright. Turn it round.

Mm-hm. Here we go.

Hop in.

Push comes to shove

What makes things move? Sometimes we push and sometimes we pull. And then sometimes things just seem to fall. There is a lot for Possum to learn about pushes and pulls.

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