Episode 2

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Oh! Oh! Ooh!





I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

Oh! Hi, everyone!


What's that? Come and have a look.

Hmm. I haven't seen this before.

It's a new ladder.

Sally must have bought it.

I wonder why.


This'd be great for climbing up my tree.

Let's have a look.


Oh, wow!

That's great!


I wonder if I could roll a ball down this.

Maybe. Hmm.

I think I could.



I wonder where it is.

Oh, hello, everyone!

The ladder's disappeared.

Did anyone see what happened to it?




What are you doing with the ladder?

Oh, thank you so much for buying this new ladder.

I do like it, but I don't really need it for climbing my tree.

Possum, that's not my ladder.

That belongs to the neighbour.

It's his.

Do you remember?

We talked about the water tank and how it wasn't filling properly.

I think the pipe might be dirty or blocked.

And I was going to ask him to come and clean it and fix it up for us.

You mean this isn't your ladder?

No. Now he's stuck on the roof.

Can you put it back, please?

Oh... He could jump off.

Oh, no, it's too far.

Perhaps he could jump and then roll.

No! He couldn't possibly do that.

Please, put the ladder back now.


Sally, do you want me to go up there and get him and bring him down?

No, no, no.

You stay down here, please.

Oh, OK. Hmm. Oh, I know.

Hey! Hello!


Possum, that's not going to work.

He won't hear you if you clap.

He's Deaf.

He's Deaf?

Yes. He can sign, though.

He can sign? Auslan?

Yes, he's very good at it.

You'll understand everything he says.

That's great!


I wonder where he is.

I can't see him.

Hmm, where is he?


What are they looking at?

Sally, what are you looking at?

Oh, Skip! You're here!

I thought you were up on the roof!

(LAUGHS) Oh, no, no, no, no.

I just went back to my shed.

I had to get some tools, see?

Oh, I see!

Just before you came,

Possum had moved the ladder and we were worried that you might

be stuck on the roof.

We've been looking for you.

I see!


Oh! Perfect timing.

Our neighbour's stuck on the roof.

Can you help him down?

Up you go.

Just use the ladder.



This is him. This is our neighbour.



He wasn't stuck on the roof after all.

He went over to his house.

Oh, I get it.

His name is Neville.

Neville, this is Possum.

Oh, YOU'RE Possum!

I've heard lots about you.

I'm Neville.

But people call me Skip.

You may call me Skip.

Oh! Well, everyone calls me Possum.

And you can call me Possum.

Aye-aye. Right.

Well, I'm gonna go up there now and see what the problem is, OK?

Oh, yes, please.

Great. Hmm.

Up the ladder.

Well, that's good.

Sally, what's this sign?

Aye-aye. What does that mean?

Well, for many, many years,

Skip worked on boats.

And when the captain gives their orders,

he needs to know that the crew have understood him.

So, the crew will say,

"Aye-aye, Captain,"

to know they've understood his instructions.

Oh! Aye-aye, Sally. I understand.

Sally, what's he doing now?

Well, he's going up there to investigate the problem.

He's going to try and fix it.

Oh, that's great.

Possum, you see how very, very carefully

Skip is climbing the ladder.

Children at home should also be

very careful if they climb ladders,

and always have an adult helping them.

It's the safest way, OK?





So many balls!

Oh, it's filthy!

All those leaves are falling down from your tree.

Hmm. Oh-ho!


Oh, it's your cricket ball!

My cricket ball!

I thought I'd lost it!

Oh, we finally found it.

Oh! Ooh, my favourite ball!

I thought I'd lost it.

But we found it.

Ha-ha! This is the culprit.

Someone had thrown this up on the roof and it had blocked the pipe,

and all these other balls and leaves were piled on top.

I have taken them all out, and now the pipe is clear!

Oh! Great!

That means the water can now flow straight into the water tank.

Oh, that's great!

(GASPS) Skip, I have an idea!

Can I use your ladder and turn it into a ramp?

What do you mean, Possum?

What do you want to do with a ramp?

I'll show you.

Are you watching?

Oh! Now I understand what you want to do.

Unfortunately, it's a bit too steep isn't it?

And the rungs are in the way,

so the ball bounces off.


Why don't I go and get a plank of wood from my place

and we can rest it on the rungs and see how the ball

rolls down the ramp at the angle we make?

Sally, what's an 'angle'?

Could you tell me more?

Oh, well, angles are definitely something you should learn about.

Well, if you've got the time, Skip,

could you teach him?

Yes, please!

Oh, he'd really enjoy that.

Oh, I'd love a cup of tea, though.

Oh, well, that's easily fixed.

I can make a cup of tea.

I'll go inside and make some.

Oh, I'm happy with that!

I'd love to stay!

What I'll do, though, is I'll

go home and get a plank of wood and bring it over.

Possum, why don't you collect up the balls?

Yeah, sure.

OK, great!

Now, the reason I've got the plank of wood there

is so that the ball can roll down it.

Oh, can I try it?!


Whoa! (LAUGHS)

That was great!

Well, I was gonna teach you about angles, wasn't I?

See where the plank of wood is resting on the grass?

Well, that is an angle.


I get it.

What do you think will happen if we raise the plank of wood

up to the next rung?

Will the angle get smaller or bigger?

Um... I don't know.

Can we have a look?

Hmm. There.

Ah, what do you think, Possum?


Oh! It's a bigger angle.

Yes! You're right!

Now, do you think the ball -

with a bigger angle -

will stop earlier?

Or will it go further?



Hmm... I don't know. I'm not sure.

Well, why don't we measure it,

so we can see how far the ball goes?

Oh, yeah!

Oh! I've left my measuring tape at home!

But we could always use your feet,

Possum, to measure out the distance.

Oh, yeah!

And I've already made a chart,

so we can write down our measurements.


Oh! That's great!

Oh, yeah!


Come and have a look at my chart.

Come on, Skip.

Well, this is the chart that I have made.

See here, on the side?


This is the size of the angle.


I've written down that we'll put the ramp on the first rung of the ladder.

And then, we'll put it onto the second rung.


After that, the third rung.




So, what we'll do is measure out

how many steps the soccer ball rolls after it's gone down the ramp.


Then we'll get the cricket ball and do the same thing.


We'll write down how many steps each time.

Then we can compare the different angles and the different balls, OK?


Alright, let's go.

Yeah, let's go!




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Yeah, 6.




1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10,

11, 12, 13.


Yes, 13.

Ah, 13.


How many?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.


Yeah, 16.



16, Sally.



(LAUGHS) That was great!

So, Possum, what have you learnt today, then?

Can you tell me?


With that and this...


I learnt that if you have a smaller angle,

the ball won't roll as far.

But if you have a bigger angle,

the ball rolls further!

That's right, Possum!

Well done! Well done!


That's great! We've had so much fun today, haven't we?

Oh, yeah!

Why don't we watch some children at school

learning about measurements?

Yeah, let's watch!

Oh! That was great! It was awesome!

See, Possum - it's always worthwhile learning new things.

Well, I have to go now.

I need to put a new coat of varnish on my crow's nest.

Thank you for the lovely cup of tea, Sally.

Oh, that's alright.

Oh, and thank you, Skip, for helping me learn all about angles.

Oh, and measuring.

And even better, you helped me getmy soccer ball down from the roof.

Oh, yes, he's finally found it!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.




See you, Skip.

Bye, Skip.


Come on, Sally, let's do it again.

Oh, yeah, pick that one up.

Possum meets the neighbour

Aha! Has Sally got a new ladder for Possum to climb? No, this belongs to someone else. What new things will Possum learn now?

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