Episode 4

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Ha-ha-ha! Yeah!


Oh, oh, oh!





I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!






Oh, hello, everyone!

Oh, I really do love my tree.

It's such a good tree.


Do you remember when

I was swinging on the door?

That was naughty of me,

and I broke it.

Oh, naughty me.

But that's OK, though,

because Amanda

came and used her hammer

and she fixed it for me.



Hmmm. Let's see what Sally's doing

in the garden.

Hmmm. Hmmm?

Sally. Hello!

Hello! Hello, everyone.

What are you doing, Sally?

I've got this plant in that pot.

It's growing too close to the fence,

so I need to move it away

so the tree can grow better.

Oh, that's alright.

I can do it, Sally.

Watch out.


Oh, no, no, no!

No, Possum, it's really quite heavy

and you're not bending over properly.

You might hurt your back

if you're not careful.

Hmmm. You need a tool of some sort.

Oh, I know. I'll get the cultivator.

I can drag it across using that.


There and...


Oh, no. Sorry, Possum.

What's up?

The cultivator is good for

cultivating dirt.

You can't move a pot with it.

It's the wrong tool for the job.

We need something to lever it with.

Hmmm, something...

Oh, I know!


Watch this, Sally.

Right. Huh!



Oh, that's great.

Thank you.

The shovel was definitely

the right tool for the job.


Oh, look at all these leaves

around the place.

I need to gather them together.

I'll do it, Sally.

Oh, no, no, no.

Possum, no.


That is the wrong tool for the job.

You don't want to use the shovel.

But you said it was the right tool.

No, I meant it was the right tool

to drag the pot plant over.

It's not the right tool

for cleaning up leaves.

The right tool would be a rake.

Oh, OK.

# Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo. #

There we are. One more.

Oh, Skip's here.



Hi, Skip.

What are you up to?

Well, we've been learning about

different tools

and what they're used for.

We've just finished using the shovel

to lift and slide

this very heavy flower pot.


Now we're using the rake

to rake up all the leaves.


Oh, it's always good to pick

the right tool for the job.

Like using that shovel.

It's not only used for digging.

You can use it as a lever

and help things slide.

Oh, yeah.

At home, I have many tools for

all sorts of different jobs.

When I have a job to do,

then I can pick the right tool.

Oh! Skip, can I

come and have a look?

Oh, hang on, Possum.

I know Skip is very busy.

Oh, you're right. I am busy.

But for you two, never! Let's go.

Yes! Come on!

Let's go.




Oh, Sally, look!


I remember this!




Look, I have more tools over there.


Wow! Look!

Oh, look at this.

Oh, it's great, Sally!


Look, there's another room!

Come on!





Look! Look at all this stuff!


Oh, come out here. Come on!


Oh, there are there more tools

up there, Skip?

Oh, no! There are no tools upstairs.

That's actually my home.

And right at the very top

is my crow's nest.

What's that?

Well, a crow's nest is something

that's found on a boat.

I've made one for myself,

so I can look all around.

I can see the ocean and

smell the breeze.

Oh! And I can see your tree too.

Oh, you can? Oh, that's great!

Can I go up and have a look, Skip?

Oh, not right now.

One day soon, though.

I've just finished painting up there

and it's a bit wet still.

Oh, that's great. OK.

Huh? What's that?

That is a lathe.

I'm making a new leg for

a lady around the corner.

(GASPS) A leg for a lady?

Oh, no, no, no!

Not a leg that you walk on.

A table leg.

Oh, OK.

Oh, that's great. Oh, Skip,

you've just got so many tools.

Yes, I do have a lot of tools.

I inherited a lot from my father

and then, as I worked on boats,

travelling around the world,

I collected a lot more.

It's great!

If there's ever a job I need to do,

I can select just the right tool for

the job instead of taking them all.

Oh, that's great.

Oh! Oh! What's this?


Oh, this is a pinch bar.

If two things are stuck together,

then you can use the pinch bar

to pull them apart.

Like this, see?


Does that remind you of

something, Possum?

Oh, yes! Do you remember?

Oh, yes!

In the garden with the shovel.

I put it under the pot plant.

That's right. But it's not just

for levering things.

If you have a nail -

hang on, I'll show you.

This is the nail.

Now, I'm not going to use this end,

but this end, see?


Much easier.


Oh, that was great!

I'd love to learn more about

different types of tools.


Well, we could make a chart

to show what each tool does.

I could get a bunch of tools

for us to compare.

Sally, do you remember when

we made a chart

and compared all different

types of balls?

Oh, yes.

That would be great fun.

Why don't I go and get the easel?

Can you help me, please?



And I'll get everything ready, OK?

Come on, Sally!

OK, great.

I've got this chart ready

to show us the different ways

that we can use tools.


I've picked three categories

to begin with.


The categories are hitting -

so things that hit other objects.


Tools that cut objects.


And tools that will turn

or rotate things.

Got it. Right!

Let's go.

That's a great chart, Sally.

Are you ready now to start, Possum?


Oh, I know what that's for.


This one's for hitting.

Oh! Oh, I know this one.



What's this one for?


I'll show you.

So that goes in there.

Oh! OK.

That's for turning.

What do you think?

Yeah, I know.






Oh, I know. (LAUGHS)

It's just like Amanda's saw!

Sally, cutting.

Well, that's sharp.


It's a chisel, and if you get

the hammer...


So you chisel it.

Oh! OK.

Sally, cutting.

Oh, and this one, hitting.


Oh, it's a bit different, though,

isn't it?

Turn it around.


It's for rocks.

You can hit rocks with it.

That's great.

Sally. Hitting.

Great! Oh, I love learning about

all different types of tools.

Why don't we watch some children

learning about different tools

and different ways to use them?

We might learn something too!

Oh, yeah. Let's watch.


When making clay, I use different

tools for cutting, carving,

and peeling.


That was great!

Those children had so much fun

learning how to use different tools.

Yeah, it was great.

The most important thing

is that they enjoyed themselves.

Oh, Skip, I love your shed.

You've got so many different tools!

Look at them all.

Oh, I just love it.

Well, Possum, I think it's time

for us to go now

and rake up all those leaves.

Skip, do you want to come?

Oh, no.

I must finish lathing that leg for

the lady around the corner.

Oh, OK.

Alright, then.

Come on, Sally.

Bye, Skip.



See ya!

Ah, yep.

Oh, that's great.

You've worked very hard,

raking up all the leaves.

Thank you.

What happened to the bike?

Oh, don't worry, Sally.

I have the right tool for the job.

I'll show you.

And up!


That's great.

Well, did you enjoy your time

with Skip today

and learning lots about

the different tools he has?

Oh, yes. I did love seeing

his tool collection.

Oh, I really enjoyed myself.

That's great!

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Sally, come on!

The right tool for the job

A spade is very useful, but not for every job. Skip and Sally help Possum to find out about many other tools. What would you use to get Sally’s bike standing up again?

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