Episode 5

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Ha-ha-ha. Yeah!


Oh! Oh, oh, oh!

Ah. Huh?



I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!

Oh, hello.

I'm going to do some gardening.


I should have had breakfast earlier?

But I was too busy climbing my tree.


Oh, the sun is up.

It's going to get hot soon.

I'd better do the gardening first.

I need to pull out some weeds,

I need to cultivate the soil

and then I need to water it.

Alright. Hmm.

This one.

This isn't the right tool

for this job.

I know, the smaller tool, the trowel.

I'll be back.




I'll need to get the cultivator.



Yep, this one.

Now I need the rake.

Got it.

Done. It's all nice and smooth.

Great. Now we'll need to water it.

There it is.

I'll just need to go to the tap

and fill it up with some water.

Great. Oh.

I'd better put those tools away.

Sally doesn't like to see them

lying around.

She wouldn't be happy.



You see that bird

up there in my tree?

He's my friend.

I must go up and say hello.

He's not really my friend.

But this one time,

he came and sat on my finger.

I want him to do it again.

Oh, Possum.

Hello, everyone.

I can see Possum rushing up and down

that tree of his.

He's very energetic.


That sun is very bright.

I'll need my sunglasses. Hold on.


He's got so much energy.

It's really hard work, climbing.

I can remember

having to climb up the mast.

I could only ever do it the once.

I couldn't do it again and again.

Oh, that sun is still bright.

Sally always wears a hat.

I know, I'll get mine.


The sun has gone behind the clouds.

I don't need my sunglasses and hat




Is that my bird friend over there?

It's so far away, I can't tell.

Skip loves birdwatching.

He let me borrow his binoculars.

I have them, I'll go grab them.


Ah, look.


Yes! Finally!

Oh, it's Skip. Hello.

I'll be right down.

You must be exhausted, Possum.

All that climbing.

I am, Skip. What are you here for?

Well, this belongs to Sally.

She lent it to me so I could bake

a cake and I'm here to return it.

Shall we?

OK, come on.

What are you doing, Skip? Come on.


Right. Hi, Sally.


Thank you so much

for letting me borrow your egg

beater to bake my cake, thank you.

Oh, thank you for bringing it back.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Oh, yes, please. Thank you.

Thank you.

Would you like a drink, Possum?

Um, no, I'm alright.

Hmm. Every time Skip is here,

Possum, you're always so excited,

but not today.

I'm excited Skip is here, yes, but...

Are you sad about something?

No, I'm happy.

Well, you can't be lonely.

What have you been doing

this morning?

Well, I climbed my tree

and then I was going to

have breakfast

but I did the gardening first

because it was going to get hot.

And then I climbed my tree again.

Did you do anything else?

No, just climbed my tree.

Possum. You didn't climb your tree

just the once.

I saw you going up and down and up

and down and up and down.

You must be exhausted.

You're right, Skip.

He's climbed that tree so many times

and because he didn't eat breakfast,

all his energy is gone

and now, he's tired.

Skip, did you eat breakfast?

Oh, yes. I had some orange juice and

some toast and some eggs and bacon.

I had a hearty meal.

Oh, yes.

Skip and I both know

how important it is to eat breakfast

and not skip it

because it gives you energy

to get through the day.

If you skip breakfast,

you have no energy.

Why don't we watch some children

learning about healthy foods?

Yeah, let's watch.

Just before you do that,

I've just had a thought.

How about I go

and bring something from my house.

I'll grab a recipe

and a few ingredients.

OK. Sally, let's watch.

That was great.

Yes, it was.

Those children learned a lot

about eating healthy food.

If they eat healthy food,

that gives them lots of energy

so that when they go to school,

they can learn.

Sally, look at all that food.

Oh, yes.


Well, the three of us

are going to make something.

But, Possum, I'm not sure

you have enough energy to help me.

Oh, no, it's OK. I can help, Skip.


Can you please get the recipe?


This explains

how to make the energy balls.

Oh, these are great.

I can remember working on the ship

during a terrible storm.

We had to work very hard and we

didn't get any time to stop and eat

but the ship's cook quickly made up

a batch of these energy balls

for us to eat on the go

and they gave us lots of energy

so we could get the ropes down.

Oh, that's great.

Well, I think we've got everything

we need here.

Are you ready to make them?

Right, hang on.

Possum, no. Come back here.

Skip has already got everything

on the tray.

We don't need anything else.

You are very organised, Skip.

I'm not so organised.

I had the tools all over the garden

and kept having to go

up and down my tree

because I was forgetting

my hat and my glasses.

Right. Are we ready?

Oh, hang on, Skip, we're forgetting

something very important.

Wash our hands. Come on.

Yes, that's great.

Alright. Are we all already?



What we need is

three-quarters of a cup of almonds.

That one?


And three-quarters of a cup

of walnuts.

Oh, that one.

Now we're going to need

some chia seeds.

Use the tablespoon for those,

please, and we need two of them.

Two... Oh, that one.

We also need

a tablespoon of flax seeds.


What's next?

Now we need tablespoon

of sunflower seeds.


Now we need to blend it all together

until it becomes flour-like.





Take the lid off.

In with the dates.

They are delicious.

Yum, yum, yum.

The next ingredient is cacao powder.

Now some protein powder.



And some coconut oil.

One big scoop.

One big scoop.

Place the lid back on

and let's blend it all up again

until it gets to

a nice sticky mixture.



Now we'll use the spoon

to scoop the mixture into our hands

and mould it into balls.




Yeah, good.



Take the gloves off.

Skip, do we cook them now?

Oh, no, no, no.

We don't need to cook them.

We can eat them just as they are.

That's right.

Oh, I've enjoyed making these

so much.

I already feel like

I've got more energy.

Skip, do you want one?

Yes, I do.

I will take one with me.

They are delicious.

The most important thing

is they're very healthy.

I have to go. I need to do

some more rigging on my crow's nest.

Alright. Off I go.

Can I grab another one?



Alright, then. See you later.


Bye, Skip.


Oh, Sally, making these

has given me lots of energy.

I think I might

climb up to the top of my tree

and look for my little bird friend.

Oh, that would be great.

Can I take some?

Oh, yes.

You should take some with you.


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Can I get one more?

Alright, off you go.

Possum skips breakfast

Rush, rush, rush. Possum is in such a hurry today, he doesn’t even stop for breakfast. He may run out of energy. What can Skip do to help?

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