Episode 7

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Ha-ha! Yeah!


Oh! Ooh!

(GASPS) Huh?



I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!


Possum, great job.

Everything looks great.

I think it's time for a break,


Let's have something to eat.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, look.

Hello, everyone.

Hi, everyone.

We've been doing the gardening.

We've worked very hard

at pulling out the weeds

and cultivating the soil.

It looks great.

Today is such a beautiful day.

I really enjoyed it.

The sun's out but it's not too hot.

We had great fun in the garden

but, Sally,

I think I'm ready for

a bit of a break and a snack.

Oh, yes.

But before we do that,

I need to put these weeds

into the compost

and then we can go in

for something to eat.


We need the wheelbarrow, though.



It's gone!

It's gone.

It's not here.

Where's the wheelbarrow?

I was sure it was here.

It must be over in the yard.

I'll go and get it, OK?

Oh, OK.

I sure am glad

Sally's ready for a break.

I've been working so hard.

I'm so exhausted.

But Sally just wants

to keep on working.

But I don't want her

to think that I'm lazy,

so I just keep on working too.

Well, the wheelbarrow's not here.

Oh, I am so glad Possum said yes

to having a break.

I've been working so hard.

I'm exhausted.

I wanted a break earlier,

but I keep working

because Possum keeps working.

I'm tired and hungry, but I don't

want Possum to think I'm lazy,

so I keep working.

Oh! We're having a break soon.

Possum, the wheelbarrow's

not in the yard either.

It's nowhere to be seen.

I wonder where it could be.


Ooh! I know.

Sally, you are such a good friend

that you always let people

borrow your things.

Maybe someone has borrowed

your wheelbarrow.

Oh, that is good thinking, Possum.

I do let my friends borrow things.

But I can't remember lending

anyone a wheelbarrow.



It must be here somewhere.

Oh, I do wish I could get

a bird's-eye view of the yard.

Sally? What?

Do you want to become a bird?


No, Possum.

When we're standing here on the

ground, I can't see behind the tree.

I can't see around corners.

But a bird flying up high

can see down on everything.

They'll be able to see

whatever I need.

So I wish I had a bird's-eye view.

Oh, I understand now.

Look, why don't we go inside

and have a break

and then we can come back out

and look for the wheelbarrow?


Oh, Sally! Sally!

I have an idea.

You talked about wanting

a bird's-eye view, didn't you?

Yes, I did.

Well, you don't need

a bird's-eye view

because you can have

a possum's-eye view.

Oh, of course!

I will climb to the top of my tree

and see what I can find.

Oh, that is a great idea.


Whoop! Hmm.

Wow! He is such a fast climber.

He's at the top of his tree.

Hmm. Oh, there it is!

I found the wheelbarrow. Ha-ha!

He's pointing over there.

I think he must have found

the wheelbarrow.


Now he's just enjoying

his possum's-eye view.


Hmm-mm. Oh!

Oh, here he comes.

Whoop! Ha-ha-ha.

Did you find the wheelbarrow,


Well, where is it?

Oh, I don't want to tell you

just yet

because if I tell you, that means

I won't get lunch and a break.

Oh, you are funny!

I want to have a rest too.

Come on. Let's go inside

and have a snack.

Come on!



You know how we were in the garden

and we were finished

but we'd lost something.

What was it?

We were looking for it

and we couldn't find it.

Was it the bike we couldn't find?

Oh, Possum,

have you really forgotten?

Remember - it's the wheelbarrow.


Oh, you're funny!

You had me believing

you'd forgotten.

But, Sally, I have an idea, though.

Can we make something that looks

just like your yard?

Oh, yes.

Something small where we can

put everything in,

like the tree and the house

and the bench.

Then we'll know

where everything belongs.

What a great idea, Possum.

That's called a model.


When you're sitting

at the top of your tree,

you can see where everything is.

What we can do is make

a smaller version

of what you've seen up there.

We can make a model.

What do you think?

Would you like to make one?

Oh, yeah!

Well, why don't we get some craft

things and see what we can make?

Oh, great!

Let's put these away.


I think this box could be the yard.

What do you think?



It's the right size.

Oh, and Sally,

this could be your house.


Yes! We could walk straight through.

And that could be your kitchen door.

Oh, yes! That could be my door.



Now, what can we put in the yard?

Oh, Sally look!

This could be my tree.

Oh, yes. That looks great.

But we need to put

some leaves on it.

What else have we got in there?

All finished?

All finished.

Look, we've made everything.

Are you ready now to put things

in the yard?

What should go first?

My tree!

Great. Where shall we put that?


Oh, let me have a look. Wait here.


Now, just here.

Oh, that's great.


It looks like

it's in the right place.

Yeah! Oh...

I've made this.

Do you like it?

Oh, yeah, it looks great!

Now, do you remember where it goes?

Hmmm. Oh, I know. Right there.


Where do we put that?

Ah, I know.

Yes, that's right.

What about this?

Hmmm, where do we put it?

Can you remember?

Oh, right here.

That's right.


Oh, that looks great.

Wait! Where's the wheelbarrow,


Before I tell you,

I have a surprise.

A surprise? What is it?


Oh, look! That's wonderful.

Yeah, it's me.

It looks just like you.

Oh, that's lovely.

But where am I?

I'm missing.



Oh, you have another.

Oh, that looks like me too!


(LAUGHS) Can I stand next to you,




Oh, that looks just lovely.


But there's still one more thing


Where's the wheelbarrow?

Here it is!



Where are we going to put it?

Hmm, I don't know.


I need to make sure I put it

in exactly the right place,

so I'm going to go

to the top of my tree.


I can't carry that

and climb my tree, can I?


Oh, how will I know

exactly where to put it, Sally?

Well, we could always go

and make a map.


Why don't we watch some children

learning about models and maps?

OK, let's watch!


Oh, Sally, that looked great!

They made some lovely models.


Oh, and, Sally, I was watching

and now I know how to make a map.

Oh, that's great!

You can do it now.


Now, here.




Great. I might leave Possum to it.

I need to go outside

and do a few things.

He's doing well.

Now... Oh, OK.

Right, this...

Oh, that. OK.

I was thinking and I remembered

where I put the wheelbarrow.

It was just at the side of my house.

And now I'm going to quickly get

all of my weeds

and put them into the compost

before it gets too hot.

Possum is drawing his map.

He should be here any minute.

I'd better hurry.


Now, I need to go

up to the top of my tree

to get my possum's-eye view

to make sure I get the wheelbarrow

in the exact place

so I can put it on the map

so Sally knows where to find it.


Ha! Huh?



Oh! Huh?

Where is it? It's gone!

It's not there any more.

Oh, I thought it was there

so I could draw it onto the map,

but now it's gone!



It's gone.


Oh! Oh.

Where did it go?


He's here already.

He almost caught me

with the wheelbarrow.

He was so quick.

But now his map's

going to be all wrong.



Ah! Sally, it's wrong!

It's ruined. I've wasted it.

I have to scrunch it up

and throw it out. Such a waste.

Sally, before the wheelbarrow

was over there but now it's gone.

We can't use the map any more.

Oh. Um... Possum. Why don't you just

have another look?

No, Sally. It's not there.

You go have a look.


Oh! Possum, you know

I can't climb your tree.

Why don't you just go

and have one more little look?

Perhaps you might see it

in a different place.

Oh, alright.


Oh! Hop-hop-hop-hop!


Huh? It...

Hmm. Oh! Huh?

Ah-ha! Ha-ha.



Hold this, Sally.




The map is now right.

Oh, that's great.

But, Sally,

it's the strangest thing.

The wheelbarrow

is full of weeds now.


Oh. Well, that's good.

That means I can put them

in the compost.


Hold this, please.

Now, when you finish

with the wheelbarrow,

make sure you put it

right back there,

because that way we know

the map is right.

I will.


Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.



Oh, Sally, look.

Oh, Possum, this is a lovely map.

Yes, now, remember,

in the same spot...

Possum's map

Where is that wheelbarrow? If only there was a way of showing where it is. Possum and Sally find a great way to locate the wheelbarrow and everything else in the yard.

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