Episode 8

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(LAUGHS) Yeah!


Oh, oh, oh, oh!

(GASPS) Huh?



I'm Sally.

And I'm Possum.

BOTH: Hello!



That's ready. This one's good.

Right. Great!



Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga.

Toot toot!



Oh, hello, everyone.

Look at Possum playing

with those cardboard boxes.

I wonder what game he's playing.

Oh, Sally.

Hi, Sally.

Hi, Possum.

Hi, everyone.

What are you doing?

I've made a train.

But, Sally, I don't know

how to make it go forward.

Hmm. Can you push me?

Me push you?

Oh, I couldn't possibly do that.

Trains have to run on train tracks.

They have wheels

that lock onto the tracks.

And then they have an engine

that makes them go forward.

Oh, OK.

This looks great.

I really do like

what you've done here.

It's like wagons on trains -

you can put different things in them

and then those trains can deliver

those things to different places.

It's quite an important thing

they do.


There are even passenger trains

where people can sit in them

and travel around.

Oh, that's great!

Possum, you could possibly

go and see Skip

and ask him how trains go forward.

Skip knows lots about trains.


I thought Skip

just knew about boats.

Hmm, you'd be surprised.

Skip knows lots

about lots of things.

Oh, OK. I'll go ask him.

Alright. When you do get there,

make sure you press the doorbell

and the light flashes.

Wait for Skip to come to the door

and then ask him

if he's busy or not.

If he says he's not busy,

then you can ask him all sorts

of questions about trains, OK?

Aye aye, Sally. (LAUGHS)



Whoop! (LAUGHS)



Come in, come in.

Hi, Skip.

Are you busy, Skip?

Oh, I'm always busy.

But for you, no.

Great! Right.

Well, I was home making a train

out of cardboard boxes.

Oh, cardboard boxes

are a wonderful thing!

I've made many a boat...

..and even a spaceship

out of cardboard boxes.

Oh, that's great!

Anyway, so I've made this cardboard

box train and it won't go anywhere.

I asked Sally to push me.

She didn't want to.

Then I asked her

how to make it go forward

and she told me to come and ask you.

Oh, that's a good idea

to come and ask me.

Well, how does a train go forward?

Right. For a train to go forward,

it needs an engine.

And the engine is

what makes the train move forward.

But the engine

needs something to power it.

Like on a boat.

Like on a boat?

How does that work?

Hmm. You've been on a boat before,

haven't you?

How did you know?

Well, Sally had asked me if she

could borrow my hat and telescope.

(LAUGHS) And I bet you would have

pretended to be captain, right,

and put them on!

Was that naughty?

(LAUGHS) No, Possum.

Don't say sorry for that.

It's a good feeling to be in charge.

So, you went sailing. Now,

what was it that made the boat move?

Hmm. Oh, I remember this!

The boat has a sail

and the wind pushed into the sail

and we went forward.

Yes, the wind gives the power.

That's what makes the boat move.

Can you imagine if there was

no wind? What would happen?

Oh, I remember once being stuck

at sea for five days with no wind.

Oh, terrible. Sorry.


The wind pushes the boat forward.

Ah, I've got it.

So if the train doesn't move,

the wind will push it?

But how?

No, Possum, that would never work.

There are different types of trains,


There are electric trains

that run like these lightbulbs.

There are diesel trains

that run like a lot of cars run.

And then

there's my favourite type of train.

The steam train.

Steam? That's like

when you boil water in a kettle.

The water boils

and then steam comes out.

That's exactly what it is.

I've just thought...I have

a steam engine out the back.

I know that Sally

would love to see it too.

Why don't you go get her

and I'll get the engine ready?




It's all ready.

Oh, hello! Come on in.

Hi, Skip.


Sally, look!


This is a steam engine.

Oh, it looks great.

Oh, that's great!

So, I'll explain to you

how it works.

This is a fuel cell, and

I'm going to light the fuel cell

and it will create fire.

But you must always be very, very

careful around fire.

So, the fire goes inside

where the boiler is.

Now, the boiler has a lot of water

in it, which gets hot.

And then the steam is created.

(GASPS) Sally,

this is like your kettle.

When the water boils

and all the steam comes out.

That's exactly what this is.

That's right, Possum.

And it's like my iron.

There's water in my iron and the

steam comes out of the little holes.

Yes, yes - that's exactly right!

So, in the boiler

the water gets very hot

and the steam creates pressure

that comes up through that pipe...

..and puts pressure on the piston,

which makes the piston move.

Is the piston going to pop off?

No. That's a very good question,


Have a closer look.

What can you see?

Possum, look.

The piston is attached to the wheel.

It pushes the wheel around.

So it's not going to pop off.

Oh, this is just like a train.

Ready? Watch.

Choo, choo, choo, choo.

Choo, choo, choo, choo.

Choo, choo, choo, choo. Choo, choo,

choo, choo. Toot, toot!

Choo, choo, choo. (LAUGHS)

Now, let's get the engine started.


always be careful with fire.

Oh, it's hot!

Yes, it's hot, Possum.

(GASPS) Look!

OK. So, our fire goes in here.

Oh, look! It's going!

And stopped.

Oh! Yep. Oh, it's going!

Come on!




Wow! It's spinning

really, really fast.


Now, can you tell me

what's going on in here?

What have you learnt?

Right, well, here we have steam, and

steam is the power for the train,

just like the wind was the power

for the boat that pushes it forward.

Yes, that's right.

It's going faster and faster.


Whoa. But...but it's not moving.

It's not going forward.

Oh, this would need to have

wheels attached.

This doesn't have any wheels on it,



Yes, and it would also need

train tracks to roll on.

The wheels go on the tracks and then

the steam power pushes it forward.

This is great.

I wish I could learn more

about trains.

How can we do that?

Hmm. I know.

I have a friend that I once helped

build a train carriage.

I might go and ask him.

Hang on.

Let me turn the engine off first.


Hang on - I'll be back.

Sally, this was so much fun.

I really enjoyed it.

Yes, we've learnt lots, haven't we?

I know. Why don't we watch some

children learning more about trains?

Yeah, let's watch.

Oh, that looked great!

They had a lot of fun.

Yes. Did you see

all the children laughing?

Oh, I wish I could do that too!

Right, the three of us are going to

have some fun as well.

I had a chat with my friend -

the one that I helped

build the train carriage.

He's agreed to allow us

to come and visit.

(GASPS) Does that mean

we're going to ride a real train?

Well, it could be an electric train.

Or it could even be

a steam train, Possum.

Steam train?!

Well, why don't we go and see?

Let's go!

Let's go!






This is Brett.

Oh, yes.

He's the train driver.

Oh, great!


Come on.

Yeah, let's go.

Let's get on.

Oh, wow!


Oh, it's great.

In you go.


Oh! OK.



Oh, look at the kangaroos!


Oh, Sally, this is so much fun!

Oh, look at all the beautiful trees!

Yeah, let's look!

Oh, look, it's an eagle!

Oh, wow!

Yeah, an eagle.



Oh! Yeah!





This is great!

Oh, it's rocking.

It's slowly rocking.

(CHUCKLES) Was that fun?

Oh, that was so much fun.


Oh, yes, it was great.

Let's go over here.

OK, let's go.

That was good, yeah?

Oh, yeah.


Oh, that was great.

Oh, thank you so much, Skip.

It's my pleasure, Possum.

Well, our time is up.

Thanks for watching.

See you next time.





Hey, look.

Oh, yes, let's look.

It's great, isn't it?

It's big.


The great train trip

Possum has a lot of fun with cardboard boxes, but they don’t move. How do trains move? Skip has something wonderful to show Possum and Sally and then they get to take a special journey.

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